Strike Force Heroes 4

Strike Force Heroes 4

The gaming world is a full of old school shooter games , where main mission is to kill your enemy and gain victory. But it is already ancient style. Because Not doppler developers created a whole new world of war and shooting places, where you can play with new technique and modes. Strike force heroes 4 is a modern game and playing it is advanced way to relax and give yourself a reward after a long boring day.

After creators release first version of this game, every classic shooter lover fall in love with it and start to play, but this fourth version is a full of new surprises and even there is a brand-new gun skins.

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Designers worked hard and improved every bug of the game and there is no detail which can bother you. Also, they added new guns, new maps and of course, new missions, which are harder and requires from you to play with whole concentration. In other case, your solder will die in the deep side of the galaxy. If you play well enough and fully achieve a main mission of this game,the time yous spent playing the game would be full of fun and entertaining.

The scenario of the Strike force heroes 4 is interesting and compulsive. The timeline of this game is too engaging, because when you start playing, there are so many ways to develop your way through the colorful galaxy, and you have to choose what you want and how you want to get. At the start, you are an engineer in the open platform at the center of the galaxy and your working place is under attack by terrorists.

You have to defend your base till the last drop of blood and make sure your coworkers are safe. Then, if you try hard and win over the platform occupants, force general will recruit you on the secret base where all force heroes are living and your life will change tremendously. There you have to prove, that you are heroic and brave enough to join strike hero forces. The scenario of this game is so stunning. If your soldier would defend himself against heroes during training, and impresses General with his skills, they would get you on board of the team. The team will show you a whole new world of galactic wars and work of spy soldiers. But, this is only one plus and side of this game. Strike force heroes 4 are giving you another opportunity to make your own maps and made a new plot twist by yourself.


Controls in Strike force heroes 4 are so easy and cool adaptive as a previous versions controls.
For moving, you can use Arrow Keys and also keyboard letters.
To go up or jump, you have to press Up key or W, for moving right, push Right Key or D and for left – Left key or A.
When you need to crouch, press S or Down Key. Also, you can change your rifle to pistol with Q. To aim and shoot, use mouse.

Also, I want to tell you that, this game has considerable diversity in the style of play and awesome variety of choosing game plot twist. You can play with five different soldiers and every one of them have a different ups and downs. Also, you can update your guns after every round, and plus buy a new power-ups, like better aim for your gun or armor and bullet stocks. Unlike other ordinary shooting games, here you can play also a slot game to double your cash and buy a new gun and equipment with it.

This game has a most beautiful graphics i ever seen in shooting flash games, because every texture of this game is made by newest standard technologies, and each gun have different sounds and fire motion. Also, musics are so motivational and groovy, which gives you sophisticated feeling while playing. So, be brave and defend a universe.

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