14 Best Sims 4 Table Lamps CC- The Ultimate Collection

The perfect lighting can truly liven up the ambiance in any place. Of course, the issue is figuring out which lighting is best!

This dilemma is exacerbated in The Sims 4, when your choices for furniture and home design are practically endless.

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Thousands of lights are available to pick from, with bespoke content delivering one-of-a-kind designs all over the internet.

Let’s pretend you’re not paying attention to floor lamps, ceiling lighting, nightlights, and so on… If you’re simply searching for table lamps, there are still plenty to choose from!


1. Zirconium Desk Lamp

I love the sense of coziness that desk lighting provides.

Although this CC seems to be nearly industrial, the thought of my sims sitting at their desk at home reading a good book or studying for school makes me feel warm.

This desk lamp may or may not be constructed of zirconium, and its design does not imply that it is adjustable.

However, I don’t believe your sim will mind.

They’ll be delighted to have this fantastic lighting on their desk!

The default is a cold slate grey, but there are three different hues if your sim enjoys a pop of color when studying.

Take a Look At This CC


2. Lilit Table Lamp

This light has a ballerina-like quality about it: and yeah, it does sound precisely like that.

The Lilit table lamp is too wonderful to be true, but not too good for you. It’s elegant, contemporary, and just what a great ballerina would have in her house.

Simply said, it’s lovely yet adaptable to any sim’s house, renowned ballerina or not.

The lily buds (which you may name Lilit buds if it makes you feel better) embellishing the base elevate it to the next level, despite the fact that it’s a basic design.

There are darker and lighter variations of this CC in a few different colors.

Take a Look At This CC


3. Oganesson Table Lamp

This tall table lamp seems to be a shorter version of a standard floor light.

As a consequence, a lamp with an unusual yet appealing form has been created.

This lamp is about as generic as they get, if you think about it… It’s simply less frequent to find a table lamp with a “slim, tall, and nothing else” design!

This CC looks well on coffee tables and low end tables. It will also assist any home design that contains tall decorations (think houseplants and vases).

Although there are just four swatches, the pattern is really adaptable!

Take a Look At This CC


4. Gold Table Lamp

Sometimes all you need is a straightforward design.

And this table light does not disappoint.

It serves its job well, is unobtrusive, and is the most useful wallflower you’ll ever meet.

The nicest aspect is that this light has no limitations as to where it may be used.

No matter who they are, every sim could use a light like this in their bedroom, living room, or super-secret subterranean area. That’s how fantastic it is.

If gold isn’t your style, don’t worry; the Gold Table Lamp is available in a variety of hues.

Take a Look At This CC


5. Fluffy Table Lamp

Fluffy furniture transforms every piece of furniture into a brand-new, brightly colored pet, which is especially useful in The Sims 4 since not everyone has the Cats & Dogs pack.

You don’t even have to bother about cleaning all of that fur since it’s all digital.

But, surely, only carpets and pillows can be fluffy? Wrong.

Even your table lamps may be wrapped with a thick covering of fur with this CC.

Your color selections are restricted since it’s another light with four samples. It does, however, cover all of the bases, with cream, blue, pink, and purple possibilities.

Take a Look At This CC


6. Cassandre Table Lamp

Vases are a terrific way to add some color to a room. If you don’t have any fresh flowers (and antique vases aren’t suitable for your sim), why not place a light on top?

This Cassandre Table Lamp resembles an elaborate vase transformed into a table lamp, and I like it.

The base’s abstract designs resemble exquisite stone.

Unlike many of the other vases on this list, this CC has a total of 8 swatches, including a few with unique lampshade designs — another reason why this lamp is so fantastic!

Take a Look At This CC


7. Industrial Lamps

Table lamps have the advantage of being able to simply bring flair to your house.

Take, for example, these industrial bulbs.

With only one CC, you’ll be well on your way to constructing a steampunk paradise for your Sims to enjoy. There are also more current industrial constructions to choose from if steampunk isn’t your style.

Color selections are restricted with just three swatches, but the possibilities for this light are endless!

Take a Look At This CC


8. Boron Table Lamp

On the other hand, this Boron Table Lamp is a character in its own right.

And the difference is that this light is entirely made of natural materials.

Money, on the other hand, may not be able to grow on trees. Lampshades, on the other hand, may, according to this CC, and although lights aren’t as handy as cash, they’re still fantastic!

There are three swatches here, each of which just changes the color of the lamp’s “trunk.”

You may match the table lamp’s wood to the rest of the room’s wood for the perfect look.

Take a Look At This CC


9. Living 1 Table Lamp

Paintings breathe new vitality into a space.

On a table lamp, they have the similar effect.

The charming birds on this CC lamp are much too stylish to really fly away, but they make excellent living room friends.

Whether they’re stylish or not, they’ll provide a new lease of life to any house or space.

This CC contains 5 recolors (mostly adjusting the color of the birds), but the furniture set from which it comes has a ton of additional lamp designs and vase variations of each light.

Take a Look At This CC


10. Enigma Table Lamp

This one-swatch marvel will steal the show in any room.

Although it just has one swatch and one pattern, it is a true conundrum.

It has the appearance of a seated person with their arms on their knees. But, due of the blocky form, it might be anything if you squint hard enough.

This CC was created with the intention of being used in a bedroom. But it’s entirely up to you whether or not you want this light to keep an eye on your Sims as they sleep.

Who knows, maybe it would make your sim feel better.

Take a Look At This CC


11. Desk Lamp 2000 Set

Some could argue that the desk lights’ cool, white style isn’t appropriate for a household.

However, if your Sims prefer being in a spotless atmosphere, this is the set for them.

There are many of contemporary interior designs that this CC refers to, apart from its applications in offices, libraries, and other clean public spaces.

With eight various styles, finding a place for each light will be much simpler.

Furthermore, each design contains its own set of eight swatches.

However, there are no patterns, just plain colors.

Take a Look At This CC


12. Fungal Phosphorescent Lamp

This collection is chock-full of one-of-a-kind table lamps. This one, though, takes the cake.

To begin with, it’s scarcely identifiable as a light, and I mean that in the nicest conceivable sense.

Three cute (or spooky or horrible, depending on how you look at it) mushrooms grow in a little dish in this Fungal Phosphorescent. They even have a shine to them!

This CC’s peculiarity doesn’t end there.

Forget about other table lights’ dull, desaturated hues. Because the five recolors this ‘lamp’ gives are brilliant neons, it’s impossible to forget that you’re utilizing mushrooms as illumination.

If you like a surreal look (while staying true to the Maxis Match concept), you should give this one a go.

Take a Look At This CC


13. Lamp Conversions

We’re all aware that The Sims 3 has some fantastic furniture, including that created by content producers.

They don’t function in The Sims 4, of course.

You can utilize some of the greatest table lamp CCs from previous generations with these Sims 3 Lamp Conversions.

The majority of them are standard vase, light, and lampshade designs. However, the kit also includes a couple stalk and light desk lights.

For most residential uses, the standard design may be preferable. The desk lights, on the other hand, will be more appropriate for replicating a Pixar studio. Just a thought.

Take a Look At This CC


14. Fi’s Faves

Here’s a CC that’s a bit different from the others in that it’s a collection of lights from various designers rather than a single bulb.

On the plus side, these lamps come in a wide range of forms, from feather tassels to a teapot with a lampshade attached.

The quantity of recolors varies due to the fact that they’re all from various designers.

They are, however, all Maxis-match meshes.

Take a Look At This CC

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