Strike Force Heroes 2

Strike Force Heroes 2

There is no better option to entertain yourself than a shooter game. This genre is for all ages and both genders, because its a best way to give yourself and your nerves happy hours, satisfaction and enjoyment. Therefore I present you Strike force heroes 2, which is the one of the best games of its genre. Many gamers all over the world are in love with strike force heroes, and this new version has already outnumbered fans, because those upgrades game creators made are so stunning.

The developers of the game improved every detail of the first version of the game and make a whole new world with new visuals and graphics. There is more weapons and better camouflages than the first version.

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Also, of course Second version has better graphics, no bugs anymore and every detail is modern style relevant. Even gunfire is so realistic and awesome. you can be a guardian of the galaxy and listen awesome game music at the same time.


Strike Force Heroes is a flash-based shooting game from Armor Games, so it’s clear that, controls will be so easy and cool as always. For moving up and jump, press W or space, for moving left you have to press A and for moving right – DS is for crouch. you can also use the Arrow keys. Press Q to change weapons and use Mouse to aim and shooting.

Scenario of the game

The game takes place in the center of the galaxy. You start as a scientist and working on at the platform, but unexpected attack change your plans. Destiny of the earth is in your hands to defend. Will you be worthy to such a significant duty like this or not?! you’ll find an answer, when you start first mission. At the beginning, you just have a hammer, but when terrorists show up to blow up the whole earth, you get a gun and fight starts. First of all, it’s not a just a game about shooting some bunch of guys and deal hard times. You have to think strategically here, because scenario of this game is so realistic and extremely hot. Terrorist attacks on all front and you have to defend all sides. because of the very intense situation you also have to take care of ammunition, because bullets show up 3 different positions, but it’s never enough when you fight till hero dies against all of the invaders. This is only one mode of this game, Strike force heroes 2 also have a new challenge mode, but is very difficult to start that mode, without finish campaign. On this mode, you can fight against other players. It’s a deathmatch style round and are so enjoyable.


Playing style of the Strike force heroes 2 is so interesting, because there are five different ways to play : As the engineer, the mercenary, the general himself, the juggernaut and the sniper. This gives you the best opportunity to play the mode you want and you just have to chose one of this five awesome warriors. All choices might be clever, because every character have their positive and negative features. like the amount of bullets, endurance of armor, hard aim coordinations, critical shots and etc. For example, the mercenary has no special abilities, but it’s hard to take down and there is a sniper, whose health percent is lowest, but he can shoot-down enemy on a long distance, and its such a satisfaction to play with it. When you finally choose your type of soldier, you start with missions first. You can play different and very interesting 15 missions. In each of them, there are so many tactic, features and beautiful maps. You have so many interesting and fascinating things to do in this game. Also, you can play custom game mode, where you are the boss and chose opponents, playing style and bases.

Good Luck !

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