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In World of Warcraft, druids are the healers of Azeroth. They summon powerful plants to fight on their behalf and can use magic to protect allies or weaken foes. Druids have been a part of WoW since before its release in 2004, but it’s time for them to get some new friends!

The “Mage Tower: Guardian Druid” is a guide for players of the game “World of Warcraft”. It provides information on how to play as a druid, from levelling to raids. Read more in detail here: warcraft game.

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This will not be so much of a guide as it will be a brain dump. Please feel free to ask questions, and I will do my best to answer them.

While I can tank on other toons at a 10/10 Heroic level, the guardian druid was my worst in terms of not understanding what I was doing. That said, this challenge isn’t so much about being a good tank (since you’ll need to dps, heal, and tank for the tank challenge…. thanks blizzard designers…..), but more about keeping your head on a swivel, which means don’t simply watch the monster. Then there’s the boss, and then there’s the focus. Keep your hots (moonfire, sunfire, thrash or moonfire, rake, thrash, rip) on the boss (specifically P1)

This CAN be done with both Feral Affinity and Restoration Affinity, contrary to what you may have seen on YouTube!!! For P1, all you have to do is keep an eye on your stacks, since once you reach 8 stacks, you’ll die. What I did was start with no more than 5 stacks, since you’ll discover that you’ll need to interrupt Drain Life before your stacks fall off. So you’ll beat your head and then flee. Also, if you’re at 7 stacks and this occurs, drop a Regrowth on yourself and switch to Bear form, or use Frenzied Regeneration while in Bear form, since even a tickle will injure you.


At the moment of my kill, the following talents were active: (If you’re stuck on P1 and continually dying, try Restoration Affinity.) This let me to see more since you can keep Rejuvenation up on yourself (but remember that you must switch out of bear shape to cast it, so don’t cast it just before you’re going to get smacked, but rather a few seconds before damage or simply to keep the heat rolling) – Brambles – Feral Affinity – Wild Charge – Mighty Bash – Galactic Guardian – Survival of the Fittest – Rend and Tear – Rend and Tear – Rend and Tear – Rend and Tear – Rend and Tear – Rend



  • Shadowcore Oil Spectral Flash of Power Veiled Augment Heavy Desolate Armor Kit Blood Sausage of Rune Boralus (wait until you start the instance otherwise it removes the food buff)
  • (I only popped the following at the start of P2)
    • Deathly Ferocity Drums
    • Unbridled Fury Potion (You may also pop this shortly before you speak with the man to begin the instance.) You’ll have around 20 seconds of it at the start of the battle and be ready for P2) since it lasts 1 minute.
    • Fortitude’s War-Scroll
    • Battle Shout War-Scroll


This trinket combination, in my view, worked well for me: Seed Pod that has been ravaged — ravaged seed pod?bonus=1807:1472 - Mage Tower: Guardian Druid

  • The Emerald Nightmare’s first boss, Nythendra, drops this item.
    • Start the raid on Normal –> Heroic –> Mythic after making sure your loot spec is set to Feral. This way, you’ll have three chances to obtain it.

  • It may be created or purchased from the auction house if you have Pandaria Engineering.
    • In mine, I ran the following (though I’m not sure whether the Parry one is truly useful):
      • Cogwheel with a Sparkle (Versatility)
      • Cogwheel that flashes (Parry)
      • Cogwheel in a hurry (Haste)


Macros (I experimented with all three affinities and came up with the following):

  • Balance:
    • The first click will transform you into a Moonkin, while the second will cast regeneration. This will enable you to do dps in Moonkin Form when deep.







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