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Cubefield, developed in 2006 by Max Abernethy, is a simple game with a high addiction factor. In the online game CubeField, you play with gray arrows, which you control with the left and right arrow keys. However, you cannot control the speed, you have to dodge the cubes. The gray arrow gives the impression that you control the plane with the way you turn. You navigate on a silver platform on which the cubes appear. These cubes are orange and yellow in color and sometimes appear in a pattern and sometimes randomly.

It is essentially a survival game. The more you play, the faster the game will go and the more dice will appear. The score depends on how long you can drive without hitting other dice. The dice game doesn’t stop, although it seems to have level after level for many reasons.

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The Cubefield Game

First you enter a tunnel-like environment from which you seem to exit. There is no escape and, as you pass through the tunnel, you are led to believe that you have reached a new level. Second, the field of cubes changes color and style frequently throughout the game, again giving the impression that a new level has been reached.

If 3D games are your favorite, then you’ll love Cubefield, as it looks great with its three-dimensional boxes. One of the drawbacks of this game is that there is no high score list, but there is a “High Score” feature that shows you your personal score. The highscore and gives you an idea of your performance, there is a number in the top left corner of the game that always increases when you avoid the box.

Pause the game by simply pressing the letter “P”, you can also adjust the quality of the game by selecting the letter “Q” on the keyboard. If you want to start a new game. Just go to the intro or home screen and press the space bar instead of pressing the “New Game” button.

Cubefield tips and tricks

It is because of these features that the average gamer wants to play these games for hours. The author of this game did not include music or sound effects. Because it feels better when you can listen to your own music while playing and not a boring game sound.

Advancing in the game is very difficult, but when you reach a score of 999k or more, you write a terrain cube. As an alias and you get an advanced version, or a secret level that gives you shapes. Like triangles and circles, this game sharpens your hand-eye coordination. It’s a lot of fun, addictive and, most importantly, it’s free.

Many online tunnel rush game sites have a dice field. Keep this in mind. Follow your dice and quickly with the arrow keys in this exciting and fun online management game.

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