Who is Scaramouche in Genshin Impact?

The first significant update for Genshin Impact is right around the corner. There’s lots of new content coming to the game for update 1.1 in mid-November, including new items, heroes, and quests. While there have been some leaks about the patch, we have some further information about a character we haven’t seen before. The mysterious character is known as Scaramouche, and he was featured in a video for the Aster Event Party 3.

Scaramouche seems to be an assassin type class, with characteristics similar to the Elementalist, but he’s probably stronger than any Elementalist out there. What’s most interesting about Scaramouche is that he doesn’t use skills, but rather attacks directly with his Sword. He uses a combination of martial arts and sword techniques in battle, performing all sorts of flashy acrobatic moves while he attacks.

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The main thing that sets Scaramouche apart from other classes is his special skill Trees & Flowers. In the video, he starts off by jumping into the air and throwing a bouquet of flowers at his enemies. These flowers track down your foes and deal damage to them. Once you’ve caught them in a bouquet, you can then jump into the air again and use a special skill called Cherry Blossom Bloom to deal with a critical hit that can knock your foe out of the battle!

In addition to this technique, Scaramouche can also climb on walls. If you use this feature while hanging from a wall, you’ll be able to ambush your foes from above before striking them with your sword.

Scaramouche has the ability to move in any direction, and his attacks can be used in rapid succession. By timing your attacks properly, you can make use of this to deal even more damage. We can’t wait to see what kind of new tricks Scaramouche has up his sleeve.

Here is how Scaramouche looks like according to Zeniet on Twitter.


What Is Genshin Impact’s Scaramouche Release Date?

We’ve heard repeatedly from fans that Scaramouche is set to release in late November, during the Aster Event. We anticipate he’ll release sometime in mid-October, or possibly even earlier. As such, we expect to see him sometime between October 14 and 22.

What Can You Expect From Genshin Impact Scaramouche’s Banner?

Genshin Impact is a mobile game, with a release on iOS and Android. Where a “classic” mobile game would have a single banner, Genshin Impact has four different banners, with different events for each one. We anticipate Scaramouche to be released with the Genshin Impact 1.1 update, as the update will be coming out around mid-November, as we mentioned above.

The Scaramouche banner will likely feature his back story and what happened to him prior to this point in Aster Event 3. The rest of the banners will likely feature additional content, such as new quests and items.

We’ve also heard from some fans that Scaramouche will be released with a new skill set, and we know that Genshin Impact plans on releasing a series of cheat items. Some fans may even see a new hero in the Scaramouche banner, although we’re not sure if he’ll be released with the 1.1 update or before it comes out.

What Is The Perfect Genshin Impact Scaramouche Build?

We’ve heard from some fans that it’s best to use a skillset such as the Icarus build (see our Aster Event guide for more details). The reason why is that it covers many different areas of combat, and allows you to build your character in any direction you need. We expect Scaramouche to be released with both the 1.1 update and a new cheat item, so we’ll be sure to put together a new list based on what we know once we see what he comes up with.

In the meantime, we recommend using Icarus builds as they’re very versatile and can cover a lot of different areas.

What do you think about Genshin Impact‘s Scaramouche? Are you excited to see what he brings to the game, and what type of skills he might come with? Are you excited for new content like quests and items? Let us know in the comments and we’ll help you figure out the best build for your character.

We’ll keep you posted when we hear more about this mysterious new electro character. Until then, feel free to check out some build guides to take your characters to the next level!

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