The Kodi Add-Ons to Stream TV Shows Using Firestick

The Kodi Add-Ons to Stream TV Shows Using Firestick

Kodi is an open-sourced media player you can use to stream online and offline content. You can stream audio and video content using the add-ons and links.

You can also use it as a file explorer to view and use local storage. It is available for platforms like android TVs, phones, Firesticks, PCs, laptops, and more.

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However, in this article, I’ll tell you about some decent add-ons you can use to stream TV shows for free. So, plug your Firestick into your TV, choose a TV show or movie, and watch with Kodi add-ons.


Asgard is a perfect add-on to watch TV shows and movies as well. You can find this add-on from the Narcasist Repo. You can also stream anime, sports, and documentaries using this add-on.

It works with premium services like All Debrid and Real Debrid. You can also access the content from the non-debris section, but I recommend using a premium account. It works with the latest Kodi 19 Matrix, which makes it a favorite to stream content.

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Shadow add-on works well with both Kodi 19 and 18 platforms. You can stream TV shows and movies on it, and it also works on PCs, mobiles, and more. It also supports Real Debrid, so you get streaming links in HD quality. It also offers a couple of payment options.


Crackle is Sony’s add-on, which gives users a large library of movies, shows, and more. You can access content for free and filter it as per genres like drama, action, or comedy.

You can also create your playlist or allow Crackle to create playlists for you. You only need to add your favorite movies or shows to watch later category, and Crackle will ask you to name the playlist.

Black Lightning

Black Lightning add-on specializes in TV shows and movies. It offers you playlists with a single click, and you can find this add-on in Narcacist’s Wizard repo.

You can get the best experience of this add-on by buying a premium Real Debrid account which gives you streaming links up to 4K quality. It also supports Trakt, so you can synchronize watch history and link your account.

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Xumo. TV

Xumo.TV is the best add-on if you want to access worldwide content. Xumo.TV gives you access to more than 185 channels from all over the world. A majority of these channels are US-based, but some of them are from Italy, Spain, the UK, and more.

Xumo.TV works fine in countries like the US, the UK, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Germany, and more. It is present in the official Kodi repository.

You might want to use a VPN before accessing unverified add-ons because a majority of them provide you with website links that may have copyrighted or illegal content.

Try using a paid VPN because they are more reliable and safer than the free ones.

Wrapping Up

Kodi add-ons are one of the easiest ways to stream movies and TV shows. You can stream content using unverified or verified VPNs.

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