Taboos And Superstitions Regarding Gambling

Taboos And Superstitions Regarding Gambling

The industry of gambling has always been surrounded by myths due to its nature. Everything here depends on luck, and people can hardly influence the outcomes of their favorite games. There are even countries where gambling is taboo due to their cultural peculiarities and superstitions. People from developed countries also have prejudices, which are often based on fears and rumors.

The truth is that not every attitude, which exists in a certain society, is somehow connected with reality. In our article, we are going to speak about the main superstitions concerning gambling and their roots.

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Reasons for Making Gambling Tabooed

Certain people living in various parts of the world avoid gambling and any kind of such activity, not without reason. There might be different grounds for their attitude towards the issue. Let’s look at the most common reasons for people to make gambling a taboo themselves:

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Reason Reality
Such activity is only suitable for the rich and prosperous people The truth is that there are glamorous gaming houses located in luxurious resort areas and hotels. However, not all of them are like that. There’re gaming venues for plain people. They look very moderate. Besides, it’s up to a punter to decide, which bet amount is acceptable. It’s possible to bet less in slots, for instance.
The casinos are unfair, do dealers always win Every gaming establishment has a certain house edge for every game. It is a way the casino makes its profit. However, it’s usually low and still allows punters to win. The main thing is to choose a reliable gaming club (especially if you want to play on the Internet).
It’s illegal to gamble because the gaming facilities aren’t regulated and are created for money laundering Every country has its own laws concerning gambling. In certain countries, the industry is really banned (for example, in Qatar). However, punters always have a way out. There’re countries where Internet gambling isn’t regulated or the law doesn’t forbid playing at online casinos based outside the country. The conclusion is that it’s always better to read the laws before making gambling a taboo.
Gambling is always connected with problems and debts If a punter starts gambling obsessively and can’t stop, it can really lead to debts. Just choose the time you can devote to this activity and be able to stop.
Gambling always causes addiction ‘Always’ should be replaced with ‘might be’. The issue of obsessive gambling exists. However, it’s more prominent in countries where gambling considered illegal. Thus, the industry isn’t regulated by the authorities, so punters can’t get protection and support. Besides, it’s important to play wisely and remember that gambling is entertainment first of all.
Bible forbids gambling It’s one of the most common myths. The fact is that there’s no Christian confession in the world, which at least mentions gambling. In general, any religion is about moral aspects of people’s life. Surely, you shouldn’t build your life around money. However, gambling isn’t a sin. The only exception is Islam. Gambling is forbidden for Muslims and it’s stated in the Koran.
It’s allowed to gamble dressed up and with clean hands This funny belief is rooted in the image of casinos popularized in movies. They usually feature gaming clubs in Vegas and other big cities. Well, those gambling houses are awesome and really required to be well-dressed. However, not all gaming clubs are like that. In addition, there’re Internet casinos, which require no clothing at all.
It’s impossible to win real money and become an expert punter Speaking about professional players, we can mention those in relation to poker or any table games, which require skills. The results of games of chance depend only on luck. At the same time, punters can become good at making smart bets. Speaking about winnings, they are surely possible. There’re even examples of million-dollar wins in history.
Only naive and lazy people visit gambling venues Gaming facilities are attended by very different people – wealthy, poor, smart, dull, active, passive, etc. Gambling isn’t about easy profit, it is more about fun and adrenalin.
It’s not allowed to take items, which boost your luck, to the gaming facility It’s not true. Every punter is free to take any kind of talisman to feel more confident during the game. Surely, it’s forbidden to take guns with you. In this case, you will be ‘lucky’ to go to jail.

Where is Gambling Tabooed?

There’re countries where it’s strictly forbidden to practice gambling activities. People living in them aren’t very interested in gambling as well. Let’s look at the list of the main ones:

  • North Korea
  • The United Arab Emirates
  • Qatar
  • Cyprus
  • Cambodia
  • Brunei
  • India (except for certain parts of the country), etc.
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The majority of the mentioned countries don’t allow gambling based on their religious beliefs. As we’ve said, Islam and the Koran are very strict about any form of gambling. The other states ban the activity due to the peculiarities of their mentality and way of life. Besides, the authorities try to protect their population from addictions and various problems which might be connected with gambling.

Taboos sometimes look reasonable. However, practice shows that legalized gambling with a well-thought regulatory system is a more productive solution, which can additionally bring many advantages to the economy of the country.


Superstitions and taboos concerning gambling still exist despite the impressive development of technologies and humanity in general. The majority of people’s prejudices are based on movies, literature, negative experiences of other people, and other unreliable things.

What concerns gambling, it’s always recommended to form your own opinion and at least once try to play legendary games. Moreover, they are available online today. And all reputable gaming facilities offer a demo mode. The only thing here is to avoid unreliable platforms, the list of which is accessible here

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