The 5 Best Fly Fishing Spots – P2P

The 5 Best Fly Fishing Spots –

Fly fishing is mainly used to catch trout and salmon, which are often used as food for low levels in F2P. But fly fishing also gives a very high experience in the beginning of the game, from level 27 to level 58, where the experience can go from 35,000 to 45,000 per hour! This makes fly fishing the fastest way to level 99 in OSRS, and one of the fastest P2P fishing methods.

What are the best places to cast your line and catch trout or salmon? Let’s see.

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5. Lumbridge


Lumbridge starts our list. You’ll find this little spot when you leave the castle in an area crawling with goblins. There is a river where you can catch trout and salmon. This place is ideal for beginners as you can easily prepare the fish by making a fire or using a Lumbridge food processor. Lumbridge’s range also reduces the chance of fish catching fire, making it a particularly pleasant place to live. But overall, it’s just a good way for new players to practice multiple skills in close proximity to one location. You can even use the fish to cook and gain fishing experience, then eat it during the fight. Where to find : Between Lumbridge and the entrance of Al Harid there is a small river where you can fish.

4. Isafdar


This place can only be reached after completing the Regicide, as it is located in the Elf Country. However, there is no shoreline nearby, which means you can’t just throw what you catch here into the water. I would only recommend this place to experienced iron eaters or low level iron eaters who need food to get through this area – as there are many traps that can seriously injure you. It is also a suitable fishing spot for lower levels during elf hunting missions in the elf camp, as there is a perpetual fire for cooking fish. Where to find : South of the elf camp, near the bridge leading to Pryfddinas.

3. Boom Dwarf Fortress


Here’s another decent spot near Brimstal Cave. It used to be a very popular spot for fly fishing, although other places have caught up. But it’s worth mentioning anyway! The shoreline is fairly close, meaning the lower levels can store fish to cook or sell later. I recommend this location for low level players who have just arrived in this area and are not yet ready to leave, as it can be difficult to reach without unlocked teleporters. Dwarf Fortress also offers various training options such as combat, agility, farming and fishing. That way you can do other things in between fishing. Where to find : Next to the Dread Bird cage and Brimstahl’s lair in the southwest corner of Stronghold.

2. Barbarian village


This place is the best F2P place for fly fishing and by far the most popular. It lies on the Loom River, just below the barbarian village, and is the nearest place to the bank (Edgeville Bank). This place is also popular because there is a place for eternal fire right next to the fishing place. This leads many players to practice power fishing, i.e. catch a fish, cook it and then drop it to start over. Many players who are strictly F2P even use this place to go from level 20 to level 99! When you start working here, expect about 20k an hour. This amount increases to about 50,000 per hour when you reach a higher level of fishing. Where to find : South of the barbarian village, along the Lum River, which is next to the bridge connecting the barbarian village.

1. Village of Shilo


The best place for fly fishing is without doubt the village of Shailo. By manipulating tics, players can gain 55,000 to 65,000 experience points per hour. This is a very high score for fishing and is only surpassed by fishing barbarians! If you don’t want to check the handling box, you can expect 35,000 to 50,000 experience per hour, depending on your fishing level. It is generally not recommended to use a sofa for this purpose.

But if you must, Shilo Village is the closest place to fly fishing, so it’s a good option for that too! The only type of account for which it makes sense to keep these fish is low-level hardware stores that need the fish for training or kitchen experience. Otherwise, it’s better to get XP and get to work. Participants can also use striped feathers for the rainbow fish. They give more experience but are generally slower to catch – and are therefore not recommended for shredding.

To gain access to Shiloh Village, you must first complete the Shiloh Village quest, which is quite long and difficult for low-level accounts. Where to find: North of the bank and the furnace, in the river that runs through town.

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