Is stress-eating a habit you cannot seem to shake off? Well, you and Vigoroth are in the same boat.  Stress easting is real, even in the Pokémon universe.

Vigoroth is a Wild Monkey Pokémon.  It is a Normal-type Pokémon that joined the Pokémon universe in Generation III.

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For those that enjoy going all berserk and getting destructive to release your stress, Vigoroth is the Pokémon for you.


Vigoroth is a clear picture of a sloth in Pokémon form. Their species is known to go berserk, due to raised stress levels when they attempt to stay still. Their species is known to have a rapid heartbeat. This, in return, causes their stress levels to rise. Going berserk is their only option for them to maintain normal stress levels.

The Vigoroth Pokémon species resembles a sloth with some subtle differences. Its fur is white throughout its entire body. It has a conspicuous brown streak that you can also spot across its back.

On its face, a pronounced red meteor-shaped mass and an elliptical red nose are evident. There is a brown ring encircling its eyes making them more intense.

Razor-sharp canines stick out of the lower and upper jaws. Its upper lip is thin and flattened while the lower lip is brown, wide and plump.

It has massive limbs, and the palms of both its limbs are red. On both limbs, it has two elongated black claws that could split a rock in half. An erect shaggy tail is also present, and its bottom surface is red.

Vigoroth weighs 46.5 Kgs and stands at 4 feet 7 inches.

Though most Pokémon require rest, in the case of Vigoroth doing so could be fatal! What a roller coaster his life must be? Some people chase the thrill you get from a fast heartbeat. If you one of them, you and Vigoroth would get along.


Vigoroth’s species are easy to find in forests since they are known to rampage in forest destroying everything in their path.


Coming face to face with a Pokémon known to have serious stress issues could discourage any Pokémon from thinking of picking a fight. If a Pokémon would do then it better be prepared to face the full force of Vigoroth’s rage.

The core ability Vigoroth is known to possess is the Vital Spirit. Vigoroth is strong against Ghost Pokémon types. Attacks from these types of Pokémon do not affect him.


Like any other Pokémon out there, Vigoroth has his share of Weaknesses. When Vigoroth is attacked by Fighting-type Pokémon, he receives double the damage. Such damage would be deadly to any Pokémon. In conclusion, Vigoroth should never be used against such Pokémon unless you just want to see the last of him.S


At level 18, the Pokémon Slakoth evolves into Vigoroth. Thus, Vigoroth joins us in the wonderful Pokémon universe. Quite a shocker, considering how opposite these two Pokémon are. While Vigoroth is hyper and always active, Slakoth is the sloth. Slakoth sleeps twenty hours a day.

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