New Fruits in Blox Fruits Update 17 – Soul

With new fruits coming to Blox Fruits, there are a lot of possibilities for what the future might hold. In this update, Soul sets out with some ideas that she’s excited about and thinks you’ll love too!

Soul is a new fruit in the Blox Fruits update 17. Soul is the best fruit because it has no seeds and its taste is sweet. Read more in detail here: best fruit in blox fruits update 15.

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Blox Fruits Update 17 is officially out, and it comes with a slew of new features. The whole update is available below, although we’re more interested in the new fruits. The Soul Fruit is the most recent fruit addition, and it’s a really beautiful and imaginative fruit with some intriguing game mechanics. Continue reading to find out about all of the new Soul Fruit moves.

New codes are frequently included with new Blox Fruits updates. Updates will be posted on our Blox Fruits codes page.

Update 17 includes a Soul Fruit Guide.

In Blox Fruits Update 17, the Soul Fruit is the newest fruit. You have the option of waiting for the Soul fruit to become available or paying 2,550 Robux to receive it right immediately. A sun and a cloud will emerge on each side of you when you equip this fruit. There are five distinct moves included with the Soul Fruit.


Mas. 1 [Z] of Soul Snatcher

You will fly towards your mouse point on your cloud and steal the soul of an adversary when you employ the [Z] Soul Snatcher action. The souls you’ve caught will appear on the right, above your mastery level.

When you left-click, a plant will appear on your mouse point and eat a soul. There are three distinct plants that may be summoned, and the one you receive is determined at random.

  • Toxic Flower: Releases Poisonous AOE Gas, inflicting damage on all opponents in the vicinity.
  • Cursed Tree: Grabs foes with its roots and stuns them for a brief period.
  • Lollipop: Heals you when you’ve been injured. The heal has reached the end of its cooldown.

Mas. 150 [X] Wrath of Ra

You may summon the Wrath of Ra and push your sun forward towards your opponent by pressing [X]. Once there, the sun erupts into a massive pillar of fire, doing damage and applying a burn DOT on foes.

Mas. 250 [C] Outraged Raijn

With [C], you’ll leap onto your cloud and unleash a full-circle shockwave that will stun any foes that come into contact with it.

Mas. 350 [V] – The End of Times

Hitting [V] will execute the End of Times, which is a visually pleasing action. Towards the same time, your cloud will blast lightning and your sun will hurl fireballs at your mouse point. The illumination will stun and the fireballs will knockback. This action will make use of your meter. You will be tranquil if your meter is blue, and the cloud will be stronger. You will be upset if your meter is red, and the sun will be stronger.

Mas. 75 [F] Sky Ruler

The mobility move Sky Ruler [F] is used. You will either leap on the sun or the cloud and fly, depending on your meter.

Changelog for Blox Fruits Update 17

    • Collect candy by fighting foes on your level and trading it in for unique prizes!
    • NPCs have been added to ALL seas:
      • Santa Claws (ONLY FOR A LIMITED TIME):
        • Elf Hat
        • Hat of Santa Claus
        • Ships for Christmas
      • Elf of Magic:
        • EXP 2x (15 min.)
        • Refund of Statistics
        • Restart the race
      • Greedy Elf (just the second and third seas):
  • Level Capacity has been increased to 2200.
  • Peanut Land has been introduced as a new island:
  • Ice Cream Land has been introduced as a new island:
    • 2125 is higher than 2200.
    • Defeat the queen for a chance to get a rare drop!
  • A new high-tier fruit (Soul) has been added:
    • By beating adversaries or hitting your techniques, you may fill up your Soul and Mood meters.
    • Spend your souls on several allies that may help you in battle:
      • Toxic Flower: Poisons foes in the area
      • Cursed Tree: Causes adjacent opponents to be stunned.
      • Candy: Recovers the user’s health.
    • – Depending on your current mood, your V causes greater damage (100 percent calm or 100 percent anger for full damage boost).
  • A new awakening has been added: Sand.
  • A new weapon (Buddy Sword) has been added:
    • The X move causes more damage the closer you get to your opponent, which is a unique mechanism.
  • Vietnam cone has been added.

As the devs continue to provide material for Blox Fruits version 17, stay tuned for future updates.

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The “all legendary fruits in blox fruits” is a new update that has been released by Blox Fruits. This update includes many of the most popular fruits from past updates, as well as some new ones.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you have 2 fruits in Blox fruits?

A: Yes you can!

Which is the best awakened fruit in Blox fruits?

A: The best awakened fruit in Blox Fruits is the Golden Peach.

Can you sell devil fruits in Blox fruits?

A: Yes.

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