Red Ball 2 – Return Of The Ball King

Are you ready to help the red ball king regain his lost crown? If so, start playing Red Ball 2 online game right now. This is a fascinating puzzle game in which you will have to solve different mini-puzzles in each level. You have to complete each level by reaching a flag or a target. This feature will keep you in the game. The game can be played by both children and adults, as it does not contain violent or abusive scenes. Your task in the game is to find the lost crown by overcoming various obstacles.

Red ball 2 Summary

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The game consists of 20 challenging levels and some bonus levels that are unlocked by completing the previous 20 levels. In each level you have to help the red balloon to reach the red flag. In each level of the game, you will encounter various cannons, toxic waste, invisible platforms, boats and much more. You will have to overcome all these obstacles in your quest for the golden crown.

Control of the game is simple, just use the arrow keys to move. You can also use the WASD keys, depending on your preference. Use the left arrow key to move the ball to the left and the right arrow key to move the ball to the right. To make the ball jump over an obstacle and move forward, you must use the up and right keys simultaneously. Pressing the up arrow key moves the ball up, and pressing the down arrow key moves the ball down.

Playing red ball 2

The game is easy to play as you have to complete many levels by overcoming obstacles. You even have to collect stars along the way and raise the red flag. If you do not collect all the available stars in a particular level, you will not be able to access a new level. You can even keep track of how many stars you have collected. Some of the levels are quite difficult and you have to finish them with patience. Since this is not a timer game, you can play slowly and with full participation.

If you’re still stuck in a sticky situation, read on to find out how to fix it:

  • In the game, there are invisible platforms that are only visible for a few seconds. Just keep an eye on them and use these platforms to reach other higher areas.
  • Also, moving the platforms will move you closer or further away from the next block. So jump on the platform at the right time and complete the level.
  • Think of a strategy to pass each level, as they are all different and more difficult than the previous one.

Red Ball 2 is a cute and addictive game that you can enjoy at any time of the day. The red ball king is waiting for your help in this online game full of adventures. So make him happy by finding his lost golden crown. Enjoy the game!

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