100% Working Pokemon White Cheats Revealed

100% Working Pokemon White Cheats Revealed

New Pokemon White cheats have been revealed and are 100% working. Check out this blog post to learn more about these cheats and how to use them.

Get all badges

This trick will enable you to get all eight badges in Pokémon White. This might be handy when playing the game since it will make it much simpler to go through certain circumstances. Simply enter the following code in the Cheat Menu to activate this cheat: 0000DE03 000A 1003D8C6 0007.

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When you input this code, all eight badges should display in your inventory.

It should be noted that employing hacks may often result in unexpected errors and other troubles while playing a game. If you use cheats, you should save your game regularly so that you can always go back if anything unexpected occurs. Furthermore, certain online or local tournaments may prohibit competitors from utilizing hacks, so keep this in mind if you intend on participating with Pokémon White.

Complete Pokedex

One of the most popular Pokémon White hacks is the Complete Pokédex. This trick grants players access to all 493 Pokémon, all of which are level 100 and have flawless stats, enabling them to swiftly complete their Pokédex. The cheat is enabled using an Action Replay code and does not need any specific hardware or software to use.

Once engaged, the Pokédex will fill up automatically when each Pokémon is met in the game. This enables players to concentrate on training their Pokémon rather than capturing them, which is a terrific method to speed up the completion process. Please keep in mind that this trick will still need some grinding if you need to collect evolution stones or other goods required for evolving particular Pokémon.

Walk through walls:

The Walk through walls trick enables the Pokemon trainer to go past barriers without having to figure out how to get around them. This may be quite helpful when attempting to capture rare Pokemon or level up characters rapidly.

To use this trick, the player must simultaneously press L+R and type the following code: On the Nintendo DS or 3DS, press Up, Right, Down, Left, and A+B. When this code is successfully input, a notice will display explaining that the player may now walk through barriers. It should be noted that this is not a limitless ability; once a barrier has been overcome and an area has been visited, it is not feasible to return by simply going through another wall.

In order to return to previously visited regions, the player must utilize another technique such as an HM move or an item such as surf/fly.

Pokemon Modifier

The Pokémon Modifier hack is often used to change Pokémon. It is often used to get rare and strong Pokémon without having to deal with the trouble of meeting them in the wild.

This trick works by inputting a code that alters the worth of certain goods, such as a Master Ball or rare sweets. This code may then be entered into the game’s coding to get any item desired, even rare and strong Pokémon. A list of codes is available online, and it is often updated, with new codes being added every day. Players may also edit current codes to build their own bespoke lists for different game goals.

The Pokémon Modifier hack may enhance your gaming experience by granting you access to strong and uncommon monsters that would otherwise be difficult to get.

Shared Cheats:

Shared Cheats are unique codes developed by players and game producers to aid in the discovery of hidden elements in video games. Characters, levels, and even whole planets may be unlocked. In the case of Pokemon White, a variety of hacks are accessible. Fans or users generally distribute these hacks online through forums or websites devoted to providing workable codes for different games.

Obtaining infinite money and experience points, unlocking certain goods and characters, and changing the fight system for higher-level challenges are some common Pokemon White tricks. When utilizing a shared cheat code in Pokemon White, keep in mind that certain codes may have been changed from their original version; so always double-check that the code is functioning properly before using it.

Wild Pokemon Modifier Gen 1

Wild Pokémon Modifier Gen 1 is a cheat code that can be used on the original Pokémon White version to increase the strength of your wild encounters. This code is part of a broader set of codes known as Action Replay DS” codes and must be used with an Action Replay DS device. By entering this code, you will be able to combat tougher wild Pokémon with higher stats than normal.

The Wild Pokémon Modifier Gen 1 alters the values of game variables like as the level and moveset of wild Pokémon met in the game. Once your system is connected with your Action Replay DS device, the results are immediate. This code has become a popular hack for individuals who wish to push themselves by facing stronger opponents since it works on both versions of the original game, White and Black. It’s crucial to remember, though, that employing tricks like this might have an impact on online play and save data if used improperly or maliciously.


Pokémon White cheats may be used to improve the gameplay experience and make the game more fun. Cheats may be discovered in a variety of ways, including codes, flaws, and easter eggs. You may, for example, employ action replay codes to get uncommon things throughout the game or one-time use hacks that can only be used once. Glitches may also bring additional advantages, such as getting rare Pokémon or things without having to travel to certain sections of the game. Finally, Easter Eggs are exceptional mysteries uncovered over time by select players via experimenting or by utilising hints supplied inside the plot.

Using these tips and secrets may help you conquer levels quicker or just make your gaming experience more enjoyable.

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