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Smite Game Guide – All You Need To Know

Smite is a 3D MOBA developed by Hi-Rez Studios, which was launched on PC in 2014. Smite’s gameplay comprises three lanes, each with one team’s base at its respective end. Teams battle to destroy their opponent’s base while “juggling” or hunting neutral monsters for gold and experience until they reach level 10. During the late game, typically around level 16~20, players typically engage in team fights for map control purposes.

If you are unfamiliar with MOBA games like League of Legends or DOTA2 then smite may be an interesting choice to choose since it offers something different from the other games out there. Smite has an over the shoulder camera view which can lead to more action focused combat on screen. Smite also has an additional skill slot (total of 5) on your skill bar on top of the basic 4, so you have more tricks up your sleeves!

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The most important thing you should know before jumping into smite is knowing how to use crowd control abilities. Just like in other MOBAs, it is vital to know what abilities would affect your target. There are spells that apply a slow, stun, blind, and fear. To use crowd control abilities effectively you should take advantage of the abilities and positioning. Knowing what your enemies can do and how to avoid it will set you up for success in any match.

Smite gameplay

The gameplay of smite is a lot different from other MOBAs. It has a 3 lane map that looks much like a top-down view of an area. The pacing of the game is much faster since there are a lot more action packed fights taking place. Smite also features jungle monsters, which are monster camps players can kill for gold and experience points. Your typical junglers are the guardian gods which are oracle, neith, and he bo he bo

The main objective in smite is to destroy your enemy’s base. To do so, you have to attack your enemy’s towers. Then you have to assault the phoenixes and the Minotaur. When the defenders of the phoenixes and minotaur are killed, they will retreat back to your base.

In order to destroy a tower, you have to stand close to it and auto attack it until it is destroyed. This can be a drawn-out process as a team can easily kill a person attacking a tower alone by swarming them with their own teammates. To do this, you should move as a team and focus on the tower together.

Initially, there are three lanes you can go on top, mid, and bot. Whenever stuff happens near mid lane, “mid” is said and the saying of “top” or “bot” implies that something is happening on the top lane or bot lane. A team is given three buffs after every death. The buffs will spawn randomly in one of the camps on either side of the map (left or right). The camps that give buffs are Gold Fury, Fire Giant, and Minotaur respectively. Whenever a member from your team kills any of the buff camp monsters they will gain a buff depending on which monster they killed.

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