MVP: Why Should We Call it Minimum Viable Process, not a Product?

MVP as a Minimum viable product is one among the highly misunderstood yet overused concepts in the current web scenario! The MVP development services can help you strengthen your core business ideas. The process of exploring and experimenting with such ideas is to find out what will work well and what not!

A startup team first finalizes a product idea! The next step is to create MVP (Minimum Viable Product). It demands much time to find the choice of features to practice, like what to include and what not! So MVP is a proof of concept! If it works successfully, one can plan to build a fully stable and mature product.

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But, many newbies do not understand it well. MVP is not about the product, its features, or managing anything related to it. The main reason is that creating MVP must not be a one-time process and then consider it done!

MVP as a Process!

The Minimum Viable “Product” has to be a “Process” that one should repeat when in need. For example, if startups find any risk prediction, they can try a little possible experiment with it as a test. In this way, the outcomes of such an experiment can act as motives or proofs of correction.

There are many other assumptions that startups need to make during their brainstorming process. It could be to target customers, product designing, and marketing strategy. It also helps in complying with the related laws & regulations.

While doing this activity, there are higher chances that a few of your assumptions will go wrong in a practical scenario. Now the main issue is you cannot pinpoint those faulty assumptions!

Experts say the only way to uncover such issues while planning for a startup is to test every such prediction among its real-life users. It should be sooner possible! In this manner, one can realize how important it is to rework the plan every time again.

The principle applies to every field of human work, whether it is writing software codes, developing a product, or simply writing an essay. A creative human endeavor needs to go through many trial-and-error cycles.

So the sooner you will get to know the error, the higher the possibilities of your success. Startups should not waste time getting feedback on their product assumptions from their actual users.

What is the Right Way to Build an MVP?

The creators of a product can collect the user reviews of a product. Its iteration for development can improve the user experience and fix all bugs. MVP development is to offer close interaction among the end-users and product creators.

Developing a product using this method is also known as co-creation since both the consumer and the brand participate. Following are some facts to not neglect during the development of MVP;

– You should have a product idea in mind!

– Implement the MVP key features for proof of concept.

– Discuss what features to exclude or include.

– Execute an MVP continuously till you are satisfied with the outcomes.

Make sure to assume about and test every idea, whether small or big! Try to perform endless experiments on them that follow approval or rejection of the assumptions.

Finally, you will have some data with you for analysis. Hence, you can pick the outcomes of the successful experiments and use them for further development of the product!

Is it Essential?

As per a survey of CB insights, there is the main reason behind the failure of many startups. It is the difference between the product’s mission with the actual market demand. People spent months or years planning or building a product that finally they came to know is useless in the real market scenario.

It happens since they only believe in imaginative goals and fancy missions as per the creator’s vision. Most brands come to know what the product users expect from them using MVP tests and related data.

There are some more benefits;

1) Better Vision

2) Helps you consider core functionalities

3) Realize the actual need of the End-users

4) Stronger relations with targeted audiences

5) Offer more flexibility and updates

6) Early Launch than expectations

7) Least Risks Development

8) Users can test the products before their launch

9) Helps in market validation

10) Product Development is as per the user feedback

11) Cost-efficient solution to develop the final product

12) Speedup the deployment and marketing of the product

MVP: How to do it in a Right Manner?

A new or old business can achieve the correct proceedings while developing a minimum viable process. It is possible with the help of a reliable tech partner like Altamira! Their professionals already have much experience in IT hubs and projects in 9 different industries!

Clients who are new to their business can get help from them to enter the market using the Minimum Viable Product. They offer full support in the process of Development and Maintenance of an IT project by hiring a team of experts to save time and effort.

Why Altamira?

The company has more than a decade of work experience! Below are some more benefits of choosing Altamira as the outsourcing partner for an IT project;

– Requests processing in time.

– Efficient and Fast Communication.

– They are flexible enough to decrease or extend the feature set of the clients.

– Dedicated and completely involved staffing.

– Their level of expertise got confirmation from many renowned certifications.

– Meet with the timelines of the projects.

– Economic budget for the projects.

– Regular comprehensive project reports.

– Free onboarding and consulting.

Overall, their experts can help one in reviewing the project scope. It is also to understand the business, use best practices, and build relations with more trust!

The dedicated software development team can help clients in saving spending and resources. One can also save time completing a project and boost technical expertise. A firm can enhance its capacity using the vast pool of tech talent helpful to expand an in-house team!

Final Thoughts

Most new businesses consider MVP (Minimum Viable Product) in the form of launch-able and basic product versions. Something that offers only necessary or primary features to define its value proposition. The primary purpose here for one is to engage investors, lure early adopters and decrease the time to market.

MVP must be a process that consists of many phases. It includes;

– Predicting a riskier assumption,

– Testing the assumptions with actual users of the products,

– Regular improvement,

– Current market investigation, and

– Product adjustment as per the product tests results.

It is an efficient way for entrepreneurs in the world of product designing! A business should experiment and test every product feature with real people in a real market scenario. After all, one should consider it as a process of continuous development! It can help one do more with the experimentations and offer more space to apply creativity.

Altamira is one best option if you are a startup and searching for a reliable tech partner for Smart Solutions helpful in business growth. They can help enterprises, businesses, and startups in the End-to-End development of MVP to make the product-market fit in a few months.

They also help raise investment, quick launching, test ideas, mitigate risks, and scale. The implementation steps include elaborating the Idea, Discovery, Development, and Launch. The development of MVP in the right direction can bring many positive changes in the business.

The list of benefits is enough for one to get comprehensive insights and a vision for decision-making and evaluation. In addition, lesser risk, money, and time are all that a startup can achieve with the proper use of MVP for developing a product and even a business!

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