The Spider — Supplier of Ghosts?

The Spider is a popular online role playing, and that means that the players and non-players alike will be talking about it. The best way to get a slice of that action is to be a big player. And the best way to do that is to be a ghost.

In the world of video games, developers have developed a number of interesting titles that have been turned into movies, shows, and comics. One such title is the FPS Spider-Man, a third-person action game developed by Beenox and released in February for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The game is based on the popular comic book character, Spider-Man, and puts players in control of the famous hero as he battles a number of villains. With the success of the Spider-Man franchise, many fans have wondered if Beenox will also develop a Spider-Man game for the PlayStation 4.

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As a young boy, I once heard a story (probably from my hero, Daniel Boone) about a ghost that would only appear on Halloween. The ghost was named The Spider, and I knew it was a story that had to be true. I spent my entire youth hoping that one day one of my games would be a hit, and I knew that a hit was a big deal. I plodded on, hoping that maybe one day a million players would play my games, and I would have a hit. I was just a kid, though, so I didn’t realize that I was really hoping for a lot more than a million players.

Was Savathûn supplied with Ghosts by the Spider? Why is it that she desires them? What is that nagging Drifter up to? Is this post going far beyond what it’s supposed to be about? Let’s have a look!

a Ghost Collector

To make sure we’re all on the same page, the Spider is renowned for collecting deceased Ghosts. Proof of this may be seen strewn around his lair in the form of nets, crates, and other gadgets. He’s also often spotted holding one, most likely as a not-so-subtle threat to any Lightbearers that enter.

As far as I’m aware, he doesn’t say how he gets these Ghosts, but it’s probably a mix of trading, extortion, theft, and other methods.

He’s been known to exchange dead Ghost pieces for other resources and bounties:

The Spider of the Tangled Shore is after a piece of a dead Ghost.

ghost fragments - The Spider — Supplier of Ghosts?

King Uldren wants you dead, says the Rifleman. I’m bringing your body to him… Keep your Ghost with you. Spider will buy its shell.

He’s also been known to blackmail Guardians into serving him or handing over all they own:

The Spider takes a step nearer and examines the soiled Guardian. “You’ve become horribly filthy, Warlock, and it shows. Just look at you.” The Spider can feel the humiliation burning beneath the fierce metal helmet, despite the Warlock’s defiance. He laughs heartily.

“Fortunately, there’s still time to save your reputation. Nobody should be aware of your… violation. Out here, fireteams vanish all the time. Only a few people are aware that it was you, and I think I could convince the witnesses to forget about it. All you have to do in exchange is look out for my best interests.”

The Spider moves in closer, his voice becoming a snarl. “You’re on your own otherwise. There’s nothing stopping me right now from taking all you’ve got. These are your weapons. Sparrow, it’s you. The exact armor that protects your back. I may not be able to kill you, but I’ll harvest every last ounce of your body.”

wardens wailer - The Spider — Supplier of Ghosts?

Petra also cautions the Guardian to keep an eye on their Ghost while they’re near the Spider, suggesting that he’s been known to kidnap Guardians’ Ghosts in the past.

“Be on the lookout for you, Ghost. Especially in this place.” Within the Spider’s safehouse, Petra Venj.

The Spider and members of his gang have been seen utilizing gadgets to “capture” and “paralyze” Ghosts, thus it’s probable that he employs similar tactics to take Ghosts from their Guardians.

They taught Trihn to eat in their hurry to kill her and imprison her Ghost, and the Void released her consciousness.

Spider grabbed Glint out of the air with one hand instead of responding. Glint screamed, and Crow sprang to his feet, only to be met by the Arc-pikes of Spider’s guards. Spider made a clicking sound in the back of his throat and grabbed for some tools that were close. Pry open the shells of deceased spirits using these tools. They’d be just as effective on live creatures.

“What are you doing?” exclaims the narrator. Glint asked, his voice trembling with dread. Crow froze in place, having already suffered Spider’s wrath. This, on the other hand, was his Ghost. Crow had a sneaking suspicion that he was misunderstanding the scenario. He was certain that Spider would never do anything to harm him in the long run. Crow was disabused of that confidence when the Spider stunned Glint into immobility with a tiny, needled instrument.

He’s also been seen trading a Ghost shell for what seems to be another Guardian on one occasion.

A mint-condition Ghost shell is held in front of the Fallen mafia boss’s right two eyes. In his huge spindly fingers, the shell seems frail.

“Naturally, after I sell it to you, it will be filled with Light once again. I’m babbling. Using your base drive for power to achieve its real goal.”

Impatience causes the Hunter’s trigger finger to twitch. “Well, if you want to keep it, I’ll gladly return your prize to the wind.” He pokes the prone figure on the ground in front of him with his toes. Behind the sack over its head, a muted growl emerges.

“Everyone be calm,” says the Hunter’s Ghost. “You… need this prisoner, and I need a new shell. This is a well balanced scenario. We came to an agreement.”

“See? It’s clear who works for whom in this situation.” The Hunter receives the Ghost shell from the Spider. “Fine. Accept it. Keep in mind that you may outgrow your usefulness at some point, and the tiny Ghost may abandon you in favor of another wandering corpse. And I’ll be ready when it occurs.”

As we can see, Spider is no stranger to collecting Ghosts, both alive and dead, and he has been known to use them as a negotiating tool to advance his own objectives.

Here’s how he sums up his business philosophy:

“The board of directors shifts. The board becomes apparent. I don’t really play, but I do price the pieces.”

“Cold-blooded. The world is coming to an end, and you want to give it all you’ve got.”

“It’s all a question of perception when it comes to the word ‘end.’ “Devastation is frequently lucrative,” he adds, taking a breath.”

“What if there’s nothing left? What’s the difference between skin and bones?”

“There’s usually ivory amid the bones,” says the narrator.

Continuing to be helpful

During Rasputin’s assault on the Almighty, one of the most significant instances of the Spider negotiating with Ghosts happened. He met with the Drifter on the Tangled Shore in order for the two of them to do business in secret while the City was preoccupied.

The Spider requested that the Drifter acquire an item that was housed in a “small and elegant box of Awoken design.” This indicates that it was most likely stolen from the Dreaming City by the Drifter.

From his backpack, the Drifter removes a tiny, elegant box of Awoken design.

When Drifter inquires about the object’s purpose, the Spider responds that he expects to discover “options, twisted in a web.” This implies that the item is a tool that will assist him in locating something or someone.

“What are you looking for with this?”

Drifter’s personal space gets suffocated as the Spider approaches him. “Options, my lovely rogue; caught in the web,” says the narrator.

The Drifter then tells the Spider that the box “don’t come with no throne,” suggesting that it has something to do with the Ascendant plane— he’s kidding, of course, because it doesn’t come with a throne planet.

“No, just a looking-glass window,” the Spider responds, implying that he intends to utilize the gadget to search for something— maybe it functions as a “looking-glass” into the Ascendant Plane.

“I had to go through hell to acquire that little package. Don’t show here without a throne, “Drifter adds, his voice calm, his jaw clenched to keep the shaking at bay.

A shudder goes down the Spider’s spine as he chitters. “No. It’s only a reflection in a mirror. Good luck with your venture, pal.” The gigantic Fallen Don stands up and walks away. “Remember… stay helpful.”

The Spider gives Drifter “two filled bags of Ghost shells” in exchange for this “looking-glass window.” Why is it that the Drifter need Ghosts? I’ll get to it later.

With his dominating arms, he lifts the box, and with his others, he places two filled bags of Ghost shells in the Drifter’s hands.

While it hasn’t been verified, the Ascendant Lens, which is defined as a “focusing lens from the Dreaming City through which the Ascendant Plane may occasionally be viewed,” is highly likely to be the item that the Spider requested. It’s almost a perfect match.

But, on the Ascendant Plane, who or what does the Spider seek to find? Maybe Mara? Savathûn? Was he expecting to stumble upon Crow in his “web”?

The Ascendant Plane may sometimes be glimpsed via a focusing lens from the Dreaming City…

The salvaging of the Dreadnaught

Surprisingly, the Spider gives the Ascendant Lens to the Guardian just a few months later, in return for some salvage recovered from the Dreadnaught by the House of Kings. He wanted Guardian to retrieve it after “the crew fell afoul of the Vex on their way back and they vanished.”

What did the Kings get out of the Dreadnaught? What is the Spider’s motivation for obtaining it? And why did the Vex want it as well?

Spider laughs and adds, “Ah, my beloved associate.” “I’m sure you’ve come for the favor I requested.” To cut to the point, the House of Kings had a pretty fortuitous salvage operation out in Saturn’s rings a few years ago. On their journey back, the crew fell afoul of the Vex, and they vanished—along with their cargo.

“There’s a rumor that the Vex took it to the Haunted Forest, one of their simulations. My proposal is straightforward: I’ll give you the locations, you’ll find the caches, and we’ll divide the profit.

“There’s one snag. The caches were all encrypted with adaptive ciphers from the House of Kings, so you’ll have to scour the system for decoders to open them.

“Someone will, I’m sure, be willing to part with them… one way or another. Maybe if you discover everything, I’ll throw in something special for you. To make the pot taste better.”

“It was obvious to me. We’re doing Spider’s errands once again, and—wait, did he mention a salvage operation in Saturn’s rings? You don’t believe…” —Ghost

“Something about this isn’t quite right. What would the Vex want with salvage from the Fallen? Why would they include that in one of their simulations? This gives me a really terrible feeling.” —Ghost

“Spider is up to no good. I’m concerned about what he may discover if he salvages from Oryx’s Dreadnaught’s wreckage. Or who knows what may find him. Eva should be informed.” —Ghost

masks upon masks - The Spider — Supplier of Ghosts?

What does it imply that the Spider was willing to hand up the Ascendant Lens? Was it possible that he had already discovered what he was searching for? Was it just another negotiating chip? Or was it his intention all along to give the Guardian the Lens in the hopes that they would find something useful to him?

With hungry expectation, Spider adds, “I had full trust in you.” “It seems that you’ve retrieved all the House of Kings managed to save before they met an unfortunate end.”

Spider relaxes, pleased with your work. “I wanted to give you something in return for your secrecy in issues of my salvage. Something I picked up a while ago in the Dreaming City. Consider it a… award for a job well done.”

“Now hurry up; I have errands to attend to.”

Unfortunately, I do not believe we have yet received a response. Perhaps he was searching for Crow, or perhaps Mara, or anything Hive/Darkness-related that we aren’t aware of yet, as previously said. All we know is that he was able to get something from the Dreadnaught, but I don’t believe we know what it was.

I’m only skimming the surface.

Let’s take a look at what the Drifter hoped to get out of their deal.

The Vanguard requested the Drifter to assist with the effort to confine the Darkness when the Pyramids arrived, and he adapted his bank technology to do so.

Drifter: Big Boss Blue had predicted your arrival. They offered me a fictitious job: sealing the Pyramid’s leaks and containing the Dark. It was “mandatory,” he said. I’m not opposed to a little charity, but confinement, in my opinion, is like to holding your breath. It’s necessary to let it out now and again. The pyramids are starting to move.

KRXlxnV2Py4 - The Spider — Supplier of Ghosts?

Drifter: When Vanguard couldn’t locate Osiris, they came to me quickly.

Eris Morn: Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

You should have heard the offers I turned down, Drifter.

Eris Morn (Eris Morn): Is that correct? You didn’t have any valuables in any of the City’s vaults?

Drifter: You Guardians have an issue with it. So egotistical.

Eris Morn: And yet, you’re here.

Drifter: I’m keeping a close eye on the ground.

While Zavala recognizes the Drifter’s potential use, he is also aware of the possible frauds he is perpetrating and maintains a careful watch on him.

Operational overwatch has been established in Zavala. Guardian, may the light guide you. The Drifter is helpful, but interacting with him comes with a cost that extends beyond Glimmer. Be cautious of whatever con he’s up to.

Drifter: There are a lot of maintenance frames down here.

Eris Morn: I’m sure our effort has resulted in increased foot traffic and dust.

Drifter: It seems like someone is watching you.

Eris Morn: Zavala has a tendency to micromanage.

Eris also raises questions about why the Drifter hasn’t left the system after declaring his desire to do so. So, what does the Drifter expect to gain from this situation?

Drifter, there’s still room on the periphery for you to watch rather than act, Eris Morn.

Drifter: I’ll see what I can do about saving you a space.

JsHC21V2hIw - The Spider — Supplier of Ghosts?

Eris Morn (Eris Morn): Have you already made room in your doomsday shelter? Aren’t you sick of hiding under the floorboards and depending on hope and prayers?

Drifter: It’s not a problem. Insulation that is appropriate. This is a great blanket.

Eris Morn (Eris Morn): Why aren’t you there right now?

Eris Morn (Eris Morn): I’m astonished that you decided to assist us.

Drifter: We’re all in the same boat, really.

Eris Morn: You must be terrified… or desperately desperate.

Drifter: Have you had a peek outside? Anyone who isn’t frightened isn’t intelligent.

We know that the Drifter personally “scrubbed the bank” on these trips, giving him solitude with the banks and their contents away from prying eyes.

Drifter: It’s time to go. For the following round, I’ll clean out the bank. You did a fantastic job cleaning up.

Eris rejects his request for the Guardian to “snag” one of the Motes for him. However, his motivations seem to be clear: he wants some Motes for himself.

Drifter: You see, that’s the problem. Invest those motes… and get one for the Drifter

Eris Morn: Certainly not.

Drifter: That’s all fine. Moondust, it’s your show.

Eris also notices that the quantity of Motes required by the bank seems to be off, indicating that the Drifter is keeping part of the Motes for himself.

Eris Morn (Eris Morn): Was it necessary to use more Motes than usual?

Drifter: Is my math bothering you?

Eris Morn: I’m not accustomed to seeing so many… inconsistencies.

Drifter: This mini-bank has a conversion rate of 47 percent. Injection directly. It’s not getting any better.

Eris Morn: That seems to be a low number.

Drifter: In comparison to what, exactly?

And since the Drifter’s reports to the Vanguard were often missing or late, he was able to get away with concealing information and tampering with the statistics.

Drifter: The bank is returning.

Zavala: Your report was not included in today’s brief. How is our intelligence gathering going?

Drifter: We had made a deal. I like my own space.

Zavala: I’d had enough. It’s a Vanguard operation here. If you don’t want me to come, make sure your reports are delivered on time.

Drifter: Please pardon me, buddies. My time is needed by a bureaucracy.

Drifter: Once again, I’ve had a visitor. Have you have any spare time, Cue Ball?

Zavala: I was just passing by.

Drifter: Isn’t anybody checking in on you? No, Zavala.

Drifter: Is there someone exceptional here?

Zavala: Please send your report to me. Today.

In a discussion with the Spider, the “why” becomes clear. He seems to be giving the Spider some of the Motes of Darkness in exchange for additional Ghost shells and cores.

Drifter: Hero, you’re killing it out there. Doing a fantastic job. Even better. Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow, wow, wow Eh… And, yes, we’re on the same page. Sir Don, how’s the beach? Yes, there will be a decrease… Dark was hand-picked and deposited today. I’m sorry, but I’m unable to attend. Now I’m a well-respected Vanguard agent. All of the shell fragments they deliver you… Oh, cores if you have them… Oh, you’re a nice guy.

Ghost: Is he aware that we are still able to hear him?

Thus, to summarize everything we’ve learned so far:

  • There are a lot of Ghosts on the Spider.
  • Perhaps on the Ascendant Plane, the Spider is/was searching for something or someone.
  • The Dreadnaught’s salvage has been collected by the Spider.
  • The Drifter has been sending the Spider Motes of Dark.

Beyond Light Spectrums

What is the Drifter’s motivation for these Ghosts?

The Drifter, on the other hand, has little regard for Ghosts, particularly his own, and the Ghosts of the Tower are well aware of this.

Ghost: I understand we need his expertise, but please tell me you don’t have faith in the Drifter.

Drifter: Are you talking about me behind my back? I used to think Ghosts were honorable and trustworthy.

Ghost: Ghosts converse. We are aware of your identity.

Drifter: There are rumors. As though they had an ace up their sleeve. Hero, do you believe in me?

He also admits that there are Ghosts who will “murder you for a blue engram.” Then go ahead and spit on your grave. All in order for them to expand their Light a bit more.” “Gilgamesh,” the Guardian’s Ghost discovered on the Glykon, is one such Ghost we’ve just become aware of.

Never put your faith in your ghost. He’s a scumbag. It’s a link to the Light. Not a buddy in any sense of the word. Do you believe he’s trying to save your life by bringing you back? He’s attempting to save his own life. What your Guardian dogma says doesn’t matter to me. What your little friend has told you doesn’t matter to me. We have no idea what Ghosts are. They seem to be nice, don’t they? However, I’ve encountered some Dark Age Ghosts that would murder you for a blue engram. Then go ahead and spit on your grave. All of this was done in order for them to expand their Light a bit more. “Strengthen your connection to the Traveler.” That means whatever the heck it means. If you believe those Ghosts aren’t still around, you’re a fool. Let’s have a look at mine. It terrifies me… Ghost, it’s time to cut the tape. And don’t give me that expression. You are aware of our position.

The Drifter even offers to connect the Guardian’s Ghost to “new technology,” prompting Ghost to inquire whether the Drifter’s Ghost “even still possesses the Light.”

Ghost: Savathûn, how many times do we have to teach you this lesson? We are not going to give up.

Drifter: Hero, if you grow tired of that squawk box, let me know and I’ll connect you up with some fresh technology.

Ghost: Does that thing you created have any light left in it?

Eris Morn: That’s it. We are not served by bickering.

This may be traced all the way back to the ice planet visited by the Drifter. “Anti-Light creatures” blanketed the globe. Some were allowed to wander freely, while others were confined to cages.

This thing—the creature—seemed to share bioenergetics with the Hive, but I’ve never seen any records of humanity’s interactions with them, either back then or subsequently. And the creature had a trait that the Hive lacked. It created a Darkness Zone-like barrier that suppressed Light, but in a gooey, empty form with no head.

The anti-Light fields that spread over the globe that we had observed from orbit? These were the factors. Thousands of them were on this planet with us, according to our ship’s sensors.

I’m still not sure whether that planet, with its many monoliths, was intended to confine or produce those creatures. Some of the morphs had been imprisoned. Some, like us, wandered about freely.

So. How did I get here from there? We didn’t have a ship. We had no means of containing the anti-Light monsters, which had been the whole purpose of the journey.

The Drifter’s Ghost tragically snapped on this world, and killed itself to assist him in getting off the planet and returning to Earth. “If we could alter its Light to mimic the energy impact of the monolith cages,” as Drifter puts it, “it may be able to confine the monsters in the same way.”

They would, however, need ghost components to accomplish so. The Drifter tracked down the Ghosts of his old crew and kitbashed them to his Ghost, who was permanently altered after that— its eye was blazing red and it couldn’t talk.

And then the most bizarre thing occurred. My Ghost became enraged. What exactly do I mean? Allow me to take a step back:

I believe my Ghost had hoped that I would just fall in line and take up the Traveler’s mantle in due time. My right to rebirth. That, however, has never occurred. My Ghost finally flipped after hundreds of years.

How? Our escape was all its idea: if we could alter its Light to mimic the energy impact of the monolith cages, it may be able to confine the monsters similarly.

However, we’d need components. Parts that aren’t there. We also knew where to obtain some.

My previous crew’s ghosts immediately fled as soon as their charges struck the ground. So my friends and I went on a search for them.

Then it was time to put the changes into action.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” It was something I inquired about. Lasers were strewn around us, scavenged from my crew’s sunk ship.

It said, “Just make sure it works.”

So I started cutting at its armor, sparks flying about me. All would be lost if I succumbed to the cold before finishing. It was heard over the bustle of the office.

“Hey. There’s always a ray of hope. I’m proud of you, for what it’s worth.” It was the very last thing my Ghost ever said, as well as the very last lie it ever uttered.

It was permanently altered the following morning, but it had a fresh new shell of armor made from the guts of five other Ghosts. It had a brilliant crimson eye. It was no longer able to communicate.

The Ghost’s Light could now duplicate the energy of the cages that held the “anti-Light animals” with this new “red setting,” and it could dip into spectrums of Light and beyond that no one on Earth had seen.

The blue setting remained, ready to use whenever we wanted it. The red option, on the other hand, would save our lives. It was kit-bashed and jury-rigged, but it was able to duplicate the cages’ energy. Now that we were free to explore that ice prison of a planet, we froze every species we saw and loaded them into a new spacecraft I put together. It was a wreckage of pieces that I affectionately named “The Derelict,” a ship that I continued to build to when I returned home.

Ghost could now access Light spectrums that no one on Earth had ever seen before. Beyond the Light, there are a variety of spectrums. Don’t get me wrong: I think it’s great. I am not a Dark Herald. This was a do-it-yourself project.

Drifter was aided in the creation of both the banks and the Motes of Dark by this environment.

For us, though, it was a renaissance. The Derelict, the Motes of Darkness, and the Gambit Banks They were all created in that crimson environment.

So, does the Drifter intend to use the Spider’s Ghost parts to further kitbash additional Ghosts in order to access other Light spectrums and beyond? Is he hoping to trap or catch the Darkness with them?

Perhaps someone else we know might be interested in something like this…

An bug with its antennae flapping

Returning to the Spider’s discussion with the Drifter, he says that he has “favor among Witches.” The only “witches” we know of are Hive Witches and Awoken Tech Witches, so it’s conceivable he’s been speaking with Savathûn.

However, I couldn’t come up with anything more to support that theory.

I’m popular with Witches, Kells, and whispering agents of all shapes and sizes. My site is extensive, and I have proved to be beneficial. Allow the kings to slaughter each other. The runoff will be directed by me.”

“Are you referring to the Guardians? I’m sorry to tell you this, but they’re a cheap date.”

“The term “cheap” may be interpreted in a variety of ways. In times of desperation, inexpensive becomes… cheaper.”

Spider has a discussion with Fauxsiris in which he says that he knows a few people who have attempted to reclaim their Light, and that they should “meet in person” to discuss it further.

Warlock, according to the Spider. How is the campaign going?

Osiris: I’m keeping up with the anticipation. From where I stand, I could shatter the atoms of Xivu’s traitorous worm if I had my Light.

The Spider: It’s a difficult thing to give up. I know a few people who have attempted to reclaim it. We should meet in person to discuss this.

But other than that, I couldn’t discover anything. You might argue that Spider let Crow go a little too lightly, but that logic seems to be a little shaky. When the Spider realizes he has no option but to let Crow escape, he becomes clearly enraged, and I couldn’t uncover any evidence that he is aware of Savathûn’s masquerade as Osiris.

However, we do have proof that Savathûn asked Crow to get a handful of deceased Ghosts from Spider’s personal collection. This is a very obvious indication that, even if the Spider doesn’t like Savathûn, she’s still interested in stealing his deceased Ghosts.

Ikora, I’ve been considering certain things Osiris — Savathûn has requested me to accomplish.

Ikora: I’m guessing they didn’t appear in any official reports. What was it that she desired?

A selection of The Crow: Dead Ghosts from Spider’s own collection.

Ikora: Okay, I see. When we sought Saint and Osiris’s house in the City, we couldn’t locate any. Nonetheless, it’s concerning.

Glint also says that he occasionally feels Savathûn reaching out to him, therefore I believe this is further proof that Savathûn is interested in Ghosts.

Glint: Crow, crow, crow, crow, c I believe I can… sense her at times.

Savathûn? says the Crow.

Yes, Glint. It’s as though she’s trying to reach out to me… gently, as though an insect’s antennae were waving.

Petra Venj: A piece of advice: don’t return the wave.

This might have been spotted on the Glykon as well. Savathûn sets off on a rescue expedition to retrieve the deceased Guardian’s Ghost as soon as she sees him.

Fauxsiris: Light’s faint trails That creature… was a Guardian. We’ve arrived much too late. Take the gun with you. Isn’t it true that it was offered? Better in your hands than in the hands of someone else. I’ll talk to Zavala about approving exploratory excursions. If we can find our friend’s Ghost, we may be able to discover more about how he died. Return to the metropolis. We need to evaluate our results.

Fauxsiris: This is a search and rescue mission for a stray Ghost. Interfering here would be disastrous for you.

Caiatl: Would his Ghost’s memories be… accessible if he retrieved it?

Fauxsiris: We’ll have to wait and see.

Caiatl: Do your Ghosts have the ability to reverse that?

Fauxsiris: Not that I’m aware of.

Caiatl: So what’s the point of looking for it?

Answers, Fauxsiris. Empress, I’m in the same boat as you.

Fauxsiris: We’re still looking for a way to the Ghost. Then it’ll be till we return.

The Ghost in question had also been enticed by the Entity/Observer/Voice in the Darkness, which may serve as proof of concept that not all Ghosts are in favor of the Traveler.

“Are you… leaving me?” Katabasis examines his Scorn, gun, and Ghost—no. That is no longer the case. It wasn’t his, the Traveler’s, or anybody else’s.

“We’re going to make it.” Katabasis extends his hand to me. “Please?”

“I’m not interested in surviving, Katabasis.” I begin to move away from him. “I’m looking for salvation.”

Katabasis cries softly, his revelation complete, “…It got to you.”

We also know of another Ghost that would have been simple for Savathûn to access: Osiris’ Ghost, Sagira. Saint is now looking for the location where she fell, so I expect we’ll learn more about Savathûn’s plans for her soon. I wouldn’t be shocked if Saint discovers Sagira has vanished.

“I’m looking for the precise location where Sagira fell. I know Savathûn grabbed him there “Saint declares.

“In House of Wolves, the name Sagira was often spoken with reverence. Sagira fell on Earth’s moon, according to House Dusk, although I’m not sure where. May the Light bring her serenity.”

“She is much missed.” Saint takes a reverent pause. “The final signal from Osiris came from under the Moon’s surface. However, the Pyramid’s interference rendered pinpointing the precise position difficult. It’s impossible to search such a vast region.”

“The Vex on Europa kept track of the Guardians who had been defeated. And, more than likely, Ghosts. Using their network, they may be able to locate Sagira’s burial.”

ii the pigeon and the splicer - The Spider — Supplier of Ghosts?

But that’s simply a case of Ghosts. Is there any additional proof that she’s been researching the Light, Traveler, or resurrection? The answer is a resounding yes.

To begin with, we have proof that she has been studying ancient Speaker and Cryptarch writings on Ghosts.

“However… he has evolved.” Saint’s shoulders begin to sag. “It seems like a piece of him has remained on the moon since the Young Wolf pulled him off.” Saint sighs and shakes his head. “He’s fascinated and empty at the same time.”

“He wouldn’t even let me console him,” he says softly.

“Osiris has never dealt well with sorrow.” Ikora squeezes his arm, but keeps her hand there as a reassuring gesture. “You’re aware of the paths that might lead him astray.”

“Yes,” says Saint. “He’s already making plans. Cryptarch writings about Ghosts were discovered when researching ancient Speaker recordings. I’m worried a lot, but I can’t tell him. You already know how he’d respond.”

She also utilized Osiris to watch Crucible games, calling a Ghost a “perfect creature” that gives “an unfathomable gift.” She almost looks irritated that the audience just sees the “wonder” of resurrection as a resource, as if it has lost any significance for them.

Looking up at the Traveler, she declares that “every resurrection is a decision” and that she already knows what she should do.

Sacrilege: A flawless entity materializes behind the monster rejoicing in small victory. It collects and reassembles meat and offal from the ground. A gift of unfathomable value is presented.

This miracle has been seen by the audience many times. It no longer has any significance for them. It is seen as a resource by them.

I raise my eyes to the blank white face in front of me. My cheeks are flushed with its Light. It doesn’t bother me anymore.

Every resurrection is a decision.

I know what I’m going to do.

This isn’t the only time Savathûn has turned his gaze toward the Traveler. She looks up to the Traveler in the second piece of evidence and says that it is “waiting” for her. So it’s obvious that she’s interested in the Traveler, Ghosts, and Resurrection.

I raise my eyes above the flickering net of darkness to see what is beyond. I’m waiting for you.

She was also on the lookout for the Light-suppressing gadget that the Psions had used to capture Zavala’s Ghost. It’s conceivable that she intends to use it to catch her own Ghosts.

When Osiris walked into the chamber, Saint-14 was conducting weapons inventory. Saint rose up and set his datapad down next to a box of grenades. Looking for anything, Osiris examined the racks of weapons and ammunition.

Saint stood speechless, expecting for any sort of response. When it became apparent that no one would respond, he said, “Osiris is the Egyptian god of the sun. So, what exactly are you searching for?” His voice was tight and harsh.

Osiris didn’t move his gaze away from the bookshelves. “The Psions employed a light suppressor on Zavala’s Ghost. It is required for my study.”

boots of the assembler - The Spider — Supplier of Ghosts?

A victory against death

So, what’s the point of all of this?

The Crow: What do you suppose Savathûn will do now that she’s no longer enslaved by her worm?

Let’s take a look at Savathûn’s deal with Mara. She says that she wants her worm exorcised, making her mortal, in exchange for revealing Osiris’ whereabouts.

Believe me when I say that until Savathûn came in the Dreaming City, I was completely unaware of her deceit. She made me an offer: if I exorcise her worm, she’ll free Osiris and assist us in defeating the Black Fleet. I’m aware of the danger. Her treachery is almost a foregone conclusion. Savathûn, on the other hand, is vulnerable without her worm, since she is cut off from the safety of her royal planet. Mortal. kk

Mara seems to have already planned out her own strategy: after Savathûn loses her worm and becomes mortal, she will most likely try to murder her.

Ikora Rey: Savathûn has never been a one-trick pony when it comes to combat. She’s attempting to deceive you.

Ikora, we’re not the same, Queen Mara Sov. This is a long-term strategy. She is imprisoned and will die shortly.

In my view, Savathûn is well aware of the implications of getting rid of her worm, and has calculated a way to deal with her newfound mortality— specifically, she wishes to be revived by a Ghost.

Even if that isn’t the case, Nokris taught Savathûn his necromancies before he died, so she has a backup plan in case Mara tries to murder her.

The silky promise of Savathûn’s words flooded his brain. “Teach me your necromancies, usurper of the orderly path, so that we may work together to overcome the rooted logic that pulls us down into the abyss. Assist in scattering the pieces of their great game throughout the universe.”

Savathûn, on the other hand, seems to be speaking the truth about one thing: she and the Guardians have a common desire to defeat the Black Fleet. I think she is speaking the truth in this.

Savathûn: Guardian, I’m at your mercy. This structure shields me from those who would harm me. From the hunger of my worm. However, it is also a jail. Don’t you think it’s very elegant? My only regret is the length of time it took me to expose myself to you. Your synapses are firing… Skepticism has left its mark on this specimen. They label me a liar, yet you and I have similar interests. Trust in it if you believe anything I say.

The explanation is explained in two speeches: one to a member of Crota’s brood, and the other to Nokris.

Savathûn establishes in the first that there are “no gods, just absolutes,” one of which is “death.”

Death may be ignored—through impossible energies and sophisticated technology both tangible and indistinguishable from magic—when the Champions of the Light rise and fall, never backing down, never really experiencing defeat,” she says in her address.

Savathûn says she wants to “ensure that it does not come to pass” when asked whether she wants to bring about the end.

“Dear kid, the reality is… There are no gods in this world. There are no exceptions.

Nonetheless, we find ourselves on the verge of the greatest unmaking.

When the radiolaria dance over history gone and yet to be, time is no longer time.

When we rip reality apart to carve out our own hidden planes of existence, space ceases to be space.

When the Champions of the Light rise and fall, never backing down, never really experiencing defeat, death is no longer death.

Ignorance is all that is left—the ultimate absolute, the last irrefutable truth.

“Time may be twisted and broken—redirected according to the whims of those with the knowledge and the desire to do so.”

Space may be torn and explored to uncover new and old worlds that aren’t bound by comprehension.

Death can be avoided with impossible energy and sophisticated technology that are both physical and magically indistinguishable.

Ignorance, on the other hand, is an unbreakable constant. One can always learn more, but no one can ever learn all.

What happens then, when immortality and the whole of space and time may be brought together to discover the last of the unknowns?

Reality will quiver and blink as the last absolute collapses, and a new absolute will arise… a total and complete finish.”

“Do you want to see it come to an end?”

“I want to make sure that doesn’t happen.”

She brings up the concept of “no gods” to Nokris once again.

Nokris cocked his head. “What good would I be to a god?” says the narrator.

“There are no gods.”

He smiled and nodded. “It’s always been like way.”

Savathûn states in this that she wants to “travel unfettered by the parasitic tendencies of people who think themselves powerful” and to “walk the gap between.”

“Do the Masters meet here?” Nokris’ words were dripping with worry. “Do we intend to oppose them?”

“Not in that way. The arrival is on the way. “A Shadow will reach out and make its presence felt.”

“I’m supposed to hide the connection?”

“You will be the screen that sows discord where Sky meets Deep, and for it… we will walk unfettered by the parasitic tendencies of those who think themselves mighty.”

The plan was seen by Nokris. “Many people’s wills bowed to ours. They don’t rely on us anymore.”

“Freedom. They are pitted against one another. We take a stroll in the void.”

Xivu Arath is now hunting Savathûn “on behalf of another” for this alleged heresy.

Savathûn: My name is Savathûn, Witch Queen, Sister of Shapes, Deepest in the High Coven, and so on. Xivu Arath, my sister, is looking for me on behalf of someone else. My sole want is to be free, and Mara Sov has kindly consented to assist me.

But there’s one thing that bothers me about this: if Savathûn is revived by the Traveler, wouldn’t she be breaking one god’s shackles just to be bound by another’s?

One possibility is that she will not be revived by the Traveler, but has instead created a new kind of Ghost, similar to the Drifter’s Ghost, that can tap into spectrums beyond the Light. In this way, she will take the position of the Traveler.

Another possibility is that the Traveler is hoping to utilize Savathûn and her Hive as a fresh counter-argument against the Deep.

The gardener’s “last argument” is offered in Unveiling, but wouldn’t it be a stronger argument if the Traveler could persuade the Hive to utilize the Light instead of the Dark?

The gardener has thrown his hat into the ring. They’re in it for the long haul. They are also incorrect. After all, the cosmos is undecidable, as I demonstrate. There is no such thing as fate. This is something we’re all making up as we go along. Neither the gardener nor I am convinced that we are always and everywhere correct. But we can’t be anything other than ourselves. You have a decision to make.

The gardener’s last argument is you. It would mean the world to me if I could persuade you that I am the only way to go.

Whatever the situation may be, Savathûn seems to be on the verge of conquering the ultimate of death.

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