Red Ball 3 – Exciting Online Game

Red Ball 3 is an exciting and beautiful online game. In this game, Red Balloon wants to save his girlfriend, Blue Balloon, from the clutches of the enemy, Black Balloon. Black Balloon has kidnapped Blue Balloon and taken her to an unknown place, can you help Red Balloon find his girlfriend? Start the exciting online game Red Ball 3 and help him on his dangerous journey.

The Red Ball 3 Game Summary

Red Ball 3

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The game consists of 20 exciting levels with some of the most difficult and challenging puzzles in the game. After solving a puzzle, you can move on to the next level, which has a much more difficult puzzle than the previous one.

Each level of the game has a goal that raises a red flag. When you reach the goal, you will encounter various obstacles. Some of these obstacles are puddles, spikes that can kill you, pits and more. You have to be very careful when crossing these obstacles in order to quickly reach the new stages and bring back the blue ball.

You can easily control the Red Ball with the arrow keys. But you can also use the WASD keys to enjoy the game. Use the up arrow key to move the ball up. The down arrow key is used to move the ball down. The left and right arrow keys are used to move the ball left and right. If you want the ball to jump over an obstacle, use the up and right arrow keys to make the ball jump and move forward.

The Red Ball 3 Game

Red Ball 3

You will even find some stars in the game that you will have to collect. These stars will give you extra points in the game. Since the levels of the game are not timed, you can keep trying to collect all the stars and reach new levels. It is a colorful and addictive game. However, difficult levels can slow down the game. So, here are some tips that can help you quickly reach the new levels of the game:

  • In each level you will find several wooden pieces. You can use them to make your game easier. For example, in level 3, you can use a piece of wood to turn the crank to the left so that a long block of wood starts to move. You can then jump over the wooden block and cross the pit.
  • There are wooden blocks that appear and disappear. You must watch out for them and use them quickly as soon as they appear. This is the only way to reach the next level, so be careful.

Saving the Blue Ball won’t be easy. Get ready for an adventure to find it and save it from the evil ball. So have fun playing your favorite game Red Ball 3!

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