Orks Tactics Warhammer 40k 9th Edition

Orks Tactics Warhammer 40k 9th Edition

The Orks have a whole host of (mostly) ranged based units and characters, capable of shooting at targets with a variety of different weapons. However, like many other Ork units, the Boyz themselves can be surprisingly hard to keep safe. On my Ork army I’ve had issues with them being shot from the back, but not being able to shoot back. Today I’ve decided to test out a tactic to try and counter this, and it’s actually rather simple.

Orks Tactics is a game about simple, yet effective tactics. In your turn, you choose two actions to perform, then you issue them to your Orks. With tons of units and a flexible command system, you have a lot of options, from moving, to shooting, to assaulting, to retreating. Your Orks can also get psykers with the help of the proper support units, who can cast powerful buffs and debuffs.

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orks tactics

Orks Tactics Warhammer 40k 9th Edition is the comprehensive handbook!

Orks. Is there anything more enjoyable and amusing than yelling “WAAAGH!” The WAAAGHs have returned, along with new and enhanced features, tools, and functionalities. Orks are the polar opposite of elegant; they’re loud, competitive, and bombastic, making them ideal for the player wanting to make a splash at the table. To long-time Warhammer gamers, Ork history is sacred, and this edition honors Ork mythology and culture in mechanics and form.

The most frequent complaint leveled about the Orks’ tactics is that they’re a shambles. Orks’ design isn’t perfect, but that’s part of the pleasure—they’re dirty, chaotic, and a lot of fun when you get them on the table.

Trust us when we say that these Ork techniques are just what you need in your gaming life.

orks tactics

Who Should Participate in Orks?

If you want to play Orks in Warhammer 40k 9th Edition, you should:

  • Play in a haphazard, aggressive, yet strategem-based fashion.
  • Don’t get overwhelmed with datasheets and a plethora of options.
  • You like to play for pleasure rather than for competition—or you know you’re going to be smoked and want to have a good time while you lose.
  • Total table dominance is more important than precisely executed accuracy.
  • Models are hurried to the middle of the board.
  • Within the first two turns, maintaining control of the battle’s momentum
  • Dice rolling with fistfuls

And in the guide below, we’ll show you all of the above, as well as additional Orks techniques!

Orks Codex Overview


Ork tactics have been substantially nerfed with the introduction of stratagems, thus players’ views on them vary. 9th edition, on the other hand, adds a main and secondary component to each mission, allowing Orks to flourish. The secondary objectives are complicated, and they aren’t always how you should construct your force. The primary aim of completing primary missions and earning points remains the same, but you must keep these additional objectives in mind.

Ork tactics include annoyance troops, maximal damage units, and tough units whose aim is to remain standing. In this respect, a balanced construct may dominate less blatantly and risk losing board control on turn three, but it has a better chance of suffocating your opponent’s secondary goal. Because you must score Primary the turn after in this version, longevity is more essential. By adding a large number of vehicles to your list, you can keep your Orks on the board.

Ork Tactics and Strategems

We suggest going through the strategems before creating your Orks list. Some Detachments forbid the usage of Strategems, while others allow it. Strategems cannot be used with the following Detachments:

  • Added Assistance
  • Auxiliary Auxiliary Auxiliary Auxiliary Auxiliary Auxilia
  • Detachments of the Fortification Network

Many Ork strategies also work with Detachments that include vehicles. When making your list, keep this in mind.

Orks-Tactics-Warhammer-40k-9th-EditionOrk! BMacSmith (BMacSmith)


This is the ultimate Mad Max: Fury Road maneuver, and it perfectly encapsulates why Orks are so fearsome.

What it looks like: An Ork with the steering wheel pushes the wreckage of a wrecked vehicle into a group of foes, much to the joy of surrounding Orks.

The mechanics are that you may utilize this while your occupied Ork vehicle isn’t in opposing models’ Engagement Range. Your vehicle model may perform a regular 6” motion before resolving the explosion.

Unless it’s a Wagon or Titanic model, the cost is 1 CP. If that’s the case, it’ll set you back 2 CP.

Ladz, Get Stuck!

Orks like a good party. When the Orks who smash heads together hang out together, this Orks Tactics offers you a boost.

What it looks like: Orks become boisterous and, owing to their aggressive nature, naturally burst into the enemy’s path.

The mechanics: Use this during the Fight phase and it will persist until the conclusion of the phase. When the Beast Shagga Boyz or Boyz are chosen to battle, use this. When each unit consolidates or piles in, move an additional 3”.

Restriction: Cannot be used with other pile-in or consolidation mechanisms that provide a distance bump.

1 CP if there are 10 or less models in the unit; 2 CP if there are more than 10.

Rapid Acceleration

Running over an opponent isn’t always the best method to stop them. Orks, after all, do that.

What it looks like: Units that include vehicles smash into their foes.

The mechanics are as follows: Use with an Ork vehicle unit during the Charge phase. It lasts till the conclusion of the phase. Roll a d6 for each enemy unit in Engagement Range. Your selected opponent suffers D3 wounds if you roll a 2+.

Price: 2 CP

Show Offs With Guns

All firearms are favorites of the Flash Gitzes. They need to show off their gear and moves from time to time.

Pew, pew, pew, pew, pew, pew, pew, pew, pew, Because you’re so slick, Ork buddy, you receive an additional shot.

The Rules: Pick one Flash Gitz and use it at the conclusion of the Shooting phase.

Price: 2 CP

Strike Them Harder

Klaws. Killsaws. Cut and slash! When it comes to Ork tactics, violence breeds violence.

What it looks like: Orks battle fiercely, and they may get enraged at times. They carry an additional slash or cut, aided by their companions.

The Mechanics: Combine with a Megadoz unit in the Fight phase. Add +1 Damage to each unit that attacks with a Killsaw or Klaws. It lasts till the conclusion of the phase.

Price: 2 CP

Squig-Hide Toughness

Working with animals requires tenacity. In combat, Squig-Hide is also useful.

It has the appearance of thick, tough Ork-skin.

The Rules: Use this when the opposing player chooses to assault a Beast Shagga Infantry, Beast Shagga Monster, or Beast Shagga Cavalry. It lasts till the conclusion of the phase. On that unit, an unmodified wound roll of 1-3 fails. Modifications to the model or weapon do not count.

Heads Are Breakin’

What aids Orks in keeping their minds in the game? Their boss gave them a good, motivating head-butt. As you do.

What it looks like: A depressed Ork is dragged by his master, who then bashes the Ork’s head against his own till they are reawakened for war. The Ork is thus motivated to continue fighting!

The Mechanics: Use during the Morale phase if you fail a unit’s Morale test (except Gretchins). Although the unit takes D3 wounds, your Morale check is successful.

Price: 2 CP

1627703547_359_Orks-Tactics-Warhammer-40k-9th-Editionmechan-green art’s assault

Orks Can’t Be Beaten (Epic)

The Orks must triumph. Ork beings and Strategems are built on the idea of resilience.

What it looks like: Orks aren’t the brightest, but their slowness in certain areas is compensated by the fact that they regenerate slowly.

The Mechanics: On an Ork model that fulfills the following criteria, you may employ this in the Fight phase: a) hasn’t fought in this round; b) has been defeated. Rather of removing the model, it may attack after the rest of its unit has finished attacking. Remove the model after resolving its attack, and utilize the bottom row of its profile if it receives damage or changes its attributes before resolving.

Price: 2 CP

Iz Da Bigger Dey.. (Epic)

Orks make a huge impression—battle the big boys. This creates the illusion of the effect.

What it seems to be: Fearless Beast Snagga Warboss Deals Massive Damage to Titanic Unit, for example. Do you have a huge baddie on your hands? This is the method to put a stop to it.

The Rules: Use this during the Combat phase with a Beast Snagga Warboss who has been chosen to fight. Gain +2 to the Damage characteristic of any model in that unit who chooses to assault a Titanic unit. This lasts till the phase’s conclusion.

Price: 2 CP

Gubbinz Extra (Requisition)

One Ork gets the shiny in this Orks strategy!

What it looks like: A highly shiny artifact is given to one fortunate Ork. If the sun is shining, it glints mockingly off the artifact’s surface.

The Mechanics: Use this Strategem before a fight while you’re mustering your troops. To make it work, you’ll need a Warlord with the Orks keyword. Assign the Shiny Gobbinz Relic to one Ork character. However, you can’t grant a model a second Relic with this Strategem, and you can only use it once unless you’re playing Onslaught (thrice) or Strike Force (once) (use twice).

Price: 1 CP

The Big Boss (Requisition)

This Strategem emphasizes the necessity for a larger big boss for excellent team members.

What it looks like: A nice field promotion for an Ork!

The Mechanics: Use this Strategem before a fight while you’re mustering your troops. To make it work, you’ll need a warlord with the Orks keyword. One Warlord Trait may be applied to an Ork figure (which they could acquire). The model is only considered a Warlord for the purposes of enacting that feature, thus it must be unique. This Strategem can’t add a second characteristic to a model. Unless you’re playing Onslaught (thrice) or Strike Force, you can only use it once (use twice).

The Muscle Tide (Strategic)

Imagine being confronted by an army of Orcs. They’d most likely seem unbeatable, right? Right.

What it looks like: A huge force of Orcs stands before the enemy army. It’s very frightening, and you can guarantee they take advantage of it. It’s a good-looking outfit.

The Mechanic: This Strategem must be used during the Charge phase of Core selection (excluding Gretchins). Any changes to the charge roll are ignored by the units.

Price: 1 CP

Unstoppable Forces (Strategic)

The Smasha Squig’s fury has inspired this Ork Strategem. Onward!

What it seems to be: Orks don’t get tired easily, and even if they do, they’re too dumb to give up. They may charge again after they’ve done so.

The Mechanics: Smasha Squigs may employ this Strategem during the Charge phase. The model may charge again if there are no opposing models within Engagement Range.

Price: 1 CP

Shields of Grot (Strategic)

Without its staunch resuppliers, an army would be nothing. Let us pay tribute to them.

What it looks like: Resuppliers are used to guide enemies to more dangerous targets.

The Rules: Use this Strategem at the start of the opposing player’s Shooting phase. Choose an Ork Infantry unit and aim at a friendly Gretchin Infantry unit within 6” of your chosen Ork Infantry unit. If the Ork Infantry target is closer and visible, the opponent cannot target the Gretchin Infantry unit until the conclusion of the phase.

Price: 2 CP

Tellyportia is a fictional character created by Tellyportia (Strategic)

Boom! Our Ork buddies, although being fungus-born, can travel via teleportation.

What it looks like: There’s a bright flash of green lightning, and an Ork isn’t where he should be. Instead, he arrives unexpectedly somewhere else.

The Mechanics: Use during deployment and pick a non-Monster Orks unit. It must have a power rating of 20 or less. Set it up on a tellyportia pad instead of the battlefield. You can then move it anywhere on the battlefield as long as it’s more than 9” away from the enemy models. Do this in the Reinforcement phase. Embarked units remain so when set up on a battlefield if this is a Transport unit.

Price: 2 CP

Strides of Lumbering (Strategic)

Onerus, clumsy war machines don’t have to be struggle buses all of the time.

When there’s a chance to battle, the Orkish war machines charge forward!

The Mechanics: This is for use during the Charge phase while a Stompa, Grokanaut, or Morkanaut is being charged. Instead of re-rolling both dice, just re-roll one.

Price: 1 CP

 All of them must be burned! (Strategic)

Have you ever seen an Ork get enthusiastic and simply blow everything up? That’s exactly how it works.

It seems that someone has become too excited about missile defense. In summary? BOOM. And there’s more boom.

The Mechanics: Skorcha missile racks were used on a Burma-Demmer unit. Units within 3” of the target get 1 fatal wound after resolving skorcha missile attacks from this kind of unit.

Price: 1 CP

1627703548_403_Orks-Tactics-Warhammer-40k-9th-EditionSmashed Head’s Tuska the Daemon-Killer

Monster Hunterz is a game about hunting monsters (Strategic)

Orks may be intelligent and well-organized, but this is uncommon. Take a look at Beast Snaggas.

How it looks: Coordinated gangs of Beast Snaggas in Monster Vehicles divide and conquer more effectively than a pack of velociraptors, leaving a field of corpses in their wake (ideally).

The Mechanics: You can use this one at the start of any phase by selecting a single enemy Vehicle or Monster unit and up to three of your Beast Snaggas. Every time one of the selected enemy units attacks your Beast Snagga units, you add 1 to the attack’s wound role.

Price: 2 CP

Cuttin’ Flames is a song by the band Cuttin’ Flames (Wargear)

Making flame thrower gadgets into torches is really cool.

What it looks like: The Burna Boyz get down to business on the field, customizing guns as they go. Reforged weapons erupt from a sea of sparks and smoke: frightening, deadly cutting torches.

The Rules: During the Fight phase, choose one Burna Boyz unit from your army. Whenever a Burna Boyz from that unit attacks with a melee attack, the attack has an Armour Penetration characteristic of -2 until the end of the phase. For Armour Presentation qualities, you can’t utilize any enhancement skills.

Price: 1 CP

More Dakka, please! (Wargear)

When it comes to shooting weaponry, Orks aren’t known for their patience. There is no subtlety in this game; it is all about winning at any costs.

How it appears: Orks wielding weapons scavenge ammo like there’s no tomorrow… Because there may not be, and even if there is, their offspring will respawn from the same battleground. The carpe diem flex at its finest.

The Mechanics (Mechanics): During the Shooting Phase, choose any Orks unit from your army. When it comes to how many assaults you can make with a Dakka weapon, it becomes inside half range. It lasts the whole period.

Price: 2 CP

Smokey Cloud (Wargear)

Smoke is produced by a lot of running and racing, which may be advantageous in combat.

How it looks: During the Shooting phase, choose a Speed Freeks Vehicle unit. When another Speed Freeks Vehicle from your army is within 6” of that unit, reduce the attack roll of a ranged attack that targets that unit by 1.

Price: 2 CP

Bombbusta Tankbusta (Wargear)

What are we to say? It’s a lot of fun.

Something is wrong with the Tankbusta, as it fails to make a single assault. But when it strikes, it hits hard. Boom!

The Rules: In the Fight phase, use with an Ork Tankbusta Bombs unit. This phase, choose one model from that unit and restrict its attack to one. It must use said attack to target an opponent vehicle unit, but if it hits, the unit suffers 2D3 fatal wounds and the attack sequence ends.

Price: 1 CP

Snagga Grapple is a kind of grappling game (Wargear)

Do you want to throw an opponent about like a toy? This is going to work.

The Beast Snagga Boyz use their hooked choppas to pull opponents to the ground. It’s just as gruesome as it sounds.

The Rules: At the start of the opposing player’s Movement phase, choose one of your Beast Snagga Boyz units. Roll a D6 whenever a non-Titanic unit is within Engagement Range of your chosen unit. If you earn a 4 or above, your opponent will not be able to Fall Back this Turn.

Price: 2 CP

Shells for Groundshakers (Wargear)

It’s a brilliantly intimidating strategy. Orks instill terror in the hearts of their foes.

How it works: Orks use shells to terrorize their opponents by firing them directly over their heads.

The Mechanics: When selecting a target in the Shooting phase, use this Strategem. This lasts till the phase’s conclusion. If you score a hit every time the chosen model makes a ranged attack on a non-Titanic, non-Flying model, reduce the Move characteristic in the target unit by half until the beginning of your next Movement phase, and subtract 2 from the Advance and charge roll values for that unit.

Price: 1 CP

Boosta Force Field (Wargear)

Here’s an idea: spin objects so rapidly that a force field is created. That’s exactly what Orks do.

Kustom force fields are expanded by fast spinning of allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

The Rules: You employ this Strategem at the start of your opponent’s Shooting phase. Choose a model that has a kustom force field. The Aura ability takes the role of the kustom force field. Because the kustom force field overloads, you can only employ the Strategem once each fight.

Warhammer 9th Edition’s Top 5 Orks Tactics


The Nights at the Game Table team has devised the following strategies to help you get the most out of the Ork Codex. When you’re playing Orks, give these strategies a go.

Tips for Creating an Ork Army

When you’re planning your Ork army for this edition, keep in mind that Orks may be highly mechanized, especially with Orks in trukks.

1627703548_282_Orks-Tactics-Warhammer-40k-9th-EditionTHE-GOO-KROGANZ GOBLIN’s GO HOME

Trukk Tips and Trukk Boyz

The Trukk Boyz are in desperate need of an upgrade; they’re now in a state of disarray. It may be difficult to use Trukk Boyz in trukks since they are at danger of losing their culture, which is needed to use many of the mechanical features (such as trukks). This is understandably aggravating, since they are plainly designed to occupy Trukks. Clan models are the only ones who can ride in the trukks, although they can’t actually do so. Once this is resolved, one of the most effective strategies will be mass Trukks with Boyz—for days!

Uses that occur just once

Many Strategems and Relics (along with other features) only have a single usage. While it’s on brand for Orks to utilize power moves without consequence, consider balancing these single-use features with multiple-use elements to guarantee that some of your Orks make it to the final round.


Secondary Objectives may reflect result, as stated in the introduction, but if you construct your whole army to fulfill Secondary Objectives, you may be neglecting Primary Objectives. We’re still working on this, and the effectiveness of Secondary Objective focus is greatly influenced by the kind of army you’re playing against and how the other player chooses to concentrate.


Stompaz are one of the most fun models to play in the game; they really embody Ork-ness. When compared to other unit types, they are difficult to integrate into a broader tactical plan, apart from a few particular Stratagems.

Combinations that have been suggested

Take two kill rigs from the 32″ Threat Range Revel. Move them, and the Boyz may still advance AND charge straight out of the kill rig after the move. You’ll receive the kill rig move first, followed by the Boyz move. The death rig moves 12 inches, the Boyz move 3 inches, approach, and charge, and the kill rig moves 12 inches. Right out of the start, they have a massive 32” of potential danger range.

Boyz are Back in Town: With Boyz, you can complete all of your goals. The op sec unit protects the area if they’re both in there. This works with other lists as well, but you can run a trukk up on the goal with Orks. Because they know a swarm of Orks will emerge from the trukk, your opponent will not want to destroy it.

Tankbusta Tango: The nerfing of buggies still irritates us. People will buy Tankbustas simply for the memories, which is excellent if you add trukks to give them more agility and prevent wasteful leaps (which you can use Boyz for instead). Remember that Kustom also provides 5+, but each Kustom job may only be used once.

In conjunction with smaller transport or indirect firing vehicles, the Frakkin’ Fortress: A Fortress on Wheels with a Battle Wagon may be successful. Kill rigs, on the other hand, take the cake.

1627703549_935_Orks-Tactics-Warhammer-40k-9th-EditionOrks from Warhammer 40,000 Submitted by faroldjo

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Our team’s greatest suggestion for utilizing waaagh is to utilize it on the second or third turn.

  • On the first turn, move about.
  • Advance and charge on the second turn.
  • Then it’s Waaagh away on Turn 2 or 3. Ensure that you have a large number of boys on the board.

Make use of the force field increase. For a boost, use a strategy on the Pain Boyz. You’ll receive a save when you save from the force field—which is significant since Orks don’t usually get armor saves.

People prefer to wait in forest terrain with their troops to weaken your charge, as we all know. Who wants to be on the receiving end of a -2 penalty? Tidal Muscle may be used to get around it. You’ll be exempt from the penalty.

Knobb on Smassha Squig, weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Normally, a charge causes more deadly wounds, but if you use the Strategem that allows for double charging while no adjacent models are engaged, you may charge in, deal mortal wounds, kill the unit, and then use the Strategem to charge again.

Deployment Zone Doorstop: Using this technique, you may encircle and keep your opponent in their deployment zone. 45 commandos and 45 Storm Boyz dressed as Death Skullz are required. Death Skullz gives them op sec, and although Commandos are one point more than normal Bozy and Storm is two points more, it’s worth it to put your opponent in their own deployment zone. Move 6+ inches forward, then charge with WAAGH. On the first two turns, the opponent is unable to score, while your commanders are op sec. This very certainly ensures victory.

What’s the Final Word on Ork Strategy?

Overall, the key to success with Orks is making a fast charge in the first two moves and removing the opponent’s ability to score in the first two rounds to establish more control. From there, it’s attrition and survival.

What are your thoughts on the Orks’ tactics? Let us know in the comments section below!

There are a lot of Warhammer 40K players out there and there are a lot of different opinions on what Orks can do well in the game.  If you want to play as an Ork you need to be able to reach out and grab a lot of points for your army, but you also need to be able to make use of all the tricks and abilities you have available.  With this in mind I have come up with a number of tactics that  I have found to be really effective.. Read more about ork boyz datasheet 9th edition and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you play orks 9th edition?

Orks are a type of unit in the game Warhammer 40,000. The 9th edition is the current edition of Warhammer 40,000.

Are Lootas good in 9th?

Lootas are very good in 9th.

Are NOBZ good in 9th edition?

NOBZ are not good in 9th edition.

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