Star Citizen News – Port Olisar’s Replacement

You may have heard of Port Olisar, a new starport built in the Anvil System. It was intended to be a major transit hub for the UEE, but what it mostly became was a place for a lot of people to lose their money. After the Anvil Gate re-opening was announced, the Star Citizen community got a lot of questions regarding the future of Port Olisar. What will happen to the station, and what exactly is the plan to get it back to life? To find out, we got in touch with the head of engineering for Cloud Imperium Games, Ben Lesnick.

This week we have a bit of a tease for you, in the form of a regular feature from the Star Citizen development team. We’ll be posting some of our ‘behind the scenes’ work on the massive FPS module that will be making its way into Star Citizen’s Port Olisar. We don’t often post this type of content, but it’s something we’ve been meaning to do for years, and we finally have the opportunity to do so.

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Since the announcement of Arena Commander, the first playable build of Star Citizen, we have seen a ton of great new ships and new info about the game. Whether it is expansions, mission packs, or even the Squadron 42 single player campaign, Star Citizen is shaping up nicely. Now with the announcement of the Port Olisar expansion, we see that the game is far more than just a game. Now we are learning about the backstory of the Port and why it was abandoned in the first place.

Welcome to Star Citizen news for the week ending the 20th. June… Version 3.14 is coming, and this week we received a lot of juicy information about its development.

Said in CI’s newsletter:

We are focused on the release of Alpha 3.14 and our teams around the world are working to bring you the patch! We look forward to bringing you the last major planetary landing zone in the Stanton system.

We know that 3.14 was with Evocati. Hopefully there will be a public update to the UTP in the near future. I expect 3.14 LIVE by mid-July at the current rate….. But that’s just my opinion.

The Alien Week sale is coming to an end, but it looks like you can still get these ships until the 21st. June can buy.

Sneak Peek revealed this week the solar panels we might see in the future to power the outposts.

Port of Olisar

There was a thread complaining about the state of Port Olisar and the PvPers AND/OR grievances in that circumstance, just killing everyone on the landing pads repeatedly without any resistance.

Informant Luke Pressley replied:

Do any of you have this problem at rest stops?

It is planned to replace all landing areas with hangars and to completely renovate Olisar.

I understand you have no choice but to use Olisar if you want to spawn in the Crusader by then. Hopefully Orison will offer another acceptable option.

I should add that the rocket towers are also in the prototype stage.

That’s a hefty amount to unpack, so again confirmation that Olisar will be completely replaced at some point and much more for defences and stations in the future, new turrets and hangars rather than all sites? Does this apply to all stations? I actually like the pads in some situations….. But we’ll have to wait and see what CI has in mind.

In this week’s SAI there was a great report on the sprint and more information on dynamic events.

Nine Tails Lockdown is a smaller, more regular event that will take place several times during 3.14 and beyond. The phases have to take place in immediate succession, and in these the players will defend the ships and try to scan where the quantum blockers are that cause the stations to malfunction, while on the other hand the players can work for the Nine Tails and destroy these ships… After that, there will be a few more phases that CI has not yet disclosed.

They are also working on a remastering of XenoThreat Event to re-release it in the future.

Health insurance will be developed as a mechanism, the tax office will regulate taxes and duties, a workshop for customizing ships will be created where you can decorate your ships.

They are working on fires, engines, merchant upgrades, the Savior, the Ares fighter, the HuD-themed Drake ship, loot generation, hospitals and clinics….. Orison is getting more and more love with the release of version 3.14.

CIG has also confirmed that Orison and Crusader will be included in the Evo builds.

There was talk of many future gameplay features, long range sensor technology that allows you to scan POIs by sending probes, atmospheric depth that will damage your ship into gas giants, and soon the ability to loot enemy corpses and backpacks, Plants will have more uses, one day you will be able to grow crops, the Starfarer will be an oil refinery, a transporter, a tanker (and probably a gas collector) depending on how you decide to configure it.

In Ship Refining, you need to set up a reactor to recycle the materials and processes you want to use, this is an active way to recycle….. not AFK!

The resource management system for the courts is taking longer than expected.

Updated roadmap

There were only a few minor updates this week,

Taurus Constellation confirmed in 3.14, bombs scheduled in 3.15 but no mines, ladder updates delayed.

That’s it for this week’s news summary.The Star Citizen community has been waiting for months for the upgrade to the Port Olisar hotel to be ready, and finally, yesterday, Cloud Imperium Games finally had some good news about the Port Olisar hotel. You see, as you may have heard, the hotel was delayed due to the fact that the original build had issues with the floors and ceilings. This delay has been a major setback for Star Citizen’s development. But that news is not quite the end of it.. Read more about port olisar ship shop and let us know what you think.

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