Sims 4 Casual Dress CC To Download (All Free)

Hi everyone! Look, I know that some of you have been waiting for this for a very long time. It’s true, I have been waiting for this too, and I have decided to release this dress creation to you all. It’s true, this dress is limited time, but that doesn’t mean it’s not perfect! The dress is made with your Sims’ body shape in mind, and it’s designed to be easy to wear without any unwanted edits or clipping. You can wear this to almost any event and not be worried about it. Just don’t forget to use it as a CAS item or your Sim will not get any benefit out of it.

Without further ado, here is a list of dress packs for your Sims 4. All these packages are free and can be downloaded from here:

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Casual Dress is a mod/utility that allows you to create a fully functional outfit for your Sim. Download links for the mod are available below. Please note that you do not need to install the download in the order in which they are listed. The download links are separated by type. For example, No. 1 is for the Top, and No. 2 is for the Bottom.. Read more about sims 4 cc clothes packs and let us know what you think.

When it comes to CAS options for my sims, comfort is absolutely king. The variety of themed outfits in the game is great. But I have to be honest: Most of the time, my Sims wear their casual clothes. There’s no shortage of casual T-shirts, blouses and jeans. But have you ever noticed the lack of casual wear in the game? I have one. And I’m happy to report that our days of searching for mundane outfits are over. Take a look below and see what you like!

10. Autumn dress

word-image-2788  Although it’s called a fall dress, the PixelCharm short-sleeved dress can be added to your Sim’s wardrobe year-round. The ribbed material feels very comfortable and soft. The dress is available in two versions: monochrome black and floral blue. It’s a great outfit for going out or for the occasional invitations our Sims get all the time.

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9. Beate sweater dress

word-image-2789 There are only two words to describe this custom-made sweater dress: super cute. From single collars to cozy sweaters, you’ll love sending your Sims student to school in this outfit during the colder months. And there you have it: The Tukete designer dress has 58 different dress colors and 138 collar colors, for a total of 8,004 possible color combinations. Reason. Swollen.

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8. Carmen Dress

word-image-2790  Have you ever seen an object in the base game and thought: I want to love him, but that’s not really it, is it? Just like Simminginchy. This is how the beautiful Carmen dress came to be. Transformed from a simple game top into a long dress, this outfit is both characterful (puff sleeves and a bow!) and casual. Plus, you can choose from 28 different colors, because you can never have too much choice.

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7. Short Sleeve Casual Dresses


The summer in The Sims 4 will be very hot. It’s hard to strike a balance between fashion and comfort, but with Saliwa’s casual patterned dresses, it seems effortless. This CC comes in a yellow or dark green floral print and can be worn by Sims from teens to seniors. It even has a cute strap in the back to give it an extra touch. Buy it for your Sims who need a nice dress for going out. You can even add it to your big pile of summer themes.

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6. Sleeveless leisure wear

word-image-2792  Here’s another dress that’s perfect for the inclement summer heat your Sims have to endure. And even at first glance, Sims4Marigold’s sleeveless casual dress stands out. If the previous dress on this list was a little too short for your taste, this maxi dress makes up for it by leaving out the sleeves. With only 39 colors, it will become a staple in your Sim’s wardrobe. You can also combine it with boots and a jacket or sweater for the colder months!

Check out this CC

5. Vanessa Dress

word-image-2793  This one is so cute I would wear it in real life. Vanessa’s dress from PepperoniPuffin is perfect. Not too long and not too short, the flared sleeves and flared hem flatter all Sim figures. There are 32 solid color patterns and nine patterned patterns, for a total of 41 unique options to choose from. My favorite is the white floral print. But honestly, they’re all great.

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4. Cassie Dress

word-image-2794  Because who doesn’t love the conversion from Sims 2 to Sims 4? This Cassie dress from Sentate is a welcome addition to the growing list of Maxis Match compatible conversions. And it’s a great find for anyone looking for casual clothing for their Sims. It has chic sleeves, tapers at the waist for a stunning silhouette and a flared hem. It’s totally casual and cute, but it can also be paired with accessories to give your sim a more chic look.

Check out this CC

3. Charlotte

word-image-2795 Simminginchy is back with another crafted product – this time from the Eco Lifestyle pack! The Charlotte dress is a casual perfection with a button-down closure and fitted sleeves. Not only does it contain EA’s original 12 designs, but the designer has designed eight more for a total of 20 color options. I love the flared, slightly extended back of this dress. It seems so unique. Pair it with a pair of comfy boots and your sim is ready to go.

Check out this CC

2. Roxanne Dress

word-image-2796 When I think of plain dresses, I think of spaghetti straps. Honestly, they’re so light it’s like they’re almost non-existent. And while there aren’t many strapless dresses by default in The Sims 4, this article more than makes up for that. This CC Roxana dress from Katverse is made from a lightweight, flowy material with a thin belt, making it a very fun option. There are 20 designs in total (five patterns, fifteen solid colors), so you can send your Sim in the same cute dress over and over again…. because who knows?

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1. Beautiful summer day dress

word-image-2797  Floral prints, bright colors and ruffles are my weaknesses. Trillyke’s Sweet Summer Day Dress manages to combine them into one beautiful yet casual dress. Six different colors give your Sim plenty of variety without overwhelming him. And the long sleeves and short hem are perfect for spring and summer. It’s already in my mods folder. And if you’re looking for a really unique casual dress, I highly recommend this one too.

Check out this CC

Can you wear your favorite clothes on the Sims 4? Of course, the answer is YES! This is because, the laws of physics are the same for everyone. And that is, they are the same. You can dress up your Sim in any wear and their body will react the same way, because physics is the same for all of us. Also, no matter how big or small your Sim is, it will look great wearing your favourite clothes.. Read more about sims 4 female clothes cc folder and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get good CC for Sims 4?

Dogs are man’s best friend.  In many cases, Sims 4 are man’s only best friend. In any case, I’m sure most of you are familiar with the various Sims 4  dress up items, which will require CC to purchase.  Sneakily, the Sims 4  comes free with some CC, but it’s usually not enough to go around.  Here’s a list of all the free stuff that’s available to download, along with some links to how to get them. These are the best Sims 4 CC To Download (All Free) for Sims 4 – Fashion Fashion Style, All in One CC to Download (All Free) Collection for your Sims 4. These CAS clothes have high quality and they are very nice! You’ll love them!

How do you unlock all outfits in Sims 4?

Sims 4 didn’t wow me. It didn’t do much of anything for me, really. I’m a huge fan of the Sims franchise (which is why I decided to give the newest version of the game a try), but the game just didn’t provide what I wanted. I had a few hours of fun here and there, but I didn’t get invested in the game, which is something I require in order to put in significant time without getting bored. People who play The Sims 4 are no different from real life adults – they like to dress up. There are a couple of outfits that unlock more stuff in the game, like a wardobe, a kitchen, a desk, a bed, and even a car. Each one I mention in this article has a little story to tell, and is just for fun, of course.

Where can I get CC for Sims 4?

If you are looking for Sims 4 Casual Dress CC to download (all free) for The Sims 4, you are in the right place – This post will show you all the ways you can get free CC for your Sims! No need to go to every CC page to find the information you need for your sims.

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