The 15 Best Insect Type Monsters, Ranked – Yu-Gi-Oh

I was thinking about insect-type monsters, so I decided to make a list of what I consider to be the 15 best ones. It’s a pretty good list, I think – there are some which are totally silly and others which I’m sure you’ll disagree with. But that’s the thing with lists, they’re all subjective.

Insect-type monsters have gotten a lot of attention lately. The previous entry in this series titled “10 Coolest Insect-Type Monsters” got a lot of love, but it got me thinking: could we find even cooler insect-type monsters?

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We’ve already seen some incredible new monster designs in Monster Hunter World, but Capcom has a habit of coming back and introducing a few more. Don’t worry, we’re here to help you make sense of it all!

Monsters come in all shapes and sizes in Yu-Gi-Oh! From tiny insects to literal gods and dragons. But don’t underestimate the former, as they offer fantastic destruction and can swamp the field with ease. If you’re ready to trade in your dragon wings for paws and mandibles, let me show you the best these little creeps have to offer!

15. Insect knight

Let’s start this list with the Insect Knight with 1900ATK/1500DEF. So this monster has very decent stats for a level 4. The Insect Knight is a normal monster and as such has no effect. But combined with monsters like Gokipol (at the very bottom of the list), this is really good work. Normal or not, don’t fall asleep on this card.

14. Greatfly

This link monster works more like a field spell, as it buys up all your wind monsters and deals damage to the opponent when you use land types. Greatfly is Link-2, which only has 1400ATK. But when he’s on the field, all wind monsters, including himself, get 500ATK/DEF. Land monsters have a penalty of 400 ATK/DEF, so against a real deck that’s a big difference. This monster is pretty low on this list, because no matter how strong this effect is, if your bugs don’t have wings, they’re usually not of the wind type.

13. Aztekipede, the Worm Warrior

Summoning multiple monsters in one turn is a great way to increase your boss count – and this powerful LVL4 monster has a great way of doing that. Aztecpede, the worm warrior, has good stats: 1900ATK/400DEF. But the great thing is that for Special Summoning, all you have to do is banish the bug from the graveyard. With these effects, you can still easily get LVL4 XYZ monsters. And if that card deals combat damage, your opponent must send the top card of his deck to his graveyard. While this is not surprising, it can lead to valuable failures.

12. Danger! Mothman!

You always need cards that are easy to call and particularly challenging. And few do that better than the Danger Monsters! Danger! Mothman! – is LVL4 with 1800ATK/400DEF. But it’s the summoning mechanism that makes it so good. You show your opponent the danger! Motman! in your hand, your opponent randomly selects a card from your hand. If they miss Danger! Mothman! Then you can target it and reset the selected card. If you’re interested in Danger! Mothman!, he’s coming out, and you two are playing cards. Clearly you prefer a free sample. But this map is good either way.

11. Chainsaw Insect

Some of the strongest monsters in 4. The level is about 1900ATK. In rare cases, they may have a little more. So, what happened here? The chainsaw bug is an LVL4 with a ridiculous 2400ATK/0DEF. It’s similar to some monster bosses. But when this monster fights, your opponent plays a card. Which is not good. But this Creep can outperform almost any other lv4 and put you in a strong position from the start. I guess even scary monsters can’t resist a chainsaw. ….

10. Primitive butterfly

Insects don’t always do the most damage. That’s why you need powerful monsters from the extra pack. This monster is a great way to summon the extra monsters you have hidden, and gives bug games some much needed flexibility. Primitive Butterfly is LVL5 with 1200ATK/900DEF, but can be specifically summoned from your hand if you don’t check monsters. Getting a sample for free is always great. But once per turn, you can also raise the level of all your bug monsters by 1. Suddenly, these high-level monsters won’t be so hard to summon anymore!

9. Brain Crusher

Stealing enemy monsters is one of the most fun things you can do in Yu-Gi-Oh! And depending on what you steal, that can decide the whole game. Brain Crusher is an LVL7 monster with 2400ATK/1500DEF, and it has a great effect: If this monster destroyed an opponent’s monster during the end phase, you can target that monster on your side of the field. This effect has so many possibilities and can completely destroy decks that need certain cards in their graveyard.

8. Number 28: Titanic Moth

It’s fitting that this bug is also a fire-type monster, as it can literally burn your opponent’s hit points to zero. Number 28: Titanic Moth is a 7lv XYZ with 2400ATK/2200DEF. But this monster can attack directly if it is the only monster you control, and the damage is halved. If you inflict combat damage and draw material, this monster inflicts 500 damage for each card in your opponent’s hand. This can easily do over 2000 units of damage and win the duel.

7. Doom Dozer

Many insect-eating monsters have no raw value. But there are exceptions to every rule. And not only does this power make you think about yourself, but it is also incredibly easy to summon! Doom Dozer is a powerful lvl8 with 2800ATK/2600DEF. To appear, simply banish 2 Insect monsters from your graveyard. When Doom Dozer deals combat damage, put the top card of your opponent’s deck into your graveyard. Depending on the deck you’re playing against, this could really help, but hopefully this monster hits your opponent hard enough that it doesn’t matter.

6. Traptrix Myrmeleo

If you’re a fan of decks with lots of traps and like to wipe the grin off your opponents face when they bring out an incredibly powerful monster, you’ll love this deck. Traptrix Mirmeleo has a LVL4 level with 1600ATK/1200DEF and immunity to traps (e.g. bottomless trap). When this card is Normally Summoned, you may add a Hole Trap from your Deck to your hand. This is a great way to get into your opponent’s head, knowing what will happen if they make a claim. Additionally, when this monster is Special Summoned, you can destroy your opponent’s controlled spells/trap. And the backline withdrawal is still strong.

5. Contact “C”

Unfortunately, lately, the bugs in the competitive game Yu-Gi-Oh! But this pesky little monster can prevent the best decks from starting the game! You can target Contact C on your opponent’s field when they summon a monster. At 1500ATK/2200DEF, this may seem like a bad omen. But as long as it’s on their field, they can’t do Fusion, Synchro, XYZ, or Link Summon unless that card is used as a material. This can stop countless combos before they take effect, leaving your opponent free to wreak havoc on your bugs.

4. Kumongous, The Sticky String Kaiju

What deck would be complete without the ability to remove any monster, even if it is immune to the effects? Kumongous, The Sticky String Kaiju is a powerful answer to any monster you need to get rid of. You can pay homage to an opponent’s monster to summon Kumongous to your field instead. In the end, you gave your opponent a monster with 2400ATK. But when easily flattened by something like Doom Dozer, it’s an effective way to deal with almost every threat in the game.

3. Inzektor Exa-Beetle

Many of the best monsters in Yu-Gi-Oh! cannot be destroyed by effects or combat. There are always ways around these problems, and fortunately bug games have access to a pretty good way. Inzektor Exa-Beetle is an LVL6 XYZ with only 1000ATK/1000DEF. But if you summon a monster from a graveyard, it gets half that monster’s ATK/DEF. This can make Inzektor Exa-Beetle pretty powerful – but it also has a great effect where you can remove material to send a card to the graveyard on either side of the field. That’s a small price to pay for removing a boss.

2. Gokipole

It must be pathetic to realize you’re only there as bait. But with effects like this, it might not be so bad. Gokipol is a third-level monster. Level with 1000ATK/1200DEF. And if this monster is destroyed, you may take an LVL4 Bug from your deck. Best of all, if you pick a normal monster, you can Special Summon it (Insect Knight is perfect for this), then you can destroy the monster on the field with a higher ATK than the one you took out. Again, this effect is not targeted. So this humble LVL3 can be a clever boss killer!

1. Retaliating “C”

There aren’t many decks that like their cards to be banned. In fact, some games fall apart completely when they lose their cards this way. And this miraculous little insect is taking full advantage of it! A Return Kick C is a level 4 bug with 1400ATK/1400DEF. And that’s why it’s so great: If your opponent activates a special summon spell, you can summon that card from your hand. If you do, every card in your graveyard will be exiled instead. One of the scariest traps in Yu-Gi-Oh! is Macrocosm, which banishes all cards that end up in the graveyard. And a counter punch from C has him working on his hands! If Retribution C is sent to the graveyard, you can summon a land monster. And that’s great. But the ability to take out an opponent by simply existing is why this card is at the top of this list.What are some of the best insect type monsters in monster hunter? Well, we’ve all had those times when we’ve gotten a bunch of insect type monsters together and had to fight them all at once. This is where you can use your knowledge to decide which insect type monsters you should use to fight them.. Read more about monster hunter rise insect glaive nerf and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which insect Glaive is the best?

“Cowded” is a blog for people who like to play “Dark Souls”, “Soulsborne”, and similar games. This series looks at many different ways to play the games, and categorizes them into different types of play, ie, “casual,” “hardcore,” “mature”, “enthusiast”, “competitive,” and “meta.” In this article, I will look at the “Insect Glaive” as a “competitive” option. These are the people who play the games for the challenge of it, to enact and test their knowledge of the game’s mechanics.  Insect Glaive is a powerful Glaive class with a large reaching arm that lets them throw In the Pokemon franchise, there are many different types of Pokémon. The Bug type, for example, is represented by a large cloud of flying insects. We’ve ranked each of these insects based on their abilities and effectiveness in battle.

What is the strongest bug type Pokémon?

For the most part, it is safe to assume that the Pokémon franchise has used insects as their mascot. Most of these creatures are often the worst kind of bugs, and most of them are apparently expert killers. Let’s take a look at some of the strongest, strongest bugs in the Pokémon franchise. Insect Pokémon have interesting abilities that make them hard to hit. Some have great defensive capabilities and others have long-ranged attacks. But which insect Pokémon has the most powerful attacks and an inclusive defensive capability?

What is the strongest bug type move?

There are plenty of bug types in the Pokemon world, some are very strong and can take down many of the more powerful monsters. Today, we are going to rank the best bug types. Bug types, like most types of Pokémon, are divided into different types: Bug, Flying, Ground, Rock, and Steel. The Bug type is made up of three sub-types: Bug, Flying and Poison. The Bug type is made up of three sub-types: Bug, Flying, and Poison. The Bug sub-type covers bugs with exoskeletons, spikes, and hairs. In the image above, you can see that the first sub-type is covered with a sort of crystalline exoskeleton. The spikes on the second sub-type are made of the same material as the exoskeleton, but are shorter. The third sub-type has no spikes and is covered in smaller hairs.

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