REVIEW: The Bad Batch – Season 1, Episode 10, “Common Ground”

Episode 10 of the Bad Batch is called “Common Ground”. The episode starts off with Sarah and Anthony discussing the new book they’ve found in the Library. They’re surprised to find how many of the pages have been damaged, missing photos, and torn pages. Much of this damage is attributed to the town’s only doctor, Dr. Williams, who has been missing for months. Sarah and Anthony search the library in search of clues as to his whereabouts. As Dr. Williams’s daughter, Emma, mentions that she hasn’t seen him around her house, Anthony and Sarah find it unusual.

On the season finale of The Bad Batch, the team finds the answer to the question on everyone’s mind: Why was West Virginia West Virginia? The answer is a little complicated, but it involves a prisoner calling for help, a love triangle, a prison break, chasing down a few bad dudes, and a helicopter ride.

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“Common Ground” is the tenth episode of The Bad Batch. It first aired in the show’s first season on October 7, 2016.

CHECK : Bad Batch – Season 1, Episode 10, Common Ground

Television overview


Common Ground opens on Raxus for the rally. The former separatist planet is occupied by the Empire, but Senator Avi Singh storms out of a meeting and is arrested. Meanwhile, the group – and Hunter in particular – decides that their missions are too dangerous for Omega.  At first Hunter wants to lay low for a while, but Sid orders them to bring Singh out into the open and get revenge on her. The group reluctantly accepts the mission, but Hunter orders Omega to stay with Sid where she will be safe. Echo in particular is not happy about the rescue of the Separatist senator, the embodiment of the enemy he fought during the war. At first he even suspects a trap, but the release codes provided by the customer turn out to be correct. Arriving on Raxus, the boys soon discover that their employer is a droid, owned by Senator Singh. Meanwhile, Omega impresses Sid with his Dejaric skills, and they make a deal. Back on Raxus, the boys rescue Senator Singh, but they face a new challenge: You must trust the Separatists to get him out safely. Everything goes surprisingly well, and they bring Singh and his droid back to Sid, who informs Hunter that Omega has earned enough to pay off the party’s debt to her. Hunter challenges Omega to one last match, and if she wins, she will not be punished again.

Common Ground is a milestone in Batch’s journey, as it is the first time his core beliefs have been questioned. Echo in particular refuses to work for the Separatists under any circumstances, although Hunter makes a brief comment about not wanting to work for them either. Even when the unlock codes prove valid, he doesn’t feel safe around the Senator and his droid. I like how they expand on the idea that even though the war is over, the clones don’t know how to look at the big picture. They are still worried about the separatists and see them as a threat, even if it doesn’t matter anymore. As the Empire becomes more powerful, minor squabbles between powerless factions are meaningless. It makes sense that Echo is the most rooted in this way of thinking because, unlike the rest of the group, he was once a Reg. Not to mention what the Separatists did to him on Skako Minor, as we saw in season 7 of The Clone Wars. I like that they are focusing on hitters in addition to Hunter, and I hope and assume Wrecker gets his own moment in the spotlight soon.

Common Ground was also the first time I could appreciate Sid’s character. I didn’t find his role as a tough guy with street smarts funny or endearing. This episode is the first time she shows real emotion, in this case towards Omega, who is starting to respect her and maybe even care about her. I loved the moment at the beginning of the episode where she tells Omega that maybe the others wouldn’t have abandoned her if she hadn’t been so helpless. The opinions of Sid’s two patrons speak volumes. She doesn’t know how to talk to children or how to behave, and it’s interesting to see how the Evil Party recognizes this shortcoming in such a minor character. I liked this subplot as a whole, even if it was a bit slow/small compared to the team’s exploits. I was surprised that Sid stood up for Omega at the end when Hunter reproached him for drawing attention to her. I also liked the beginning, when Hunter tried to give Omega instructions for the mission, and forgot that he had made her stay home. She is now an integral part of the team. I’m sure Omega will win the game with Dejaric and get permission to go on future missions. I think Omega was wise to use her time with Sid for the good of the party; she’s adaptable and smart and wants to please them, especially Hunter. This seems pretty consistent with it.

Animation continues to impress at Common Ground. The large-scale shot of the Raxus buildings at the beginning took my breath away; it really does look like a painting to hang on the wall. I also loved the subtle character animation in this episode, like the looks Echo gives the Senator when they take him out. They seem to be adopting elements of the Rebels art style in the animation, reminiscent of the Clone Wars used by the Bad Party. Bragg and some people on Raxus looked like enhanced rebel models: Unlike the Clone Wars characters, she has a long, thin face instead of a round, angular one. Kevin Keener’s music for the series is a highlight among highlights. Alexander Siddig (Star Trek: DS9, Game of Thrones) is the voice of Senator Singh, and he’s pretty good in the role. As usual, Dee Bradley Baker does the heavy lifting in the series as Batch and all the clones. Michelle Ang and Rhea Perlman played the roles of Omega and Sid well, exchanging insults and, at the end, Dejaric’s advice.

Overall, I really liked Common Ground. I enjoyed the Omega plot this week and hope to see more of this side of Sid. I also enjoyed the tougher story on Raxus with the team. However, I wish they and especially Echo had had more storylines to do with a new understanding of the Separatists. There is a moment at the end where Echo agrees with Singh’s droid that he should run away to fight another day. It was a fun time, but I think Butch should have recognized or changed the perspective more. What Common Ground lacks in story, it makes up for in excellent animation, voice acting and entertainment.

Location – 7
Law – 8
Progression – 8
Production planning – 8
Animation – 9



Overall, I really liked Common Ground. I enjoyed Omega’s story this week and hope to see more of this side of Sid. I also enjoyed the tougher story on Raxus with the team. However, I wish they and especially Echo had had more storylines to do with a new understanding of the Separatists. What Common Ground lacks in story, it makes up for in excellent animation, voice acting and entertainment.Does the phrase “Bad Batch” mean anything to you? Well, it should. It’s the name of a podcast by The Escapist that looks at the big picture of video games, and how they relate to each other. Each episode is a reference to a game, and this week’s episode is “Common Ground” and it references Civilization V.. Read more about raxus and let us know what you think.

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