Strike Force Heroes 3

Strike Force Heroes 3

It is long time we wanted to add new version of strike force heroes on our website. So, it is time to introduce you the new version of the awesome game. Strike force heroes 3 has just realized, but it already has thousands of fans all over the world.

Strike force heroes is the best action flash game recently, there is no other game which can compete with it. And in my opinion flash games world cannot do better action and shooting game for a long time. If the developers of the game published new versions time to time Strike force heroes would become brand name.

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The latest version of strike force heroes is the best one I for me. Because, it has more playing modes, like – campaign mode, custom mode and so on. Solider types are almost same, but many characteristics of soldiers are improved.

As in older versions playing Campaign mode gives you great experience and fillings. That is why we suggest you to play campaign mode.

The idea of the game is the same. You are a usual guy who should become a hero for your family, friends and for all human beings to save the world.

You are the leader of the special force which mission is to destroy terrorists all over the world. For this mission you have different type of guns and armament.

Come on, start playing, complete all missions and become the hero of the world. I hope you could do it!

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