100% Working Pokemon Emerald Cheats Revealed!

100% Working Pokemon Emerald Cheats Revealed!

Here are 100% working cheats for Pokemon Emerald that have been revealed!

Rare Candy Cheat

One of the most prominent cheats in Pokémon Emerald is the Rare Candy cheat. This trick grants users an infinite supply of Rare Candies, a sort of candy that quickly raises the level of a Pokémon when given to it. This trick is very beneficial for swiftly raising the level of one’s lesser Pokémon and assisting them in evolving faster.

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The Rare Candy Cheat code is 020F82C4 0044. Players must first insert their GameShark or Action Replay codes into their Game Boy Advance device before turning on the system with L+R+SELECT as soon as they see the title screen. Then, while in-game, players should hit Start and A to activate their cheats. After completing these stages, gamers may gather as many Rare Candies as they like.

Master Ball Cheat


Pokémon Emerald by Nintendo is one of the most popular video games of all time, so it’s no surprise that so many players are seeking for cheats to give them an advantage. We have an excellent hack that will offer you with infinite Master Balls for those who are looking for methods to gain the game’s all-powerful Master Ball.

Simply insert a secret code into your GameShark or Action Replay device to begin playing. Don’t worry if you don’t have access to a GameShark or Action Replay device. Other codes, such as “Walk Through Walls” or “Rare Candy Codes,” may still be used to get a Master Ball. You may improve your game experience by using these cheats.

Walk Through Walls

Walk Through Walls, commonly known as Ghost Cheat, is a cheat code for Pokémon Emerald, a famous RPG game. This hack code enables players to go past any barriers or obstacles in their path, opening them new opportunities for strategy. Players may also access caverns and other levels that would otherwise be inaccessible.

Although some fans claim that it reduces the game’s difficulty, Walk Through Walls may give an intriguing new perspective on the experience. It should be emphasized that this exploit should only be utilized if all other options have been explored and the user is really interested in fast defeating formidable adversaries. Otherwise, adhering to tried-and-true in-game methods may give a great gaming experience without the use of cheats.

Wild Pokemon Encounter Codes

Wild Pokémon Encounter Codes are cheats used in the Gameboy Advance (GBA) game Pokémon Emerald to generate wild Pokémon in the specified place. These codes enable users to personalize their game experience by assembling the ideal Pokémon team or meeting uncommon, legendary animals. This exploit was not intended for online usage, but it is an excellent alternative to needing to hunt down and catch certain wild Pokémon in-game.

Wild Encounter Codes use GameShark technology, which employs code sequences that, when typed into a certain memory area, initiate specific events or activities. For a more thorough experience, players may also locate and apply Master Code combinations with Wild Encounter codes. By using these cheat codes, users may personalize their gaming experience and get greater influence over the game’s content and advancement.

Pros & Cons

The benefits and drawbacks of employing Pokémon Emerald cheats are many. On the one hand, these cheats may help you advance in the game by unlocking strong goods and unique resources. They do, however, carry the danger of corrupting or permanently damaging your save file.

Pros: Cheat codes may provide gamers access to otherwise inaccessible things and resources such as rare Pokémon, endless money, and master balls. They may also assist you in completing levels that might otherwise seem difficult to accomplish. Cheating also allows players to obtain experience points quicker than usual, which is particularly beneficial for individuals with limited time to play the game.

Cons: When utilizing cheat codes, there is always the chance that your save file may get damaged, causing you to lose all of your progress in the game. Furthermore, certain cheats may not operate as planned or may even crash the game, preventing you from progressing further in your trip. Furthermore, if other players see you cheating, you may face verbal criticism and charges of unfair or unfair advantage over other players in competitive gaming situations such as tournaments or online leagues.

Why are few cheats not working?

Many gamers have reported that while inputting cheats in Pokémon Emerald, some of the cheats simply do not function. This might be due to a number of factors, including game version, device utilized (emulator or genuine Game Boy Advance), and even regional settings.

Cheats that don’t work can be incompatible with the game version you’re playing. To ensure that your hack works, determine the version of Pokémon Emerald it is intended for. Furthermore, certain cheats may only function on certain devices, such as an emulator or a genuine Game Boy Advance. Finally, double-check your regional settings. Some cheats may not function properly if they are from another location.

You can ensure that any Pokémon Emerald cheats you use are 100% functional by following these procedures and double-checking that all information is correct before inserting cheats into your game.

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