Rift Apart- All Bolts (Golden) Location

Rift Apart- All Bolts (Golden) Location

You’re probably here because you’re a Rift owner, and you want to start your first game. Well, welcome! We’re going to run through a series of simple steps that will get you playing. For your first game on the Rift, we recommend a few games that are quick and easy to pick up.

In the world of PC gaming, there are few things more controversial than the Rift. The device is a revolution in virtual reality, but that doesn’t necessarily mean everyone is in love with the device, and some of them certainly aren’t. In a recent article at the Polygon, they quote a post on Reddit where someone posted that “Rift needs to die”.

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We received a tip from a source saying that apart from the Golden Bolts, there was another group of bolts located in one of the interiors of the rift. We went there and sure enough, there were all the golden bolts. A mighty group of them, too. But, they were surrounded by a bright red reset button, and not for the first time.

By Angelz in PS5 on 13/06/2021 Ratchet And Clank : Rift Apart offers you different puzzles and crazy obstacles to collect all the collectibles. Also, there are shiny gold bolts on every plant that you can easily miss if you don’t explore all the areas. Some are hidden directly behind large objects, while others are in specific locations that require your character’s mobility. In this guide we have listed all the places where you can find a complete set of 25 bolts and get a trophy.


All bolts (Gold) Location in Ratchet And Clank Rift, except

Planet 1 : Corson V


  • The first bolt is located at the top of the production plant’s platform, where you can dodge crates and jump on belts to get it.

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  • After the Phantom you have to take on the notorious soldiers in an open area where two artificially lit trees serve as a backdrop. Go under the bridge and find a space in the dimension at the edge of the bridge to cling to.


  • After learning the Phantom Dash, return to the main market. Return to the starting point where you entered the market area, as shown in the image, where there will be a wall walkway.
Planet 2: Sargasso

word-image-7317 The first bolt is at the location of the spatial anomaly that trapped Morts. Go to the main area. Once you’ve explored the area, the bolt is located on a small platform accessed by a split bolt. word-image-7319

  • The second lock is behind one of the tanks, where you have to press the 3 buttons on the small window with the Speed Bug to open the door. The image above is a reference.


  • The third bolt can be obtained after passing through the third planet Scarstu Debris Field. When you return to the planet after collecting the Zurpstone, complete the side quest by unlocking the flying mountain. Once the flying mountain is unlocked, you can fly there to collect the third bolt from this planet.
Planet 3: Scarpstuh Waste Field
  • Next to your ship you’ll find the first gold bolt under the platform you crossed. Mark it on your map so you can easily check and navigate to the location. Jump and slide to grab the first bolt and fall to your death xD
  • The second screw is less complicated. To get the golden bolt, you have to use the console and pass the Bugtrax Bronze challenge.
  • The third bolt cannot be unlocked until it reaches planet 7. Silver pest control challenge to collect the third gold pin.
Planet 4 : Savali
  • The first bolt you can’t get has another entry. As shown in the image above, you need to go to the place where you need to use the hovercraft and accelerate to press the 3 buttons to activate and open the dimension that leads to the lock.


  • The second latch is near the dimensional door or near one of the lorbs that can’t be missed. You have to chase the flying saucer and jump on it by accelerating your hovercraft and hanging on to it.
  • The third bolt is available if you have already completed Planet 8. Then, when you get back to Savali, the third bolt next to the main objective is where you need to go to the catacombs. Complete the Glitch quest and it will open the door to get the golden bolt.
Planet 5 : Blizar Prime
  • On this planet, the first slot can be unlocked if you move away from the position in the picture and go to the mine area. Go south where you will find a Raritan and the first golden bolt.


  • When you get to the mining area and need to find the Chief Engineer, instead of moving forward, you can use Blizon to change the dimension and collect a second gold bolt as shown in the image above.


  • A third latch can be obtained by completing a side quest. Talk to the leader and on the way back another Blizon will appear in the corner to lead you to Bolt.
Planet 6 : Torren IV
  • The first bolt is next to your spaceship. Once on the planet, defeat the enemies and instead of continuing to the main objective, distract yourself like in the image above to collect the golden bolt.



  • The second bolt can be skipped as Rivet himself shouts that there is a dimensional gap to skip as seen above to the other ramp where you can continue to get the Hurricane Blow.
Planet 7 : Cordelion
  • When you have arrived at the planet and defeated the enemies, you will find the first Blizon, which will transport you to another dimension. If you go down from there, you’ll see another Blison in the picture above that you can skip, where the first Golden Bolt on this planet is.



  • Once in the Kedaro station, explore it and proceed where you will find a blocked door. You can use the gap to teleport and grab the gold bolt.


  • The last bolt can easily be found when the water has been sucked out. Go in the direction of the main target, you will find the bolt on the road as shown in the picture.
Planet 8 : Ardolis
  • You get the first golden bolt by making a breakdown.
  • You can get the second bolt, which is in the middle of the ocean, by jumping on the island. You have to jump off the ship with the hoverbots. In the workshop, mark the gold bolt and move forward to grab the green and purple twistlocks. Once on the boat, after catching the purple balloon, use the hoverbots and jump to the island, from where you can use the Beetle to cross the ocean.
Planet 9 : Viceron
  • While rescuing others from Zordum’s prison, you encounter an energy shield that blocks the path to the location as shown. The assembly of the first bolt is quite simple.


  • After Rivet returns Clank, head to the open room to fight the mob. Before you save Klepka and Keith, find a crane holding the cage on the right. Just jump over it to grab the second gold bolt.


  • After disabling the reactor, the final bolt is when Rivet and Clank tackle the main objective of Don’t Lose Ratchet once you reach the V.I.P. section as shown in the image. When you enter the prison room, you’ll see that on the left are the cells that contain the last golden bolt.

Once you’ve collected all the gold bolts in Ratchet And Clank Rift Apart, you can focus on collecting other collectibles. For more Ratchet And Clank Rift Apart tutorials, follow the link under the description below:

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I’m sure everyone here has seen the “Locations” page when browsing Rift, so I’m not going to go into too much detail on it. But there is one thing that always puzzled me. In my opinion, a lot of pieces of content (like the Golden Bolts) should be available for everyone, not just the selected few.. Read more about mag jump ratchet and clank rift apart and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the gold bolts on quartu?

Today’s list is special because it is not a list of what I have been doing with my Rift, it’s what I have been doing with my Rift while playing Destiny 2. The first item I am going to show you is something I have probably done a hundred times but I thought it’s time I made it a bit better. I like to make my character’s Ghost look a little more special, and to do this I use the “Bolts of Light” mod. So, I was replaying My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic , (I think the name is some kind of derivative of “Friendship is Magic” for some reason), and I discovered a new location in the game that I had never seen before. The scene in question involves a pony and her friends hanging out in a treehouse, and it struck me as odd that this scene didn’t have any golden bolts in it. Isn’t friendship magic?

Where are the gold bolts on Deplanetizer?

The ‘Planet Checker’ is a game that will give you a chance to explore a new planet (in this case, a cluster of stars) in a video game. Your job is to figure out where the main’s planet is, and if everything is protected and operational. You do this by using a special device called the ‘Deplanetizer’, which has a scanner that can detect metals. Your goal is to scan the planet, and use the Deplanetizer to create a map of where everything is. The planet can be anywhere in the cluster, so you need a method to determine where the planet is. Deplanetizer is a game that is all about killing zombies, aliens, and other hostile creatures. In order to basically kill everything that exists in the game, you need to use the Deplanetizer. It is an awesome machine which will basically destroy everything in the game, destroying their forms as well. It can also make you money by selling the items which are created after they are destroyed.

How do you get the gold bolt in blarg station?

Today I had the opportunity to play a new game called Rift: Apartment 23 while I was out of town. It’s an online game set in a futuristic universe with the player assuming the role of an alien in a mix of a first-person shooter and a role-playing game (RPG). The title is set in a world where Earth is a wasteland and alien life forms control the planets. Aside from being a fun game, it has a great story line and was very enjoyable to play. It’s well known that the golden bolt on the Blarg Station is one of the most sought after collectables in all of Rift. It’s difficult to get a golden bolt in Blarg Station, and it’s even harder to get it in a specific room. So how do you get the bolt? What is the gold bolt and where is it?

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