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I’ve always loved the unconventional relationship between The Sims series and clowns. Who needs a standard carnival clown when there is the iconic tragic clown from the original play? Fun fact: He lives in a painting in The Sims 4 and can even visit your house! Whether they are scary or macabre, the clowns in our game always have something special. So it’s only natural that the CCs on this list would deviate from the usual clown attributes and come up with more unique offerings.


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Pre-Halloween Clown Makeup Kit

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A clown, but let it be a fad. This collaboration between CC creators Ceberussims and SensualErotique represents another variation on what a clown should look like. This clown makeup kit features bold, clownish colors and includes 54 swatches for variety. The triangular eye makeup, similar smile and heart-shaped nose look like they could be in a fashion magazine or on stage. Which, frankly, is a relief. You can find them in the Blush and Tattoo categories at CAS.

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Clown hat


What’s a clown without the good old clown hat? The jester hat from ALuckyDay is an essential part of your budding clown Sim’s wardrobe. There are seven colors in total, including the classic red/blue/yellow/green palette. You can wear these too. Go to the hats category to find it.

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scary clown SFX makeup


Do you have a Spooky Stuff set and need some scary clown face paint? The Scary Clown face painting set from KareemZiSims will make your young Sims stiffen up in no time. This set of five CC makeups includes three different versions of the nightmarish Pennywise the Clown (IT), the possessed court jester and the evil clown with the giant mouth. The images are intimidating enough, so just wait until you install it.

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Only a good all-around CS can be better than a good CS. Of course, the CC Monunge collar would be the perfect addition to a clown ensemble. But it is also ideal for historic buildings, or for lovers who want to discover the fashions of the 16th and 17th centuries. I love the twentieth century (that sort of thing). It’s also separate from the game’s clown costume, so you can wear it with or without the collar. In any case, they are available in two versions: single-layer and double-layer, and in black and white. It is also compatible with the base game and you can find it in the necklaces category.

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Twilight Makeup Set


Alpha Simmers, come here. We have found the HQ clown makeup you were looking for. This custom makeup kit from Pralinesims includes not only the standard wide smile and colored nose, but also a set of amazing contact lenses to change the entire look of your Sim. Heavy eyeshadow and rhinestones are also a nice touch. With this set, which includes 50 eyeshadow swatches and 75 lipsticks, you won’t run out of choices.

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Clown hair and makeup for kids


Being a clown isn’t just for adults, thanks to KiaraZirk’s clown hair and makeup for kids. This adorable set includes five face paint palettes, including a tragic clown beard. This hairstyle is a variation on the EA clown hairstyle, which used to be reserved for teenagers and older people. You’ll find them in the leisure and party wear section and they are also compatible with the base game.

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Clown Earrings


Sometimes you just want the essence of the clown, not the whole outfit. These clown earrings from BlahberryPancake are a great alternative. They add the characteristics of a scary clown without being the centerpiece of the outfit. They have something very Mardi Gras-like about them and go well with a gothic-themed ensemble. You only need one basic set to wear them, and that’s fine. They are available in eight varieties.

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Pennywise Computer Kit


We can’t end this list without mentioning the scariest clown in history. CC creator DannyDomain has done his best with this CC Pennywise IT set. It features a complete costume recreation of the 2017 IT scary clown movie. From spiky red hair to scary face paint to a puffy clown costume, this pack is worth buying if you want to give your Sims the creeps with Pennywise. Note that you need Vampire Stuff to use the included face folds, but the rest of the game is compatible with the base game.

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Tragic Clown Redux


Remember the fun fact about the tragic clown I mentioned earlier? As important as it is in the Sims series, maybe it’s time to move on. And this Tragic Clown Redux from Brainstrip gives us just that: An updated tragic clown experiment featuring two different clowns, ironically named Sunny and Rainbow. They have their own unique makeup, but carry the same sadness and misery as the original Tragic Clown we know and love.

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Tragic Clown Career


If your sim is related to a tragic clown, to the point of wanting to become one, then this mod is for you. I don’t know why the sim takes this path in life, but we are not here to judge. Gauntlet1010’s tragic career allows each Sim to take on the role of our favorite clown. But dressing up and moping around is not a good idea.

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No, to truly become a tragic clown, your Sim has special office hours (from 2pm to 9pm) and must read additional material, such as Tickle Your Own Elephant Bones and Tragic Comedy: The tears of a clown. Just read a special comic book until your Sim gets a hidden ability, and then a career opens up for him! And that’s where the real fun begins.One of the most exciting things about the first two weeks of the new year is getting to look forward to new products and updates. I’m always looking forward to that first collection of fall makeup releases from MAC, Urban Decay and other companies that I want to own, but haven’t gotten to yet.. Read more about makeup and clothes color combinations and let us know what you think.

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