How to Fix the Pokemon Go Black Screen Error – A Step-by-Step

How to Fix the Pokemon Go Black Screen Error – A Step-by-Step

If you’re getting a black screen when you try to play Pokemon Go, don’t worry – you can fix it! Just follow these simple steps and you’ll be back to catching ’em all in no time.

How to Resolve this issue

Pokémon Go gamers may be quite concerned if they get the black screen problem. Thankfully, there are several actions you may do to perhaps address this problem.

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  • You should restart the application first, then see whether the issue still exists.
  • You should restart any other programs that could be interfering with Pokémon Go if doing so does not resolve the problem.
  • If you are using a mobile device, you may also try forcing Pokémon Go to close and emptying its cache.

If none of these fixes have worked so far, you should proceed to more complex measures like upgrading or reinstalling the game on your device. Check your internet connection first, of course. If it is fragile or unstable, the black screen error could result. Last but not least, you may potentially get in touch with Niantic support and explain your issue in detail so they can help you resolve it more effectively.

Pokemon Go crashes:


The black screen crash, which may be caused by a number of various problems, is the most frequent problem that many Pokémon Go players encounter. This manual will walk you through each potential repair for the crashing problem.

The first step is to examine your phone’s memory and clear any unused space, since this can be the root of the problem. Try rebooting your device once you’ve done this, then reopening the game. If the game still crashes, consider removing any programs that could be incompatible with Pokémon Go since certain programs might impair how well the game runs.

Take your device to a qualified repair shop for evaluation if none of these fixes work to fix the Pokémon Go black screen crash. Before playing Pokémon Go, it’s also crucial to make sure your smartphone is running the most recent version of iOS or Android. If everything else fails, your only option may be to wait for a Niantic update, which should presumably solve any bugs or problems that are causing game crashes.

Pokemon Go Freezes;

Since the game’s release, many gamers have experienced the dreaded “black screen” problem. Due to this problem, gamers must forcefully quit the app and start again since the game freezes. Fortunately, there is a workaround for this issue that doesn’t need re-installing the game. You may diagnose and fix any difficulties that occur in Pokemon Go by following the procedures listed below.

  1. Try first turning off and on your device’s airplane mode, then reconnecting your phone to Wi-Fi. The benefit of this step is that it resolves any network problems that could be causing the game to freeze or crash.
  2. Before continuing with this instruction if this doesn’t work, make sure you are using the most recent version of Pokemon Go by looking for updates in the App Store or Google Play store.
  3. Next, delete Pokemon Go’s data by heading to Apps > Pokemon Go > Storage > Clear Data & Cache in the Settings menu of your smartphone.
  4. If everything else fails, remove the game and reinstall it from the App Store or Google Play store on your smartphone, then restart the game.

What to do if Pokemon Go wont open?

A bug with the game or the device you are using may be to blame if your Pokémon Go game is stuck on a black screen. It’s crucial to test a few alternative ideas in order to resolve this problem.

  1. Check sure the game is installed on your device with the most recent update. If the app was just updated, this can result in some unforeseen problems.
  2. Verify that there is adequate storage space on your device. Some users have complained that apps like Pokémon Go sometimes get stuck on a black screen because of the limited storage on their smartphones.
  3. Restart your smartphone or reinstall the game from the app store if those methods don’t help to fix the issue. If you want Pokémon Go to open correctly again, you may need to remove all of the data related to it.
  4. Contact customer service for more guidance if none of these suggestions help.

AR+ mode:

The augmented reality (AR) option known as AR+ mode was introduced to Pokemon Go in 2017. This option shows a 3D model of the Pokemon you are trying to capture using the camera on your phone. You must turn on AR in the game’s options in order to utilize this function, and then you must touch on your Pokemon when it shows in the AR view. When activated, AR+ mode will also bring extra interactive features including the ability to monitor and direct the location of a wild Pokemon as it appears on screen. The animation in this mode is also of greater quality, and catching Pokemon is more accurate.

Despite the rarity of experiencing a Black Screen Error while trying to activate AR+ mode, there are several tried and true techniques one may take to identify the problem and then solve it. These actions comprise:

  • Restarting your game
  • Ensuring that AR is enabled in the settings
  • Confirming that your phone’s camera has access
  • Looking for updates in both the iOS and Android app stores
  • Updating or reinstalling the 2D version of Pokemon Go
  • Soft-resetting your phone
  • If all else fails, uninstalling and reinstalling both the 2D and AR versions of Pokemon Go.

AR mode:

The popular game Pokemon Go has an augmented reality feature called AR mode. In this mode, gamers may insert digital Pokémon into their actual surroundings. Additionally, by altering how players interact with their environment, it gives the game an additional degree of depth.

Players may see a black screen error while attempting to activate AR mode, which stops them from seeing the game’s AR features. Thankfully, there are a number of actions that may be made to potentially assist alleviate this problem.

These actions include:

  • Clearing the network settings on your smartphone.
  • Determining if the game’s software and hardware are compatible with your device.
  • Updating your camera settings.
  • Restarting the program.

You should be able to resolve the black screen problem and resume using Pokémon Go’s augmented AR capabilities by carefully completing these procedures in sequence.

Bluestacks Issues

Users may use Bluestacks, an Android emulator, to access mobile content on their PC. Although it is a fantastic tool for gamers, it also has certain issues. The Pokémon Go Black Screen Error, which prevents the game from launching on Bluestack and simply displays a black screen, is a significant problem.

To resolve this problem, you should:

  1. Make sure Bluestacks is installed on your computer in its most recent version.
  2. Examine your graphics card driver, which may be out-of-date and creating compatibility difficulties with Bluestacks.
  3. Try repairing or reinstalling Bluestacks if upgrading your graphics driver doesn’t work.
  4. Remember that certain antivirus products could conflict with Bluestacks, therefore in order for it to function correctly, it would be advisable to temporarily turn them off or add Bluestacks as an exception.
  5. If everything else fails, you may always attempt replacing your existing graphics card with a more recent one that is more compatible.

How to fix Pokemon crashes on Bluestacks?

Many people have had problems playing Pokémon Go on their preferred Android emulator, Bluestacks. When trying to play Pokémon Go, the app will crash and show a warning saying, “Unfortunately, Pokémon Go has halted,” along with a blank screen. Players find this to be really annoying and it may even make them decide not to play the game. Thankfully, a solution exists for this problem.

The users’ outdated installation of Bluestacks is the main source of this problem. Players should remove their current version and then install the most recent version from in order to fix the issue. Players should reload Pokémon Go after downloading and installing the most recent version after logging back into their accounts. Any crashes or black screens in Pokémon Go on Bluestacks should now be resolved.

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