SaGa Frontier Remastered – Ancient anti-Final Fantasy for Retro Fans

It’s been several years since Square Enix’s beloved SaGa series has seen a new release, although the company has confirmed that the franchise will be returning in 2020 with an HD remake of the first game in the series – SaGa Frontier.

When Square Enix started their online game service “Square Enix Collective” in August of 2014, they launched a brand new idea. What if they made a remake of a Square Enix game that was released in the 90’s on the original, 8-bit hardware? That’s what they did with the 1996 cult classic, SaGa Frontier.

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The SaGa games were a series of action role-playing games released for the Famicom in the late 80’s. The series was a spin off of another series called Final Fantasy, and the games had a much lighter style, with more freedom to explore, and less story than most Final Fantasy games.

REVIEW – SaGa Frontier was originally released in Japan for PS1 in 1997 and in the US a year later, but never in Europe. As true SaGa rookies, we got our hands on SaGa Frontier Remastered, which is still a quality work in many ways. We put on our nostalgia glasses and sat down in front of the PlayStation 4 Pro to replay the classics.

With HD graphics, the added comfort of a 24 year old game, and new storylines, the seventh installment in the SaGa franchise is just around the corner. While this development is ostensibly aimed at a wider audience than the series, it begs the question: Who is SaGa Frontier Remastered for? word-image-872

Anti-financial fantasy

Despite its success in Japan, the little-known SaGa franchise has always stood in the shadow of Final Fantasy. The SaGa games, also produced by Square Enix, are the work of game designer Akitoshi Kawazu, who previously worked on the first two Final Fantasy series. To celebrate the release of the Nintendo Game Boy, Square decided to create a special RPG for the system. Kawazu and his team wanted to make an RPG that was harder than Final Fantasy, and in 1989 they released Makai Toushi SaGa, known in Europe as The Final Fantasy Legend, the first SaGa game. But despite the fact that both RPG franchises were published by the same company, the two series had little in common. So much so that SaGa is often considered the anti-Final Fantasy. word-image-873

24 years later

SaGa has always featured non-linear adventures, where the world can be fully explored from the start, missions can be completed or abandoned in the correct order, and you can control characters who each have their own story. From the beginning, the series has offered short, more or less cohesive stories, rather than one big epic adventure like Final Fantasy. Of course, all of these elements are present in SaGa Frontier, which comes to Japan in a remastered version 24 years after its release on PlayStation 1. Since the game contains a lot of dialogue and has not been translated into English, you should have a good knowledge of English, as well as a preference for nostalgic retro games like this one, because despite the HD graphics, the old visual style still prevails after the facelift. word-image-874

Multiple universes in one game

We also find in this episode the typical elements of the series: SaGa Frontier tells the story of seven different characters living in a solar system called Regions. With a world that mixes science fiction and fantasy, the developers present a world where several small worlds that rarely meet eventually come together, but in this game they are connected in a very unique way. We can visit the mystical realm of Fasinatura, the futuristic buildings of Manhattan, the neo-noir atmosphere of the streets of Kurong and many magical worlds. The SaGa Frontier offers players a number of planets and locations to explore, all with drastically different visuals, so there’s plenty of variety. And the aforementioned HD graphics upgrade is important not only for the needs of the modern gamer, but also to improve the clarity and readability of menus and text. word-image-875

Freedom, do I love it?

Besides the colorful world, another strong point of SaGa Frontier is the freedom it offers the player. In each scenario, you have the opportunity to explore a dozen worlds. You can also recruit new members from the twenty or so playable characters for side missions that give you access to much better items and more powerful spells, or explore smaller cave systems as side missions. While the game doesn’t embellish anything, it does encourage you to explore as much of its vast world as possible. However, this enormous freedom also has its drawbacks. Those not so familiar with the series and more used to epic, story-driven Japanese RPGs like Dragon Quest or Final Fantasy may be confused by the freedom and complexity of the passport system and quests, which offer many options. So it’s hard to get to the stage where we can explore its strengths, although current players might be interested in what this franchise could do if it became more popular and developed further by attracting a larger fan base and development budget. So this is a game for niche JRPG fans looking for something unique and forgettable, alongside or instead of the two main series, as well as an archaic look despite the HD graphics. -Zardoz-


+ For niche JRPG fans + Uniqueness + Great freedom


— universe too confused Publisher: Square Enix Developer: Square Enix Genre: JRPG Date of publication : 29. April 2021 OVERVIEW – SaGa Frontier was released for PS1 in Japan in 1997, a year later in the US, but never in Europe. As true SaGa rookies, we got our hands on SaGa Frontier Remastered, which in many ways is still a good work. We put on our nostalgia goggles and took to the PlayStation 4 Pro to give this classic game a new look.   With HD graphics, the added comfort of a 24 year old game, and new storylines, the seventh installment in the SaGa franchise is just around the corner. Although the development is ostensibly intended for …. SaGa Frontier Remastered – an old anti-Final Fantasy for retro fans SaGa Frontier Remastered – an old anti-Final Fantasy for retro fans 2021-06-05 Gerpai Gergely (BadSector) It’s definitely a game for niche JRPG fans who want something unique and forgettable in addition to or instead of the two main series, but it will also have archaic visuals despite the HD graphics.

It’s definitely a game for niche JRPG fans who want something unique and forgettable in addition to or instead of the two main series, but it will also have archaic visuals despite the HD graphics. User evaluation : Be the first!Today in a post-modern world where the world has become a rather global village, characters from all sorts of games from different time periods as well as different genres have been enjoying crossover popularity. With the global popularity has come a much bigger market for buying and selling games across the world. And with the market has come more and more demand for games from all time periods. There are games for all ages, from the oldest of games to the newest and also in all genres.. Read more about saga frontier switch and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is SaGa Frontier remastered hard?

Both Final Fantasy and Square Enix have a number of other games in their back-catalog; Final Fantasy X, Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, and Final Fantasy XII are all examples of this, and there are over 10 other games in the Final Fantasy series as well. Another game that is very well known is Final Fantasy Tactics, which was an action-RPG for the Nintendo DS. I have not played this game, but I do plan on playing some of the Final Fantasy games that are a part of the series, since I do love them. Ever since Final Fantasy IX was released for the PlayStation in 1999, every time a new remastered version of a Final Fantasy title has been released, there has been a healthy discussion on whether these “HD remasters” should be considered remakes. With the exception of Final Fantasy X, these remasters have never been considered as remakes because they’re meant to be played as a different experience. But, with the recent release of Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster (for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita), the conversation is making a comeback.

Is SaGa Frontier turn-based?

I’m a Retro gamer, and I’ve always loved SaGa games. Final Fantasy games have sold more than 100 million copies worldwide, and are still going strong after 30 years. The Final Fantasy series has moved from the 16-bit era to the 32-bit era, and then to the generation of consoles that came later, but somehow, they have remained the same. Most of the times, the same can be said about the games in the SaGa series. They are older, and have been around for a very long time, and yet they are still good games. SaGa Frontier is a good game that has been remastered for the PlayStation. It looks great, plays smooth, and has a catchy soundtrack. It is a turn- SaGa Frontier is a famously beloved game series, with many fans calling it one of the best RPGs of all time. However, the series has never seen a sequel, either on the PlayStation or the SNES, with the exception of the DS remake. Fortunately, Retro-Bit’s interest in elevating the series’ legacy is evident, as they recently announced that they will be bringing the original SaGa Frontier to the PSP.

How long is SaGa Frontier remastered?

For those of us who have been fans of the SaGa series for many years, it’s a treat to finally get a chance to play the remastered version of this genre-defining RPG. Long-time fans of SaGa will recall that the first four games in the series (SaGa, SaGa 2, SaGa 3, and SaGa 4) were translated to English by publishers like Super Nintendo Entertainment System and Firebrand Entertainment; however, the last two games (SaGa Frontier 2 and SaGa Frontier 3) were left in Japanese. “SaGa Frontier” is a role-playing game that came out for the PS1 back in 1999. It was one of the first RPGs that had a story, characters, and a battle system that actually, you know, made sense. The game was also different because it was one of the first to allow you to explore a massive open world, instead of being forced to do so in a linear fashion. “SaGa Frontier” was a very popular game for a long time, as it was an excellent RPG, with a lot of content, a huge world, and some of the best battle mechanics that had been added to the genre. Since then, the game has been remastered for the PS4, and while it is a beautiful

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