The best glyphs in Naraka: Bladepoint

The game of Naraka is a multiplayer online game with an innovative combat system. Players can choose to fight in real-time, or take their time and strategize the perfect attack.

The naraka is a 2D action platformer game. It has been praised for its unique gameplay and beautiful artwork.

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Naraka: Bladepoint lets you personalize your characters to meet your own requirements. This is accomplished via the glyph system, which can be found in the Talents menu. There are hundreds of perks to choose from, so it may be overwhelming at first. Here’s a list of the finest glyphs in Naraka: Bladepoint, as recommended by us.

How to get the finest glyphs in Naraka: Bladepoint by unlocking, equipping, and using them.

When your Naraka: Bladepoint account profile achieves level 6, the glyph board is enabled. You’ll find four different glyph types here: Origin, Lunar, Solar, and Omni. Only a few glyphs in each category will be accessible if you’re new to the game. More may be obtained by leveling up your profile or paying 2,000 tae (regular money) for each additional glyph type.

To be clear, all characters have access to the general glyph board, which is unlocked at level 6. That implies everyone, even newcomers like Valda Cui, will have comparable settings depending on your selections. There are, however, two more glyph boards that may be unlocked for 6,000 tae or 120 gold each (premium currency). These are unique to each character and are mostly used to fine-tune particular builds. You may still make modifications to the general glyph board before entering a match if you don’t want to waste your currency.

Additionally, you may use money to improve specific glyphs from level 1 to level 5. Their stat enhancements and coefficients will rise as a result of this. In any event, this guide contains a list of all the glyphs available in the game right now. We’ve highlighted the glyphs that we believe are the best in Naraka: Bladepoint.

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Glyphs of Naraka’s Origin: Bladepoint

  • Spirit (*) – Recover energy more quickly, allowing you to dodge more frequently.
  • Gain Dark Tide coins over time to increase your wealth.
  • Energetic (*) – Over time, gain Dark Tide coins and improve luck.
  • Savagery (*) – Quickly regain anger.
  • Increased Cairn duration due to tenacity.

Naraka’s Lunar Glyphs: Bladepoint

  • Agility (*) – Lowers the amount of energy required to avoid being hit.
  • Tether — Increases the speed of the grappling hook.
  • Intuition – Increases the amount of time opponent health bars remain visible after being damaged.
  • When doing damage to opponents, Enrage (*) increases the amount of rage you acquire.
  • When you take damage, Resolve increases the amount of fury you acquire.

Naraka’s Omni Glyphs: Bladepoint

  • Mind (*) – Raises your energy cap, allowing you to dodge more often.
  • Persuasion – Receive a discount from the Rift Dealer while purchasing goods.
  • Peddler – Get a discount while purchasing goods from the Rift Dealer and earn Dark Tide coins in the process.
  • Rampage (*) – Increases your initial fury, allowing you to reach your ultimate more quickly.
  • Warmth — Increases the pace at which you can rescue friends trapped in a Cairn.

Naraka’s Solar Glyphs: Bladepoint

  • Flight – Increases the grappling hook’s range, allowing it to reach further distant locations or opponents.
  • Miracle (*) – Increases the likelihood of rare+ goods dropping.
  • Merchant (*) – Increases the chance of rare+ goods dropping, as well as providing a discount when purchasing things from the Rift Dealer.
  • Light – Reduces the amount of harm Shadow Corruption deals to you.
  • Genius (*) – Improves skill recovery and reduces skill cooldown.

As you may have observed, in Naraka: Bladepoint, I focused on glyphs related to anger production, energy generation, and luck/item rarity. Your character’s rage is a resource pool that may be utilized to unleash your ultimate. Naturally, having your ideal sooner and more often is preferable. Meanwhile, energy is similar to your stamina. Because each match emphasizes mobility and evasion, you can guarantee that your unpredictable movements and fast responses will make you more difficult to strike. Finally, there are two variables to consider: luck and item rarity. You’ll find that most troves you uncover give better and rarer goods if you have a higher luck stat.

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