Sea of Thieves Ocean Crawler Enemies Guide – New Enemies, Attacks

Sea of Thieves Ocean Crawler Enemies Guide – New Enemies, Attacks

The Sea of Thieves Ocean Crawler was first introduced in the Forsaken Shores update in June 2018. At the time of writing this, the Ocean Crawler is probably the most powerful non-boss enemy in the game. It will tear through any ship, including a Legendary Ship, if they are not prepared.  The Ocean Crawler is definitely a challenge to fight, and its attacks can rip through a Fort, or even down a Legendary Ship.

The Sea of Thieves Ocean Crawler is an enemy that appears in the Sea of Thieves Sea of Thieves-themed levels. This Sea of Thieves-themed enemy will sometimes appear in the Shipwreck Cavern level. This enemy is the first enemy that the player will encounter in Sea of Thieves. They are enemies that resemble a crab. The Sea of Thieves Ocean Crawler is a type of Sea Monster.

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I am an experienced Sea of Thieves player but I was not sure how to deal with the enemies in this game. I decided to find a guide that could help someone, so I made one. Here you will find all the information you need to beat the Ocean Crawlers, including tips and tricks to help you get through this Ocean Crawler-filled ocean.

This Sea of Thieves Ocean Crawler Enemies Guide describes the three new Ocean Crawler enemy types that appeared in the game with the A Pirate’s Life update.

There are three types of ocean vines that you will find in your new Sea of Thieves adventure. If you defeat these ocean vines, you’ll earn Mermaid Gems, a new item that you can sell to the Trading Company. Players who want lots of mermaid gems must defeat all types of Ocean Crawler to have a chance of getting them.

Sea of ThievesOcean Crawler Enemy Leader

Below we have described the new ocean crawlers, their attacks and how to deal with them.

Electric eel trap

This is one of the Ocean Crawler enemies introduced in the game. As the name suggests, it’s an enemy that performs electrical attacks. The eel is quite quick in its movements and is ready to attack you, inflicting shock damage if you get too close.

He also has medium and long range attacks where he jumps on you or throws lightning bolts. If you get too close, it emits an electric shockwave that disorients and injures you. To counter this, you need to keep your distance and rely on distance attacks. Relying on your sword for a quick attack is rather risky, as it will only raise its electric shield or shockwave to do damage if you get close to it.

Bernard the Ocean Hermit

The hermit is another enemy of the Ocean Crawler that has several attacks mixed in with its aggressive nature. He doesn’t hesitate to storm at you and give you a devastating headbutt that can do a lot of damage, but he also has his nasty poison breath attack that poisons you if you get hit.

This means that getting too close is guaranteed to be an ineffective method of fighting this enemy. What you can do is keep a short distance, let the hermit attack and dodge at the right moment. This opens a small window where you can attack the hermit if he becomes vulnerable.

The hermit also burrows underground and comes out from under your feet to attack. If you see the hermit coming down, you need to be on the move and not become a target if you stand still.

Sea crab

The third species of sea crab is the crab, a giant king-like enemy that has many shields thanks to the crustacean’s thick shell. He can also heal himself and summon smaller enemies to fight against you.

But all that protection and his size make him a slow opponent. Don’t be fooled, because he has some pretty powerful attacks that will not only take you far, but also take away a lot of your health. The best way to attack a crab is to wait for it to finish its attack and take a few hits before dodging the enemy again. In either case, you can use a gun for safety, or a sword if you’re brave.

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This concludes our guide to Sea of Thieves’ ocean streaking enemies. Post your comments below.Sea of Thieves released a new dinosaur-like enemy called a Sea of Thieves Ocean Crawler on Wednesday, March 6. The update has caused a lot of discussion amongst players, with plenty of theories and questions about how to best take on this dangerous new foe. The new enemy is stronger than the average pirate, which means it can take a lot more damage before going down. We’ve put together a guide on how to take on this new opponent, and what the Ocean Crawler looks like, so you can start experimenting with new ways to tackle it.. Read more about sea of thieves ocean crawler bundle and let us know what you think.

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