Beats, rhythm, melody, and tempo result in music, which in turn results in expressing ourselves through dancing. To all who are music and dance enthusiast, here is a Pokémon just for you – Ludicolo. He is a cheerful and energetic Pokémon introduced to the Pokémon universe in Generation III.


Ludicolo is a sombre wearing Carefree Pokémon, who loves dancing instantly when he hears the sound of music. He is a water and grass type Pokémon, who just like you, and I enjoy the finer things in life.

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Try to picture a platypus like creature with human-like limbs. A sombre like hat is attached on its head. Coincidentally, the hat complements its persona as party-loving Pokémon.

Protruding from the back of its head is a brown fibrous-like growth. It has black eyes that are encompassed by its green complexion in a trapezoid shape. On its face, it has a wide orange duck-billed mouth and a cloak-like fur, which is of brown color that is zig zag ridden.

The limbs of Ludicolo are short, and his hands resemble boxing gloves. His feet, on the other hand, are flat like those of an elephant.

Ludicolo weighs a whopping 55 kilos and stands at 4 feet 11 inches. Do not his giant-like size fool you, though. He is a cheerful Pokémon, one that you certainly need in your corner when you are feeling low.

A Pokémon such a Ludicolo is special, to say the least. The sound of festive music activates his cells making him incredibly powerful. Isn’t that so awesome! That is one heck of a bonus in battle! Who knew playing festive music could ever give you an advantage against your opponents?


According to Bulbapedia, Ludicolo’s species are not commonly found out and about in the wild, and if so, it is a very rare sighting. However, it is very common to sight a Ludicolo Pokémon near the water’s Edge.


Though a cheerful, overly excited, and happy Pokémon such as Ludicolo doesn’t seem like a threat against other Pokémon at first, you’ll be shocked by his abilities. The additional bonus that he gets stronger upon hearing music definitely gives him the advantage to heal in battle and even demoralize his opponents in battle.

Ludicolo’s most prominent abilities are Swift swim and Rain Dish. In battle, Ludicolo is pretty impressive. Water, Steel, and Ground Pokémon types are weak against him, and attacks from them are of minimal damage.


Every Pokémon in the Pokémon universe has its fair share of weaknesses, and Ludicolo is no exception just like the rest of his kind. Attacks from Flying, Poison, and Bug Pokémon types are fatal if not deadly to Ludicolo. It is best to keep him a fair distance from these Pokémon types when in battle with your opponents.


Ludicolo is the result of two previous Pokémon transformations leading to his current evolutionary form. His initial form was Lotad. Lotad evolves at level 14 to Lombre. Afterward, Lombre evolves to Ludicolo through Water stone.





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