Tips for optimizing ProMotion Refresh Rates

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The ProMotion refresh rate of Apple devices, such as the iPhone 13 Pro and iPad Pro, is an important factor for optimizing their user experience. The ProMotion display technology employed by these devices enables them to achieve refresh rates up to 120Hz, faster than the traditional 60Hz found in most LCDs. This allows for much smoother scrolling, swiping, and other animation, making the experience more enjoyable and seamless.

In this article, we will look at ProMotion refresh rates and how to optimize them on the iPhone 13 Pro and iPad Pro.

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Overview of ProMotion technology

ProMotion technology is a screen technologies found in the iPad and iPad Pro models. ProMotion allows for greater motion clarity, higher response times, and improved refresh rates. It also offers a variable refresh rate of up to 120Hz and low latency slottings that help reduce input lag.

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The higher refresh rates provided by ProMotion allow for sharper images and smoother scrolling when looking at content that takes advantage of it. For example, when viewing video content from Apple TV+, users will experience more fluid animation without lag due to its ability to reach a 120Hz refresh rate. The same works with content not optimized for high-refreshes, such as browsing the internet or playing video games – users can still benefit from reduced ghosting (blurring) and improved transitions using Motion Interpolation (makes the transition between frames smoother).

In addition, ProMotion has Low-power Mode capability which allows devices such as tablets and smartphones to remain powered on without draining battery life quickly – allowing users to feel comfortable while still benefitting from higher refresh rates. Lowering the amount of power used by the display while maintaining performance prolongs overall battery life when compared to displays without ProMotion technology. Optimizing a device’s Power Performance settings can significantly affect usage time while ensuring visually pleasing performance.

Optimising ProMotion refresh rates for iPhone 13 Pro and iPad Pro

ProMotion offers up to 120Hz refresh rates, doubling the current industry standard. This allows Apple devices to provide a smoother and more responsive user experience with minimal motion blur and lag, making gaming and video streaming on these devices more enjoyable. Additionally, ProMotion refresh rates enable Apple devices to support high resolution displays without compromising battery life or performance.

Improved response times and increased resolution helps ProMotion-enabled devices output stunning visuals with incredibly smooth gameplay. This is particularly beneficial for gamers who require faster response times while playing action-packed titles such as 3D shooters or sports games that require quick reflexes. Furthermore, it is also ideal for those who use their device to watch video content like movies or television shows. In addition, proMotion provides much better color accuracy, giving users a sharper and clearer view.

Apple claims that ProMotion can improve battery life by up to 30% over the standard 60Hz rate on iOS 11 devices; further testing will help verify this initial outcome. In conclusion, optimizing your device’s refresh rate settings with ProMotion technology gives you access to better visuals, improved performance and potentially greater battery life in one update setting.

Optimize for iPhone 13 Pro

Apple’s iPhone 13 Pro comes with a ProMotion display, which means it is capable of 120Hz refresh rates. This makes apps run smoother and provides a more responsive user experience.

This article will look at optimizing ProMotion refresh rates for an iPhone 13 Pro. We’ll cover topics such as:

  • Monitor profiles
  • System animation settings
  • and more.

Update to the latest iOS version

When creating apps for the iPhone 13 Pro, it’s essential to ensure that the app runs on the latest iOS version. The release of iOS 14 saw the introduction of ProMotion technology offering a 120Hz refresh rate. With this technology present, app developers should take full advantage of its features to deliver an optimized user experience.

Utilizing ProMotion allows your app to achieve smooth scrolling and animation effects, clearly displaying content with high clarity. With faster refresh rates, time-sensitive applications can benefit from responsiveness and increased performance while improving overall battery life on low-power devices like the iPhone 13 Pro.

To ensure that you’re taking advantage of this feature, update your device and app software to the latest version available. Ensure that your code contains no compatibility issues and disable any animation effects that are not needed in your app; otherwise it could adversely affect performance or reliability. Additionally, minimize latency by using asynchronous networking requests whenever possible and compress images using modern standards such as JPEG 2000 or WebP format wherever available.

Follow these tips and ensure your apps take full advantage of the improved refresh rates on iPhones 13 Pro models running iOS 14!

Enable the ProMotion feature

ProMotion technology is a feature enabled exclusively in Apple’s latest flagship device, the iPhone 13 Pro, allowing for significantly improved refresh rates and smoother visuals during screen transitions. To take advantage of this feature, you must ensure the ProMotion setting is enabled in your phone’s settings.

First, open the “Settings” app from your home screen. Then, select “Display & Brightness” and scroll down until you see the ProMotion option. Next, toggle the switch to turn it on and confirm that your desired refresh rate is selected: 120Hz for smooth scrolling or 240Hz for more responsive transitions between apps and menus.

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If you have trouble locating this setting or have further questions regarding ProMotion optimization for your device, contact Apple Support for additional guidance.

Adjust the refresh rate settings

For iPhone 13 Pro users, one of the best ways to optimize the device for a smooth performance is to adjust the refresh rate settings. You can easily do this by going into the Settings on your phone and accessing the Display & Brightness page. On this page, tap Rate & Brightness and set your desired refresh rate. Generally speaking, you’ll want to go with 120Hz for the smoothest experience possible. This will allow your iPhone 13 Pro to render 120 frames per second (FPS) without lag or stuttering.

Additionally, keep an eye out for any updates that can help increase performance while using certain apps or activities with high GPU load. These updates may be released from time-to-time and should be installed as soon as they’re available.

Optimize for iPad Pro

Optimizing ProMotion refresh rates for iPad Pro is an important part of delivering a great user experience. ProMotion technology can increase the display’s refresh rate up to 120Hz, providing the user with smoother scrolling, improved responsiveness, and reduced motion sickness.

This article will cover the best practices and tips to optimize ProMotion refresh rates for iPad Pro:

Update to the latest iOS version

The ProMotion display provides a more responsive experience and higher refresh rates on iPad Pro devices. To get the most out of this technology, update to the latest version of iOS. As iPad Pro models are released each year, updates to iOS may include faster performance and better battery life optimizations.


For users with Apple iPad Pros (2018 models) or later, it’s important to ensure you have the correct software updates to take full advantage of different refresh rates and other features. To update your device at any time, open the “Settings” app and then select “General” followed by “Software Update.”

You may prefer different settings based on how you use your device. For instance, if you frequent apps requiring high refresh rates – like gaming – it can be helpful to select a higher refresh rate profile for maximum performance. Or, if you need more battery life on a long road trip, selecting a lower refresh rate may preserve power for longer use.

These settings are only available in iPadOS 14 or later; so updating is critical if you want access to the best features of ProMotion technology!

Enable the ProMotion feature

ProMotion technology is a feature introduced with the 2017 iPad Pro and is designed to maximize the display’s responsiveness. To enable ProMotion, open the iPad’s Settings app, tap “Display & Brightness,” and then select “Refresh Rate.” You can choose between two settings: Standard (up to a 60 Hz refresh rate) or High (up to a 120 Hz refresh rate).

Selecting High will ensure that your iPad Pro takes advantage of its full potential. Using the high refresh rate makes on-screen interactions feel quicker and smoother. Animations are noticeably more fluid and scrolling through pages or web content feels noticeably responsive. When enabled, activating Display Zoom will prompt you if you’d like to use either Standard or High Refresh Rate; enabling High Refresh Rate will provide a substantial performance difference when using Display Zoomed displays displaying pixel densities above 667 PPI – effectively lifting resolution limitations associated with performance capabilities of 600 PPI displays at a standard 60 Hz refresher rate.

Further optimizations can be made through Apple’s developer tools, Xcode, which allows users a deeper dive into optimizing their content with the iPad Pro’s ProMotion display. By utilizing Xcode and its debugging tools, app developers can review how their apps display relative to the iPad Pro’s refresh rates and make adjustments for even more optimized displays on compatible iPads moving forward.

Adjust the refresh rate settings

The iPad Pro has a feature called ProMotion, which offers a 120Hz refresh rate. This allows your app to render content more quickly and then respond with greater accuracy as you move through it at a consistent rate of speed. However, this refresh rate can also expose your device to battery draining if not used correctly or optimally.

To harness the power of ProMotion for your iPad Pro, it’s important to adjust the refresh rate settings to get the best results.

When setting up ProMotion on your device, you’ll want to reduce its maximum refresh rate from 120Hz to something lower depending on the activity you expect to engage in. For instance, if you’re engaging in graphics-intensive activities or ones that require fast-paced game play then you might consider reducing the refresh rate down to 60Hz instead of using the full 120Hz setting. This reduces battery drain and ensures that your device runs smoothly while taking advantage of ProMotion’s capabilities.

You will also want to adjust other settings around power consumption when using a high refresh rate such as reducing display brightness and turning off unnecessary features such as active background apps or process optimization rules (Vsync). Additionally, consider which apps are dominating screen time so that you can manage their associated functions appropriately; some may not even need ProMotion enabled for them run properly so disabling it is an easy way to conserve energy when appropriate. Finally, be sure that any charging cables are compatible with the Scenario Management Powerscheme for iPads for optimal performance and battery life management.

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Optimizing for iPad Pro isn’t just possible by taking these steps—it’s easy! With careful attention towards your power consumption settings and judicious use of features like Vsync and Scenario Management Powerscheme for iPads, you can make sure that you get the most out of your iPad Pro’s ProMotion capabilities without sacrificing battery life and performance overall.


ProMotion enables ultra-smooth scrolling and faster refresh rates on the iPhone 13 Pro and iPad Pro. Optimizing your refresh rate can enhance the overall experience of using your device. Regardless of the device you are using, there are certain troubleshooting techniques that you can follow to optimize ProMotion refresh rates.

In this article, we will discuss some of these techniques and provide helpful tips to ensure smooth scrolling and faster refresh rates on your iPhone 13 Pro and iPad Pro:

Check the device’s battery health

One of the key factors in achieving optimal ProMotion refresh rates is the condition of your device’s battery. Low charge levels and degraded battery health can cause lagging or other performance issues. Therefore, it’s important to regularly check your device’s battery health and look for abnormalities such as cycle count, temperature, or other alarming signs that could indicate a problem.

If the battery on your device is not charged to a sufficient level, it may affect refresh rates due to limitations in supply power. Therefore, keep an eye on the charge percentage and make sure it’s over 60% before optimizing any devices.

In addition, look for telltale signs of battery degradation like swelling, bulging or cracking as well as excessively hot charging cables. These symptoms indicate problems or potential hazards with the powering mechanisms and should be addressed as soon as possible for optimal performance. Consider replacing any accessories that appear to be compromised and carefully inspect devices where batteries have been used for extended periods without proper maintenance or replacement.

Check the device’s available storage

When optimizing ProMotion refresh rates in a device, it is important to ensure it has ample storage. This can help ensure better results, as the operating system and apps can be more efficiently stored and managed on the device. However, if there is not enough available storage, this could cause issues including slow performance and interruptions when using ProMotion.

To check your device’s available storage space, start by navigating to your device’s summary page in the iOS Settings app. You will then see a bar graph showing how much of your device’s total memory is used or available for apps or data. You can also click “Manage Storage” to view a detailed breakdown of each app and its associated data stored on your device.

This will help optimize ProMotion refresh rates and provide extra space for running other applications more efficiently with fewer lags and hiccups. Deleting files unnecessarily can cause further issues like slow performance.

Reset the device’s settings

If the ProMotion refresh rate is still sluggish or not working, resetting the device’s settings may help to optimize the performance of the device. However, ensure you have your documents and data backed up safely before attempting the reset.

To reset the device’s settings:

  • Go to Settings, then General.
  • Tap on Reset and select Erase All Content and Settings.
  • Enter your Apple ID passcode to confirm the reset if requested.
  • The process may take a few minutes to complete; once it is done you will find yourself on a welcome screen similar to when you first used the device for setup purposes.
  • Follow all instructions for setup again, including restoring backed-up content and data when requested during setup or later in Settings.
  • Restart your device if asked by tapping Restart in the pop-up window message after completing setup or restoring backend content or data.
  • You should now see improved ProMotion refresh rate performance within iOS when motion sensitive features are enabled such as auto-brightness, Reachability, auto-lock etc.

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