Sims 4 Vanity & Dressing Table CC (All Free)

Sims 4 Vanity & Dressing Table CC (All Free)

Sims 4, the best-selling PC game of all time, has now come to MacOS! Take control of your Sims and share your stories. You can play your Sims in single player mode or invite friends to play with you in multiplayer mode. You can build houses and decorate them, create new Sims from scratch or give your Sims new looks and clothes. You can even create Sims and control them from the studio, which is a mobile app available for iOS and Android.

Sims 4 Vanity & Dressing Table CC (All Free) – Just because the in-game dressers and vanity are a bit boring, you can still use this one to give your Sims some more customization options. Here is a list of the CC, all free:

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I love Sims 4, and I started making new ones for my big family and growing collection of Sims. I decided to share them because I was tired of all these other Sims 4 mods that just take off the game into a whole new direction. I am not a modder, just a huge fan of the game. So, I decided to make my own and share them, and maybe people will like them.

Whether they are new or not, dressing tables still have a certain vintage charm.

I don’t know the story. But they always remind me of the Victorian era or early Hollywood.

In the past, people (especially women) spent a lot of time making themselves not only presentable, but also as beautiful as possible.

Of course, vanity has persisted and can still be found in the homes of millions.

People who wear makeup or have an extensive morning and evening routine need a place designed to store their arsenal of products, and a beautiful, purpose-built piece of furniture will certainly entice the counter.

So let’s give your sims the same comfort.

1. Add Vanity Function to All Desks Mod


Check Out This CC

This awesome mod from Ravasheen gives you dozens, if not hundreds, of vanity options.

How is this possible, you may ask?

With a simple configuration (I won’t pretend to know what that means, but I can), this designer has made it so that each table can perform the same function as a vanity!

Yes, all the tables! This applies to EA and CC.

So, from the small models that come with Tiny Living to the regular models that come with the basic set, anything in between will work just as well as the vanity itself.

2. Dressing Table “Tania”

Check Out This CC

See, that’s exactly the kind of glamorous hairdresser I have in mind.

How can you look at this and not feel like a 1945 Hollywood starlet?

You may not want to, and that’s just my opinion. Hmm.

Your sims won’t know the difference anyway, I guess.

…but it’s pretty glamorous.

This is a classic style, with a built-in mirror that takes up part of the width of the table, and accents in the form of pull-out drawers.

There are ten in total, which would certainly provide plenty of storage space.

If they were functional.

But this game is just a matter of appearances. Therefore, there are several storage compartments in the upper part.

3. Antique Dressing Table

Check Out This CC

This charming vintage style is suitable for both old and modern buildings.

His age is undeniable, but in this case there is nothing wrong with that.

This is simply a beautiful dressing table that will enhance the overall look of any room.

There are white and brown wood options, and the flower-shaped seat is just adorable and fits right in.

4. Bedroom Vanity

Check Out This CC

Here we see a more compact vanity than what we saw before, suitable for a teenager’s room.

Or for adult sims without much space.

If your homes are like mine, it’s likely that no one in your Sim’s family has a place to give.

So this sink is suitable for everyone!

It acts as a mirror and has slots for decorations, so you can fill it with whatever your sim needs.

5. Nina Chic Dressing Table

Check Out This CC

This chest of drawers is reserved for the most fashionable sims.

I mean, you can do whatever you want… but, for God’s sake, there’s a designer sticker on every drawer!

Versace, Chanel, Dior… You’re making a statement, aren’t you?

There is no denying that this hairdresser is beautiful, her name alone says it all. But not just because of the stickers.

The table top provides plenty of room for your Sim to get dressed.

It comes in light pink and white, and the top is slightly see-through, which is great.

6. Lilit Secretere

Check Out This CC

Every sink has two important elements (in case you hadn’t noticed): a mirror, or at least a place for it, and a place to sit while you go about your business.

Even if it’s not functional, it still fits and brings the same tacky chic to your Sims’ home.

Patterns such as black, white, beige and brown wood tones are relatively easy to combine with other furniture already in place.

Sometimes we don’t care about these things, or even seek them out to be inconsistent.

But sometimes we want to pretend it’s a set.

7. Sheek Sink Glass Set

Check Out This CC

Honestly, you have to be brave enough to buy an all-glass bathroom.

You can’t hide anything with glass.

Every spot, every place and every point becomes visible.

But glass furniture has a certain coolness to it, so….. I think it’s just a sacrifice you have to make.

Besides, in The Sims only certain surfaces get dirty. For example, kitchen counters.

Be glad there’s no green sludge here!

This CC set is simply stunning and also includes other items such as a mirror, plant, chair and makeup brush holder to fully furnish your Sim’s makeup room.

8. Miranda Vanity Cosmetic Kit

Check Out This CC

It’s a stable plug.

It looks like a desk, with thick sides and a table top. But it was designed to showcase vanity, with its flowing lines and metal accents.

At first glance, one might think that the mirror is mounted on the wall. But he is very attached to vanity.

It’s one of those beautiful lamps you find in the dressing rooms of movie sets.

I don’t know if they’re still in use. I’ve never been in a locker room before.

But they look good, and that’s the important thing!

9. Yuna bedroom dressing table

Check Out This CC

While you can technically put any truffle in any room, sometimes furniture is designed with the specifics of a particular space in mind.

This CC-Truce from Severinka is specifically designed for bedrooms. And I understand why.

It is a beautiful combination of royal style and mid-century modernity.

The mirror has a stylish design in gold or silver, and the toilet itself has a narrow rectangular surface and sloping legs.

10. Juliette corner dressing table

Check Out This CC

Apparently the mirrors are either attached to the sink or just not there.

But the most interesting thing about this object is that it has a place for a mirror. So it’s up to you to decide which one to use!

It’s also one of the least exaggerated designs, in a way. It has only three drawers and is very compact.

In fact, it’s called an angle vanity, probably for that reason.

It’s small enough to fit in any corner or space of your Sim’s house where there’s a little room.

11. sink IKEA Hemnes

Check Out This CC

Vintage Glamour Stuff was just the package that brought the working vanities into play.

So it makes sense that many CC tables simply optimize the tables included in the package.

Such is the case here, where one of the dressing tables in the set has been transformed into a style closer to that of IKEA.

This is another modest model, with two small drawers on the desk and an oval mirror.

This CC is perfect for Sims who need space for makeup and hair, but don’t spend much time on it.

12. Lanei dressing table

Check Out This CC

We have a design here that is unlike any we have seen before.

This dressing table has a table top that is like a shelf, and on one side there are several shelves.

Pretty cool, huh?

This is a good change if you are used to using the same type of items that are usually stored in drawers.

As the designer shows in the pictures, this table fits well with all the other furniture in the room.

Whether you want to place it on a separate wall or next to a shelf or dresser, simple, straightforward designs make it easy.

13. Floating changing table for beauty salon

Check Out This CC

Oh, a floating dressing table! It’s magical!

Well, not exactly. It’s just attached to the wall.

But it’s still very cool because it’s the only model on this list with this design!

You can build a booth for your sim to put on makeup and it will be great. Here are some other items that are perfect for modern hairdressers, such as. B. a light ring.

If you only need one board, that’s fine.

There are also many opportunities for customization.

From the mirror you want to hang on the wall to how voluminous (or not) the surface is, the choice is yours.

14. Desk and dressing table set

Check Out This CC

Maybe you’re tired of your Sims’ rooms being cluttered with furniture.

Sometimes it can seem chaotic, like it’s going from one wall to another without any logic or reason.

Thanks to this designer, these worries belong to the past.

This elegant design combines both an office and a toilet. Place it any way you want and voilà, your Sim’s room becomes more beautiful and functional at the same time!

There are also individual items, such as. B. so that you can use them in ways that only you know, according to the needs of your Sim.

15. Repainting the dressing table

Check Out This CC

To complete this list, a simple repaint.

Maybe you already love the dressing table that comes with Vintage Glamor Stuff, but would love some more colors.

I can understand that.

This Simmer does just that by adding ten new monsters.

There are beautiful shades of pink, powerful blues, earthy greens and cheerful yellows, as well as pure white.

With colors like that, you should be able to find one that goes with a lot of other furniture too! And the dressing table doesn’t stick out anymore if you don’t want it to.Sims 4 Vanity & Dressing Table CC (All Free) – The Sims 4 is the quintessential life simulation adventure game series developed by The Sims Studio. The original game was released in February of 2009 and since then the series has sold more than 130 million copies worldwide. It’s not surprising then that the introduction of a new installment of this immensely popular game series has been met with much excitement. With its immersive world, innovative gameplay, and life simulation features, the Sims 4 has created a whole new generation of fans.. Read more about where to find vanity table sims 4 and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there vanities in Sims 4?

Yes, there are vanities in the game.

What is the vanity called in The Sims 4?

The vanity is called the mirror.

Where is the best place to put a vanity?

A vanity is typically placed in the bathroom.

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