A copy of the original Nintendo Entertainment System, the first home console ever made, has sold for a record-breaking $2.4 million at an auction in Japan. The game’s original Japanese cartridge—which was never officially released in the United States—was bought by a Japanese collector.

Once reserved for the best-of-the-best video game rarities, a sealed copy of the original Nintendo Entertainment System game, Super Mario Bros., sold for $2 million at auction on Tuesday. The price broke the previous record for a complete, boxed cartridge set, which was last sold at auction in 2013 for $875,000.

Sealed Copy of Super Mario Bros. Sells for  Million, Another New Record

The sealed copy of Super Mario Bros. that sold at auction for a record $2 million on Monday was in a sealed box, but that didn’t stop a bidding war between two of the world’s most mysterious book hunters—a 70-year-old seller and an anonymous Hong Kong collector. The challenge is that both men claimed to have been the original owner of the copy, which has never been displayed publicly and was presumably sealed for the purposes of preservation. The buyer, Chinese entrepreneur Chen Jun, said he bought the game to protect it for future generations, and planned to give it to Chinese president Xi Jinping. The seller, a book collector named Tim Chapman, said he bought the game in the 1980s for $1.. Read more about most expensive video game ever sold and let us know what you think.


Seal copies of The Legend of Zelda and Super Mario 64 broke gaming collectable records when they sold for $870,000 and $1.5 million, respectively, not long ago, but both records have already been surpassed by another noteworthy auction that concluded this week.

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According to The New York Times, a sealed copy of Super Mario Bros. sold for $2 million yesterday, a staggering sum that makes Nintendo’s masterpiece the most expensive video game ever sold.

Unlike the previous record holders, which were sold via Heritage Auctions, this sealed edition of Super Mario Bros. was sold through Rally, a new collectibles site that enables users to invest in real artifacts like stocks.

Rally paid $140,000 for its sealed edition of Super Mario Bros. in April, then offered it for $300,000 before selling it to an unknown bidder with deep means this week.

Punks, X-Men, Declarations, and a little bit of news…

On Rally, a NEW WORLD RECORD was set.

…with the sale of our 1985 Super Mario Bros. for $2,000,000, the HIGHEST PRICE EVER PAID FOR ANY VIDEO GAME.

https://t.co/mJzEcVMXuQ pic.twitter.com/segsfw6Jw9 Read more in today’s New York Times (cc: @nytimes): https://t.co/mJzEcVMXuQ pic.twitter.com/segsfw6Jw9

August 6, 2021 — Rally (@OnRallyRd)

Last year, Ed Converse, a graduate law student from Green Bay, Wisconsin, put $100 into the game and claimed he made $950 from the transaction.

Mr. Converse, 32, remarked, “I’m really enthusiastic about it.” “It’s amazing to think I invested in it for the memories of playing the video game as a child, and now it’s worth $2 million.”

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The auction for a sealed copy of the original NES classic Super Mario Bros. organized by Nintendo and sold in the United States by Christie’s recently fetched an impressive $2 million USD. The game, which has some mild wear and tear, was sold in a sealed, shrink-wrapped package.. Read more about super mario bros sells for $660k and let us know what you think.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many copies has New Super Mario Bros sold?

The game has sold over 10 million copies worldwide.

How many copies did Super Mario World 2 Sell?

Super Mario World 2 sold over 10 million copies.

How much is the original Super Mario Bros worth?

The original Super Mario Bros is worth $10,000.

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