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Cubis 2

Playing with Cubis 2

Cubis 2 is the new and improved Cubis. The game can be played as a free trial version online. In the full version, you can download the game and get more than 200 levels, 4 modes and a variety of special cubes to enhance the game.

If you’re not familiar with the original Cubis: Cubis is like the classic Tetris, but a million times more fun and cool than the 2D game that captivated parents of the previous generation with Ateri. In the old Cubis 2 game, combinations of colored squares slide across the screen from top to bottom, while Cubis adds a third dimension of depth that turns a lame game into addictive fun that builds from the bottom up.

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If at least 3 squares of the same color touch on at least one side, these squares will disappear. The goal of the game is to pass the levels and get a certain number of points by eliminating cubes.

The Cubis board has 3 sizes! Not only can the squares be moved left and right, but in Cubis, the squares that become cubes are inserted into the square board from any position along the four sides of the base board.

Cubis starts the game with one colored cube at a time. You move with the mouse around the perimeter of the square base. The blue bar indicates the position of your cube. When you release the left mouse button, the cube stops and hits the cube in its path if it is a normal cube.

The dice can be divided into 3 types: 1- strategy dice, 2- special dice, 3- cool dice. Psychedelic balls change the color of the dice they hit to the color of the dice they have already hit, which is very convenient for the player. The dice with corners, yes, that is, the ones that look like corners, pick up the dice they hit. Normal dice remain in the space next to the die or wall they hit when pushed onto the board.

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