The 20 Best Passive Items in Enter the Gungeon

The 20 Best Passive Items in Enter the Gungeon –

I’ve written a blog post that ranks the best passive items in Enter the Gungeon, the Indie roguelike developed by Dodge Roll Games. It’s an interesting game, and I learned a lot about how it works, during a long period of play. I thought I’d write a guide for beginners that’ll help them learn more about the game, and hopefully be able to play it more effectively, in the future.

There’s nothing quite like the old-school feel of a platforming game like Enter the Gungeon, but the game’s old difficulty and lack of polish have made it a bit inaccessible for some players. Enter the Gungeon is a 2D dungeon crawler in the vein of Gunstar Heroes or Mega Man, where you take control of a bullet-hell chucking hero through a series of rooms, defeating all the enemies you come across. It’s a game that’s been out for a little while now, and yet I still see new players struggling with the game’s challenge.

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Enter the Gungeon is an awesome game with a very clever premise: You play as a group of gunslingers, blasting their way through a dungeon full of increasingly difficult challenges, in the hopes of acquiring a gun that grants them a one-way ticket into the next room. It’s a brilliant idea, and one that combines dungeon crawling, bullet-hell shooter, and roguelike elements in a way that is just as fun to play as it sounds.

When confronted with the Gungeon, the first thing that comes to mind is weapons.

Passive items, on the other hand, have just as much power.

These goods give Gungeoneers tremendous benefits such as stronger bullets, quicker mobility, and even an additional life just by holding them (with some strings attached).

There are a variety of passive things waiting for you in the Gungeon’s colorful chests, but only a handful are really “the finest.”

Let’s take a look at some of the things you should be looking for if you want to conquer the Gungeon.


20. Cog of Battle

Gungeon Screenshot

With the Cog of Battle, fans of the Gears of War series will find their active reloading abilities useful.

All weapons get an active reload when holding this C-tier item, rewarding a second press of the reload button at the appropriate moment with more powerful rounds and a shorter reload animation.

Although it’s a situational item, it’s one of the finest you’ll discover in a blue chest.

Active reloading, if mastered, may help you reverse the tide in your favor.


19. Full Metal Jacket

Gungeon Screenshot

The only way for a regular Joe like myself to achieve Master Rounds is to make clever use of blanks.

When you’re in a trance trying not to be struck, having to actively fire the blank makes it a lot less useful.

Although the FMJ is a popular B-tier component, the benefit of automatic blank activation cannot be overstated.

This item may also be used in conjunction with the Badge to transform the police officer into a robot policeman.


18. Clown Mask

Gungeon Screenshot

The Clown Mask is the same one used by bank-robbing mastermind Dallas in the four-player co-op bank robbery simulator PAYDAY 2.

You’d think that having this item would allow you to rob shops or something, but it really does the opposite.

You can only acquire it by stealing it from the shop or enraging the proprietor to the point that he packs up and departs, leaving the Clown Mask for free.

It calls a member of the Payday gang to battle with you, and when combined with other PAYDAY 2 equipment like the Loot Bag and the Drill, you may acquire the whole squad.

Obtaining it from the store unlocks it.

17. Hungry Bullets

Gungeon Screenshot

Because of their propensity to consume opponent bullets, these hungry projectiles are one of the most powerful bullet enhancements.

For every shot consumed, the cannibal bullets will increase 10% in size and damage.

It’s completely overpowered when used with automatic weapons or beam weapons, which have their damage quadrupled.

When you combine this A-tier weapon with a good firing rate, fights against bullet-blanketing monsters like the Wallmonger and the Dragun become a lot simpler.

Getting devoured by a Tarnisher unlocks it.


16. Armor Synthesizer

Gungeon Screenshot

Any item that provides more protection is welcomed, and if you play well enough, the Armor Synthesizer may provide a constant supply of armor pieces.

There’s a 10% chance you’ll get the desired shield if you complete an area without taking damage while carrying this A-tier item.

If you don’t completely stink, that’s at least one armor piece on each level.

If you’re fortunate enough to acquire more than one Synthesizer at once, you’ll be accompanied by a buddy who will take your shots.

You’ll have three friends circling around you if you get all three – Armor, Health, and Ammo.


15. Gunknight Helmet

Gungeon Screenshot

Legend has it that an old knight lost his helmet deep inside the forge’s depths.

When you pick up this A-tier item, you’ll get two pieces of armor and one more on each level. That’s impressive in and of itself, but it’s nothing compared to the whole package.

They’ll transform the player into Cormorant, the Aimless Knight, if they work together.

It’s a huge improvement, because it eliminates the need to reload.

Let’s talk about the OP.

Having any of the Gunknight set’s pieces improves your chances of discovering the remaining three.

Friffle and the Grey Mauser may be unlocked by defeating 25 Gun Nuts.


14. Metronome

Gungeon Screenshot

The Metronome, based on a classic Pokémon technique debuted with the first 151 creatures, can assist you in steadily increasing your strength as long as you avoid harm.

This B-tier item provides a 2% damage boost for every opponent destroyed without taking damage or switching weapons.

If you can keep playing until you have 75 consecutive kills, you’ll get a massive 150 percent damage boost, which jumps to 250 percent if you also have the Drum Clip.


13. Mimic Tooth Necklace

Gungeon Screenshot

We all despise imitations.

There are few stories that will elicit more compassion from other dungeon explorers than “I was devoured by a mimic,” and the Gungeon is no exception.

Meeting these ambush predators has a silver lining, however.

You’ll receive the chest’s contents if you’re skilled enough to fire first and kill them without dying – no key required.

The Mimic Tooth Necklace is a high-tier item that transforms every chest into a mimic. It’s a hazardous world, but if you shoot straight, you may take advantage of its riches.

You may also use it in conjunction with the Ring of Mimic Friendship to unlock every chest.

Hunting three mimics for Friffle and the Frey Mauser unlocks the Frey Mauser.


12. Master of Unlocking

Gungeon Screenshot

Play well and you’ll be rewarded with keys.

This B-tier item does exactly what it says it does, awarding you with keys for finishing areas without harm.

The Gungeon has a lot of rooms, as I’m sure you’ve observed.

So, assuming you’re not awful at the game, this item practically ensures a decent number of keys.

If you acquire it early on, it’ll be very useful, and it’ll make opening green chests on the first level a lot more appealing.

The name is a reference to a memorable phrase from the first Resident Evil (1996), in which heroine Jill Valentine is referred to as “The Master of Unlocking” by Barry Burton.


11. Platinum Bullets

Gungeon Screenshot

Platinum is a very uncommon element in the cosmos.

So if you’re going to use platinum in your bullets, they had better be excellent.

At first, these Platinum Bullets aren’t very good. However, with each successful strike, they’ll gradually raise your damage and firing rate.

If you can keep the combination running, your damage and firing rate will ultimately treble, increasing your DPS enormously and justifying this item’s S-tier rating.

Unlocked by spending 200 Hegemony Credits at Ox and Cadence’s.


10. Blank Bullets

Gungeon Screenshot

A strong attack is the best defense, and this is particularly true if you’re carrying Blank Bullets.

Each projectile contact with this S-tier bullet enhancement produces a small-scale localized blank, essentially eliminating all surrounding rounds.

Because opponents usually fire in your direction, it’s simple to quiet them by firing quickly enough.

Unlocked by purchasing them for 28 Hegemony Credits from Doug.


9. Chicken Flute

Gungeon Screenshot

You’re in luck if you discover an ocarina in a green chest deep in the Gungeon.

This B-tier item may resemble the Hero of Time’s favorite musical instrument, but it won’t make it rain or bring dawn any quicker.

Instead, it’ll call a cute chicken companion who will shield you from gunfire.

This chick, like Cuccos in The Legend of Zelda, becomes enraged after a few of strikes, summoning its chicken mates to attack your opponents.

It’s not only useful, but it’s also funny.

Killing the past as The Bullet unlocks the door.


8. Clone

Gungeon Screenshot

Cloning is a contentious area of research for a reason.

But there’s no sense in ethical problems when you’re plunging into the depths of the Gungeon.

By duplicating a player in the Gungeon’s initial room, this amazing S-tier equipment allows them to retain their gear and loadout after they die.

Sure, you’ll have to go through the Gungeon one more, but with your endgame gear, it shouldn’t be too difficult.

Retrieving Ox’s new arm from the Gungeon unlocks the door.


7. Riddle of Lead

Gungeon Screenshot

The Riddle of Lead is awarded to those who have braved the Gungeon’s darkest abyss and vanquished the eternal creature that dwells there.

The physical powers of a Gungeoneer are enhanced with this S-tier equipment.

It boosts overall damage by 30%, lengthens the dodge roll by 15%, and allows your character to move 10% quicker.

It also gives you a new heart container and completely cures you.

If you fall to a single heart despite all of these benefits, you’ll have a 50% chance of avoiding any harm. You can rely on this item.

Unlocked by: Defeating the Lich and clearing the Bullet Hell.


6. Shelleton Key

Gungeon Screenshot

Keys are one of the most important commodities in Enter the Gungeon, but after you get the Shelleton Key, they become obsolete.

This amazing S-tier equipment allows you to open any chest or lock without using a single key.

It also raises your Curse, which increases the possibility of jammed foes arriving, but it’s a reasonable trade-off.

Master of Unlocking and the Baby Good Shelleton have great synergy with it. It can also provide unlimited ammunition to the AKEY-47 (and make it shoots skulls instead of keys).

Unlocked by robbing merchants ten times.


5. Ser Junkan

Gungeon Screenshot

Even though it isn’t the greatest, Ser Junkan is my favorite item in the whole Gungeon.

This C-tier item encourages Gungeon crawling that is both environmentally friendly and long-lasting.

Ser Junkan will convert whatever Junk you receive from a shattered chest into equipment, gradually improving your strength.

It transforms into a hero in shining armor who will swing the tide in your favor after seven bags of another man’s garbage.

Killing a boss with an improved Ser Junkan unlocks this ability.


4. Gun Soul

Gungeon Screenshot

The Gun Soul, an A-tier passive item that brings Enter the Gungeon closer to Dark Souls, will appeal to fans of FromSoftware’s notoriously difficult action RPGs.

If you die while carrying the Gun Soul, you’ll be resurrected, but you’ll only have one heart container.

You’ll have to go back from the start of the floor to where you died to recover the remainder of your hit points.

When combined with the Old Knight’s Flask, fully functioning bonfires may be found in every store and elevator.

Yes, checkpoints are available in Enter the Gungeon.

Vanquishing the High Dragun unlocks this ability.


3. Seven-Leaf Clover

Gungeon Screenshot

In the Gungeon, luck plays an important part.

It affects which bosses you face, which chambers reward you with keys when you complete them, and the quality of the chests you discover.

If a four-leaf clover is meant to bring you luck, a seven-leaf clover is supposed to bring you the world – which this S-tier item kind of does.

You used to be fortunate if you got a few of green chests here and there.

You’ll only discover red and black ones with this item, ensuring a formidable arsenal if you have the keys.

Unlocked by completing three of Winchester’s tasks.


2. Pig

Gungeon Screenshot

There’s something about this porcine companion that irritates others, but when his partner’s life is in jeopardy, he shows to be a genuine hero and a loyal friend.

At first sight, this A-tier item seems to be nothing more than a decorative pet pig.

It doesn’t take harm or attack your foes, after all.

It’s just there.

That is, unless you are in imminent danger.

This brave piggy loves your friendship so much that he risked his life to leap in front of an oncoming bullet and save your life.

His self-sacrifice motivates you and replenishes your heart’s reserves.

Killing three Beholsters for Friffle and the Grey Mauser unlocks this.


1. Lich’s Eye Bullets

Gungeon Screenshot

The Gunslinger is the greatest Gungeoneer for a variety of reasons, but his steel eyes – the Lich’s Eye Bullets – are the most important.

These magical ocular replacements can ignite the synergy of any rifle, turning it into its greatest form.

Given the immense strength that some of these combinations provide, nearly every weapon becomes viable – and the best of them are just unfair to the bullet armies.

Making The Gunslinger a playable character unlocked.

Read more about enter the gungeon item ids and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best passive item in Enter the Gungeon?

The best passive item in Enter the Gungeon is probably the B.L.I.T.C.H., which increases your chance of finding a gun when you pick up an ammo drop, or the Foresight, which increases your chance of finding a key when you pick up a key drop.

What is the best synergy in Gungeon?

The best synergy in Gungeon is the gun and the gun.

What is the best weapon in Enter the Gungeon?

The best weapon in Enter the Gungeon is the Shotgun.

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