The Best Rings in Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD, Ranked

You may not know this, but the original Kingdom Hearts 2 had 7 different endings and that made it the most number of endings in a video game ever at the time of the game’s release. In Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD, we got a new ending which was called “True Ending” and only really hard-core players could find it. Now, in the first Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD, we got a new ending which was called “True Ending”, and only really hard-core players could find it. Then, in Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance, we got a new ending which was called “True Ending” and only really hard-core players could find it. Now, in Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop

Recently, I started playing Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD Remix for the PlayStation 3. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the game includes a mode called HD Dream Drop Distance, which puts players in the role of Sora, Riku, and King Mickey in a new, special world dedicated to Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD Remix.

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Throughout your journey in Kingdom Hearts 2 you’ll find and craft a variety of different accessories and armor. Although they may seem pointless at first, these can make a huge difference for your stats (and even abilities). One variation of accessories is rings. Rings can basically be narrowed down into four categories in what they help with the most: Strength, Magic, AP, and Utility. Each category of ring has a clear evolutionary line, with each ring serving as an upgrade for the last. But with so many rings, where do you start? We’ll take a look at some of the best rings in the game right here, and where to get these shiny treasures.

10. Sardonyx Ring


Starting off with the basics, the sardonyx ring is your average early game accessories. Nothing special to write home about. But nice to have during your early days. This humble little guy will give you +1 strength and +1 AP. Use this small boost to give Sora some added punch to his throws. How to Get: You find the ring early on in Beast’s Castle, purchased from Monty the Moogle.

9. Platinum Ring


Jumping ahead in your journey, you’ll start to have gathered a decent number of spells. What better way to add to their usage in battle than with a magic-enhancing ring? The Platinum ring is a nice balance between early game gear and mid-to-later game gear. It grants you +1 magic and +3 AP, so this will make a nice purchase for a Sora magic build. How to Get: During your visit to Timeless River, a Moogle named Artemicion will be selling them.

8. Skillful Ring


word-image-9393 This is the mid-game ring in the arguably most useful category: AP rings. Even though most rings have an added AP bonus, these rings focus purely on it. And usually these rings grant a hefty amount. If you’re desperate for more and more abilities, than you’ll want to equip a fair number of these things. This specific AP ring, the Skillful Ring, adds +5 AP to your repertoire. How to Get: Taking on and conquering the Titan Cup in Olympus Coliseum will reward you with this ring.

7. Aquamarine Ring


Topping off the mid-tier rings is the Aquamarine Ring. This blue gemmed ring is a nice step up for strength rings, giving you some much needed AP while keeping that +1 strength. If you managed to get the recipe for a Garnet Ring and are using that, maybe consider giving this ring to your party members instead. How to Get: While diving deep into the digital world of Space Paranoids, stop by Artemicion the Moogle’s shop to get your hands on this ring.

6. Orichalcum Ring


Become a true mage with the best magic ring in the game. If you’re going for a magic-based Sora, then this will be your most desired ring. However, despite being the best, it still only grants +1 magic and +5 AP. While the AP is great, don’t just rely on this ring to provide you with the best magical power. How to Get: This is a direct upgrade to the Mythril Ring (which can be crafted once you obtain 5 different materials) using a serenity crystal.

5. Diamond Ring


Harness the raw strength of a diamond with this oddly fashionable ring. The Diamond Ring in KH2 will be your final upgrade to your strength-centered rings. Just like the Orichalcum Ring, it sadly doesn’t come with extra strength beyond the +1 – only adding +5 AP. If you’re still wanting that little bit of extra strength, then this will be in your best interest. How to Get: After obtaining 5 different types of synthesis materials, you’ll be given the recipe for a Garnet Ring. Use a serenity crystal (when your Moogle is lvl 3) to upgrade it to the Diamond Ring.

4. Lucky Ring


Now it’s time for the more interesting rings, the utility ones. There’s only 2 of them. But they’re both very useful. The Lucky Ring, for instance, will become your best friend for item grinding. Wearing it will significantly increase your item drop rate, and can even be stacked with others in your party to ensure you hit the Jackpot! This might not be a ring you wear all the time. But remember to use it when you need that one synthesis piece that never seems to drop. How to Get: This is an upgraded version of the Draw Ring, which we’ll cover later. Use a serenity crystal with a lvl 3 Moogle to unlock its power.

3. Cosmic Ring


Channeling the power of the cosmos, this gorgeous-looking ring will grant your every wish. That is, if your wish is for as much AP as you can handle. If you’re playing on the original KH2 game (not the Final Mix version) then this ring is your final upgrade for AP rings. It gives Sora +8 AP, making way for plenty more abilities and potential. Sadly, only one is available in the game, so don’t plan on stacking them to get more and more AP. How to Get: In the treasure chest lying upon Starry Hill in the 100 Acre Woods.

2. Draw Ring


Ever feel like those health and MP orbs are just so far away, and you never seem the reach them in your time of need? Well, the answer to all your problems has arrived: The Draw Ring! This little bell will help you to absorb faraway orbs and munny, making it super useful in desperate battles. How to Get: This is synthesized using the Rare Document recipe (found after completing the Duality Puzzle).

1. Executive’s Ring


Quite possibly the most elegant and flashy looking ring in this list, the Executive’s Ring truly deserves its regal look. Within this gold-encrusted crown lies and immense power, granting Sora +30 AP! You read that right, an extra 30 ability points! This ring completely blows its secondary competitor (the Cosmic Ring) out of the water. However, this ring is only available in the Final Mix version of Kingdom Hearts 2. So don’t be trying to chase this down if you’re playing the original PS2 version. How to Get: After completing the Daylight Puzzle in Jiminy’s Journal.

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