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Football Manager 2018, the latest iteration of the classic football management sim, is finally available on PC. Like its console counterparts, FM 2018 offers everything you’d want in a football management sim. To make things more fun, the PC version includes Steam Workshop integration, allowing you to download community-made leagues and rosters from around the world.

it’s tough to play football with a keyboard, but We Are Football is a game that allows you to do just that. Players need to work together to score the most goals, but they need to be strategic about it. The game is easy to pick up, but hard to master. It’s a lot of fun, but not suitable for a first time gamer.

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Football Manager is the king of sports management simulators. Regardless of the sport, there is no franchise as loved, adored and detailed as Sports Interactive’s spreadsheet simulator. I’m totally addicted to these games, but I haven’t always played FM. My first introduction to the genre was EA Sports’ FIFA Manager, a simpler version of football management that never achieved the same popularity. The developers behind the franchise, including designer Gerald Koehler, are back with another attempt to claim the FM throne. Let’s take a look at We Are Football and see if he has a chance to make a name for himself in the game.


Have fun! This is the closest thing to a licensed team you’ll find in a We Are Football game. If Football Manager is a slow and overly detailed game, We Are Football takes a simpler approach. At any given time, you have fewer items to manage and can complete the season in just a few hours. It doesn’t have to be a whole day, like most FM presentations do. It is borrowed from the old FIFA Manager games, with a less bureaucratic interface, with larger icons, graphics and numbers. It’s a bit cartoony in places, all the player pictures look like avatars made on some random forum in the early 2000s, but it has its… A strange charm, I’d say.

I like that We Are Football focuses on FIFA Manager’s realistic stadiums, club pitches and training centres and lets you explore them at your leisure. You can even take a tour of the club’s museum. What I don’t like about the match footage though, is that the visibility on the field is abysmal during the matches. This is not a football manager, you won’t see your players running around the pitch and taking free kicks. At any point, all you see is a player’s face, completely static, which is very frustrating. Watching the games here is fast, but not as exciting. Even the occasional music or voice acting doesn’t make the games any less boring.


It’s just pathetic. It must have been Milan. The behind the scenes stuff is much more interesting than the actual team practice during a game. The emphasis is on the management of the association’s finances, should you wish to explore this aspect further. You are free to take out loans or even start selling shares on the stock market. Another interesting element is the inclusion of a psychological identity for each player. Football Manager 2020 has a similar feature, but it’s even more underdeveloped than this one. Finally, We Are Football distinguishes itself from its competitors by the fact that it includes men’s and women’s leagues, clubs and national teams that you can manage.

You can’t model both at the same time, but I liked this progressive idea. Unfortunately, I can’t say I enjoyed We Are Football as much as I expected to. The problem is the total lack of licenses for the game. It’s the same lack of licenses that has plagued Football Manager for years, it’s not the lack of logos and club jerseys. We Are Football is completely free of real club names, player names, leagues and anything else you can think of. Worse, the game didn’t even try to make fake-but-not-true players on each team like the old Pro Evolution Soccer games.


We Are Football contains a transparent stadium viewer. With the exception of German teams, which have fake player names but corresponding statistics and caricatured portraits, other teams like Real Madrid or Inter Milan (called Milano Mondial here) have completely fake teams. They consist mainly of native-born players and a small number of the most common immigrants in a given country, such as. B. Moroccans in Spain, Brazilians in Portugal, Surinamese in the Netherlands. They are also far worse than the other German teams in the game, destroying any semblance of balance that should be present in a football management game. Of course there is an editor here too, but it is a bit difficult to use, not as intuitive as in FM.


It’s just… tacky. We Are Football has a solid foundation, it must be said. The user interface is uncluttered; the controls are slightly simpler than the competition, but better suited for beginners; the game also features women’s soccer, which is a first in the genre. But honestly, without a licensed team or roster, I just can’t invest in the game. Sure, it has a publisher, but that means we’ll have to wait a while until the community is big enough to release roster updates to the public.

A rather cartoonish approach to what Football Manager offers, at the expense of lower hardware requirements. However, the virtual recreation of the stadiums and training centers is quite nice. Putting aside the unnecessary RPG-like elements, it’s a simpler, more streamlined approach to football control, with fewer menus and elements to focus on. It is most suitable for beginners.
Unlike other controlled games on the market, there is a simple but quite acceptable soundtrack, as well as some voice acting. The foundation of a very good football management simulator is here, but the lack of licensing makes We Are Football far less entertaining than it should be. Its future will depend on the development of a community that creates data packages for other players.
Final decision: 6.5

We Are Football is already available for the PC. Verified by PC. A copy of We Are Football was provided by the publisher.

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