The Benefits of Using Xentral for Online-facing SMBs

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Germany’s xentral, a technology platform that helps online-facing small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) manage their operations more effectively, recently announced that it has raised a $20M Series A funding round led by Sequoia Capital.

With this new funding, xentral plans to help SMBs improve their back-office operations and maximise their online presence. This article will explore the various benefits of using xentral for online-facing SMBs.

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Overview of Xentral

Xentral is an online software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform providing online businesses and entrepreneurs with the essential tools to manage their business. It provides users with a comprehensive suite of services for creating and managing websites, online stores, customer engagement, marketing, payment processing and more. In addition, Xentral’s advanced features enable users to maximise their presence on the internet and meet their customers’ expectations.

Xentral helps bridge the gap between manual processes and automation, allowing businesses to manage all operations efficiently and cost-effectively. In addition, the software helps streamline operations by integrating multiple processes into a single dashboard accessed from any device.

With Xentral’s various features, users can make informed decisions based on real-time analytics through dashboard reports that give insight into customer behaviour and website performance. Xentral also helps improve customer engagement through its powerful email marketing solution, allowing businesses to create targeted campaigns tailored to each customer group or interest group. Finally, Xentral’s payment gateway integration simplifies collecting payments from customers so business owners can focus on growing their business rather than managing tedious administrative tasks.

Overall, Xentral offers small business owners an innovative suite of services that will help them more effectively manage all aspects of their operations while enhancing customer engagement and increasing sales revenue.

xentral smbs 20m series capitallundentechcrunch

Germany’s xentral nabs $20M led by Sequoia to help online-facing SMBs run back offices better

Germany’s xentral is a software-as-a-service platform that helps small and medium-sized businesses run their back offices more efficiently. It recently attracted over $20 million in funding, led by Sequoia, to develop further its services.

This article will discuss the key benefits of using xentral for online-facing small and medium-sized businesses.

Automation of Back Office Tasks

Using Xentral helps ensure seamless automation of back office tasks, including accounting, payroll and inventory management. This can help small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) save time and money on labour-intensive processes. As a result, business owners can focus their energy on more strategic or value-adding initiatives that shape the future of their business.

Xentral automates the most time consuming back office activities—from basic tasks such as bookkeeping, financial reporting and tax filing, to complex functions like payroll calculation, time and attendance tracking, asset management and invoicing. It also helps SMBs keep up with sales trends by accurately forecasting inventory needs and helping provide relevant analysis for sound budgeting decisions. On top of all this, Xentral bundles extensive analytical tools that provide insight into customer data for improved marketing efforts.

For growing companies where keeping track of resources is difficult due to limited staff or a lack of specific experience in back office processing within existing staff members’ skillsets – Xentral allows businesses the ability to keep operations running reliably while maintaining growth potential along with control over costs associated with labour intensive processes such as hiring additional staff members.

xentral smbs 20m series sequoia capitallundentechcrunch

Streamlining of Business Processes

One of the most significant benefits of using xentral for online-facing SMBs is its ability to streamline business processes. xentral enables enterprises to automate operational processes, making them more efficient and cost-effective.

It allows businesses to design, customise and maintain various internal business processes such as customer relationship management (CRM), e-commerce, inventory management and project planning. As a result, this helps reduce manual workloads, cutting hours of dedicated labour time and avoiding unnecessary complexities in operations.

Furthermore, companies can leverage xentral’s features to keep track of their performance metrics such as sales figures or production timelines on an ongoing basis. This eliminates manual efforts spent on compiling reports separately by departments and saves time needed for analysis – allowing managers to take decisions quickly with greater accuracy.

Increased Efficiency and Productivity

Using xentral for your online-facing business can immensely help efficiently manage daily operations. With comprehensive functionality that helps you manage everything from sales and customer relationships to accounting, inventory, and Human Resources, the platform can save time and money.

The easy-to-navigate interface lets users quickly locate desired information anywhere on the platform. Furthermore, its centralised architecture ensures all departments are apprised of their tasks via notifications whenever new tasks or areas require attention. This real-time communication boosts efficiency by allowing managers to easily update their teams with relevant information. Additionally, by utilising automated workflows and sharing feature access across different teams and departments, xentral increases operational productivity by streamlining processes such as payroll calculations, invoicing automation, commission tracking, etc.

The platform also enables web integration with external systems (such as accounting software), making data entry easier than ever – helping reduce human error. The integrated systems also mean that data from external sources can be easily accessed without having to re-enter it manually into the CRM system; eliminating hours of redundant work per week. Furthermore, users can now access the same data in real time through the CRM dashboard, making smarter decisions based on current information faster than ever before.

By providing centralised data storage accessible anytime and anywhere with internet connection, xentral gives businesses a greater overview of their staff’s workloads so they can keep up with demanding processes while reducing errors. In addition, it helps eliminate duplication of materials while increasing accuracy to optimise processes across all facets of business simultaneously – enabling maximum visibility over profits and expenses while consolidating time management efforts like never before.

xentral smbs 20m sequoia capitallundentechcrunch

How xentral Helps SMBs

Germany’s xentral recently raised $20M led by Sequoia to help online-facing SMBs run their back offices more efficiently. The idea behind xentral is that it helps SMBs reduce complexity, costs, and manual effort associated with running a business by automating mundane and repetitive tasks.

In this article, we’ll look at how this platform can help online-facing SMBs improve their operations.

Improved Cash Flow Management

Cash flow is key for small- and Medium-sized Businesses (SMBs). It’s what keeps the business running, and often decisions must be made quickly to ensure the integrity of operations. Xentral can improve cash flow management, allowing businesses to make better financial decisions.

Xentral has tools that make it easier to keep track of income, expenses and bills. It also helps manage bill payments and automated recurring payments via its secure online platform, providing a clear overview of your accounts at all times. In addition, this technology helps monitor cash flows from multiple sources in one place, so you can easily see when things are getting tight or catch any anomalies quickly. Finally, this system also allows for simple transfers between accounts; long gone are the days of manually logging these in spreadsheets or on paper!

Xentral allows for improved cash flow management for SMBs by automatically tracking payments coming in, collecting account information from vendors, suppliers and customers at regular intervals — reducing manual processes significantly. Plus with technology handling invoicing reminders and collections notifications automatically, processes can become streamlined efficiently without worrying about timely invoice reminders or customer follow through. With Xentral’s commerce capability on its platform; payment automation is further enhanced as customers can conveniently submit payments online as they purchase goods or services — eliminating the manual effort necessary with invoicing customers separately only after transactions are complete!

Improved Customer Experience

Using xentral to appeal to online customers can do wonders for SMBs. xentral equips businesses with the necessary tools to remain competitive and modern. Additionally, features such as automatic discounts, order tracking and free shipping will let customers view their purchase history and promptly receive assured delivery. All this works towards improving customer experience, by simplifying the transaction process and providing them with insights into their purchases.

Additionally, with their centralised platform, SMBs can capture customer information such as email ids, mobile numbers, addresses etc., thus allowing businesses to send personalised content and reminders regarding new stock arrivals, which enhances customer loyalty. With loyalty programs offered by xentral in place, customers feel valued and help create a better user experience for them all round. Loyalty programs also help SMBs acquire new customers by encouraging existing customers to spread the word about them, deriving mutual advantages of more sales opportunities for business and better prices/discounts for loyal patrons.

Furthermore, more payment options make it easier for customers who prefer one over another regarding checkout. Easy payment options such as net-banking or debit/credit cards in place ensure a smooth online transaction, leading to increased satisfaction levels for all types of customers.

Reduced Administrative Costs

When a business is looking for an online solution, one main priority is reducing internal expenses and administrative costs. This is where Xentral comes in – with its array of web-based tools and services, it enables SMBs to take advantage of a sophisticated yet cost-effective platform.

By integrating Xentral’s secure platform into their existing workflow, they can streamline their operations while reducing their accounting and management by fusing their data into one streamlined system. This improved efficiency reduces the time spent on mundane admin tasks and has long-term benefits in terms of scalability and agility. In addition, it empowers businesses with scalability to manage larger workloads as they grow1 and allows them to make quick decisions.

With Xentral’s advanced analytics capabilities, companies gain insight into customer behaviour and trends when data is gleaning from various sources. This can aid SMBs as they make informed decisions that will ultimately result in increased revenue generation.

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