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Roblox is a game for kids and adults that allows players to create their own worlds. With all the different words that players tend to use, it can be really hard to know what everyone is talking about. This blog post aims to teach you some of the key words used by players, so you can make sense of any chatter in games like Dobby’s Adventure, Crossy Road Run 3D or Roblox Deathrun 2.

Not every Roblox user will have used most of these words, but if you have a child who plays Roblox, they probably have heard pretty much all of these terms at some point. However, the articles in this blog post are intended for adults and children to use together. This site will be updated regularly so that any new slang that is created by players may be added soon.

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1. Enemy- an enemy is a person that you fight within the game. Often times, they will be referred to as “robbers”, as opposed to regular players.

2. Team- A team is a group of players that work together to achieve a goal within the game. Often, this group will be referred to as “teams”.

3. Exploit- An exploit is when a player does something in the game that is intended to make money, and it allows them an unfair advantage over other players (e.g. using the money mod within Dobby’s Adventure).

4. Bot- or “botting” is when a player creates an autonomous program that does something automatic, like play the game. If this was done to play the game with you, it is highly unlikely this would be referred to as botting. It is likely to be used for playing with the computer, so there are less humans on the server causing lag or slowing down gameplay due to lack of players.

5. Lag-Lag is when there is too much activity on the server for it to handle effectively. This can cause your character to move slowly and can affect your gameplay experience in a negative way.

6. Shark Tank-Shark Tank is a game mode for multiplayer combat games. It is where players will require one or more guns, which can be found within the game, and they will use them against other players.

7. Feeder –Feeders are people who work on websites that members on Roblox can use to earn Robux (the in-game currency). This is used to buy cool things on the site, like skins, objects and clothing.

8. Terracotta – Terracotta is a term used to commonly refer to games inside of Roblox that are playable only with the keyboard, such as BungeeBall or Zombie Escape 2 .

9. Headless- A headless multiplayer game is a way to play with a computer player, who does not have a controllable body.

10. Rushed- When you join a server that is “rushed”, you will often notice this is because the server has been added to the playlist of another server, and as such, it will be extremely difficult to connect to. However, if you accept those connections as they come in, you could be playing with live players without any lag!

11. Lag Monster- In Roblox Deathrun 2 , when your character dies (he or she automatically goes back into the game), the game will tell other players that your character “just died”. This is known as the “lag monster”. This gives other players an unfair advantage, but it also causes the game to be slower for you.

12. K-Pop- K-Pop is a term used to describe songs performed by groups of Asian singers, who are very popular all over the world.

13. C_Bots- C_Bots are programs that can be used on games, with special code that helps them behave in the same way as live players do. This allows them to do things like vote for others, or show messages to other players on both teams.

14. Healbot- A healbot is a type of bot which will do anything to help other players within the game. In some games, this could be as simple as healing your character after it has been hurt.

15. Deathrun- Deathrun is a gamemode in Roblox where you must gather a certain amount of weapons and try to keep them from being taken by other players while they run around a map trying to find them and kill them before they get them, while also avoiding hazards that will cause you to lose health or die.

16. Player- A player is a person that plays Roblox.

17. Player vs Player- In Roblox Deathrun 2 , when you play the game in Dobby’s Adventure with other players, you will see that they have their weapons and items. This is known as Player vs Player.

18. Player vs Environment- In Roblox Deathrun 2 , when you explore in a world, there might be hazards in the environment which can harm you if they fall on your head or body, such as in the case of .

19. Wetlap- Wetlap is an instance where the pose of your body may not follow what it “should” be doing at all times (e.g. your head should be pointing to the floor, but it does not). This is commonly seen in Roblox’s Story Mode.

20. Perma-Perma- (short for permanent) refers to a player who has joined the same team as you and your team and will remain on your team until you or they are kicked off of your team. You will see them in the chat of other players on both teams, though they may not say anything at all, usually just saying “?”.

Frequently Asked Questions About Roblox Slang

What does ISTG mean in Roblox?

ISTG means “I see that group”, and it is commonly used when you are playing games like Deathrun 2.

Why do people say “terracotta”?

Terracotta is a commonly used term for games within Roblox that are only playable with the keyboard. This is because there are not many good games that have been created with the keyboard in mind, so they become terrible when played with a mouse and keyboard combination.

What does AFK mean in Roblox?

AFK stands for “away from keyboard”. This is used to tell people that they are not playing the game, or not interacting with it at all.

What does Skipped mean in Roblox?

Skipped is used to show people that you have stopped playing a game, and simply turned it off. It is commonly displayed as “Skipping” on Deathrun 2.

What does Rushed mean in Roblox?

Rushed is used to inform other players about an active server on the current playlist. This is commonly displayed on the “Rushed” page of Roblox Deathrun 2.

What does Lag Monster mean in Roblox?

Lag Monster is used to inform other players that your character just died. This is displayed by the “Lag Monster” on all servers of the game. This is common in games such as Deathrun 2 and Zombie Escape 2.

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