7 Best Minecraft Weather & Climate Mods

The Best Weather & Climate Mods –

Weather and climate mods are a popular way to add more realism to games, with many developers using them in their titles. The Minecraft’s weather system is the same as it was when it was first created. Minecraft’s current weather system has remained the same since Beta 1.5 was released in 2011. It’s understandable that you may be tired of the same weather cycles of rain, snow, and storm. Here are some mods that will make your Minecraft world more weather-friendly.

7. Eternal Winter

Eternal Winter Minecraft mod

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Eternal Winter is a simple mod that adds snow to every land biome, transforming your world into a never-ending winter paradise. The patch adds a frosty covering to all new chunks that are loaded in. Although rivers and seas do not make ice by default, you may turn it on if you wish. It’s always a good thing to have more alternatives. Eternal Winter is a mod worth trying in the winter months, whether you’re planning an Ice Age-themed survival scenario or just want to make your Minecraft world a little more festive in preparation for the holidays.

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6. No Weather Effects

No Weather Effects MC mod

Do you despise Minecraft’s weather? Since you’re here, I’m thinking you’re interested in weather modifications for Minecraft. This mod is for you if you don’t want to deal with rain and thunderstorms in your game (which is reasonable considering how many times lightning has set my wooden roof on fire). The client-side mod No Weather Effects disables all weather effects, including snow, rain, and lightning. Every hour of every in-game day will now have a clear sky. This patch is particularly suitable for gamers who want to lessen the burden of weather effects on lower-end PCs, allowing them to play games faster.

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5. Waterworks

Waterworks mod for Minecraft

Whereas some of the other modifications on this list concentrate on the types of weather you might encounter in Minecraft, Waterworks is all about how you can manipulate the weather to your advantage. Waterworks modifies the game by adding two types of rain collecting tanks: The simple, single-block wooden rain tank that can be readily created early in the game – and the more complex multiblock rain tanks that can be joined together for larger storage capacity. Weather rockets are also included in the patch, allowing you to cloud-seed rain if your rain tanks are running low. There are even those that will distribute rain after you’re finished. At its best, weather control. In addition, this mod includes a strong groundwater pump that allows players to easily harvest water from deep beneath.

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4. Better Weather

Better Weather Minecraft mod

The Better Weather mod introduces four new weather types to Minecraft, each with its own set of effects: Light rain, overcast skies, blizzards, and acid rain are all possibilities. The little rain gives the game a soothing mist, while the gloomy weather provides a haze to the sky. Acid rain is a whole other category. When this green-tinted muck falls from the sky, it may kill plants, render grass coarse, and harm any players, animals, or enemy mobs standing out in the open. Blizzards, another new weather type, produce a flurry of fast-moving snow, thick fog, and wind, all of which slow down your movements.

Water may freeze into ice during a storm, and snow can fall in all biomes save the desert. But it will melt after the snow is through, so don’t worry. In addition, this mod includes a new “seasons” feature that impacts whether animals may breed, how quickly crops develop, and what type of weather you might anticipate at any given moment. This is essentially a complete reworking of Minecraft’s weather, and it’s well worth a go.

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3. ToxicRain

ToxicRain Minecraft mod screenshot

Have you ever glanced up at the sky and wondered to yourself, “What if the rain is poisonous?” I know, I’ve been there. ToxicRain is a fun little mod that turns Minecraft rain greeny-brown and adds a health damage effect to it, allowing players to finally realize this age-old goal. The mod also includes a new craftable elixir that shields you from the effects of rain, as well as the ability to apply the same effect to snow and water blocks. You may also provide a delay time during which you can be exposed to rain without being poisoned.

These effects are comparable to the Acid Rain event that I detailed before in the Better Weather mod. For users who aren’t interested in the other weather kinds, ToxicRain may provide a more simplified experience.

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2. Serene Seasons

Serene Seasons mod for Minecraft

Serene Seasons is worth checking into if you want some extra seasonality in your Minecraft experience but don’t want to deal with the new weather events that come packed with bigger modifications. This mod adds a year cycle to the game, with grass and other flora changing colors according to the season. Seasons also influence which crops may be grown in various seasons, as well as the likelihood of meteorological occurrences. Snow can fall in some biomes that don’t normally get it during vanilla gameplay during the winter. If you want to add more realism to your game, this is the mod to use.

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1. Weather, Storms & Tornadoes

Weather, Storms & Tornadoes Minecraft mod

Weather, Storms, and Tornadoes is a mod that changes and improves the way weather works in Minecraft. You won’t have to worry about every region of your Minecraft world being sunny or rainy anymore. Because this adds realism to your game’s specific weather. Storms can now be seen rolling in over the horizon in real-time, thanks to dynamic regional humidity, temperature, and wind direction systems. Rain has different intensities, and this mod adds more “severe weather” varieties.

Tornadoes, which rip up the environment and may fling creatures about, and sandstorms, which pile up layers of sand over the landscape – drastically limiting how far you can see into the distance – are examples of this. In addition, this mod includes additional ambient effects to go along with its weather systems, such as foliage and trees rustling in the breeze, new rain particles that alter depending on rain intensity, and a new optional foliage shader that makes vegetation blocks sway in the wind.

You’ll also receive new weather-related stuff to play with on top of everything else. Weather radar detects storms in the vicinity, a wind vane determines wind direction, a Redstone weather sensor activates equipment as a storm approaches, and a James Bond-style weather control machine is among the new goods. As you may have guessed, this allows you to produce and control storms. Manipulation of the weather has never been more enjoyable.

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