Strike Force Heroes

Strike Force Heroes


I want to present you one of the best shooting platform, in Flash games industry. Strike Force Heroes is the coolest game you have ever played. This version has huge audience and players all over the world. So, you would not be the first who would fall in love with the strike force. As the game has lots of fans, I guess, soon we will have the big fan base of the game on our website.

Maybe you can find the game on other websites too, but we suggest you best user experience, easy design and all existing versions of the game here, on you website.

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Main Idea of the game

Strike force heroes is shooting action game. And as in other shooting games, you have the guy, here he is named Hero, who should fight against terrorists. But, you should know that your hero has one of the most important missions on the planet. You have to eliminate terrorists who try to destroy the world with the nuclear bomb. You can approach your target step by step, by killing the terrorists at each corner of the earth and get the information about bomb from their bosses. The game provides great user experience and is very attractive, if you start playing it you are not able to give up. You need to explore mission by mission to see the whole picture of this awesome game.


For every kind of game, controllers are important for players, so here you can read all small things about them. As there are lots of tricks you can do in strike force heroes, you need to use mouse and keyboard at the same time. To move you need WASD keys or Arrow keys, so you have two options to choose. Use the combination which is comfortable for you. Here you can read detail information about the controllers:

  • A or Left arrow key – To move left
  • D or Right arrow key – To move right
  • WUP arrow key or Space –To Jump
  • S or Down arrow key – To Squat
  • QShift or Scroll wheel – To change the guns
  • Left mouse button – For targeting and shooting
  • I key – To move little boxes from your way.

I think I wrote all control keys, but if something is missing, during the game, gameplay will show you all keys what you need during playing the game.


Strike force heroes starts with loading page and when it is finished, you enter the menu of the game. Where you can see solders, options and play button. Firstly you should choose the soldier and the ammo which you will carry with you during the mission. There are 6 types of ammunition for soldiers with different colors and different features. Also you can choose guns, one automatic and one pistol. In the start you only can take M4 and USP, with completing some missions you can unlock other guns and take them with you in dangerous missions. After choosing the soldier and ammunition, you can start playing. There are two possible options. One – Campaign mode and the second is Challenge mode. If are a starter, It is recommended to start with campaign mode, because challenge is too hard for beginners, also if you find it too hard you can find game cheats here. In the campaign mode, you will see 15 missions, all of them are important to achieve your final goal, find out the bomb you are looking for with your team. But, the hero is one small team and terrorists are too many, be aware from them and ruin their boss!

We have many versions of this game, and you can play them on our website. You will see that Strike Force Heroes is really awesome game, and you will be addicted on it soon. For people under the 12 years old it is not recommended to play strike force heroes game

Please submit your scores and ideas via our FB comment system, to know your opinion and implement them on our games.

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