How to visit an Atlas Station in No Man’s Sky

No Man’s Sky is a game about playing a space explorer and traveling from planet to planet. There are other players in the game, but you don’t meet them. You won’t know if you’re being followed by a space pirate, or if aliens are about to attack you, or if you’ve just stumbled upon a new planet. You have to explore this vast universe alone.

In No Man’s Sky, you can visit the Atlas Station, but you can’t land on it. In this guide, we’ll show you how to visit the Atlas Station in a fast and safe way, and we’ll tell you some interesting things you can do there.

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If you thought the Atlas was a science station in No Man’s Sky, think again. It’s a gigantic space station in an unknown orbit, that will be available to all players at some point in the future via an update.

When No Man’s Sky came out, it was easy to find Atlas Station. They only had to go through three systems and got hit by one. But after a few major updates, things got a little more complicated. This guide explains how to find and visit an Atlas station.

To visit Atlas Station


In No Man’s Sky, you can stumble upon Atlas stations anywhere in the galaxy, but there’s also a clear path that leads you to one of them. First you have to fly around the systems and scan them for incoming signals. Eventually you are greeted by a distress call from Artemis. This is the beginning of the Artemis quest series. Follow the location of Artemis’ ship, and you will soon be approached by the mysterious creatures Nada and Polo.

Once you’re back in space, the anomaly will appear before your eyes. Fly to the anomaly and talk to anyone you can find. At the top of the stairs you’ll find Nadu and Polo. Go through the Artemis quest line a little further and visit the necessary merchants. When you have done this, you will be asked to speak to Nada again.


The conversation you have leads to several options. You must first select the Crimson Liar question and then request the Atlas. Then they are told to return to the ship and go into space. Once you have done this, go to the galaxy map and you will get a new waypoint, one for Atlas Station.

From now on, you’re free to do as you please. If you want to get to Atlas Station as quickly as possible, go directly to the galaxy on the galaxy map and fly there. Atlas stations are different from space stations and have a red light when flying in space. You can recognize it because it looks like a black diamond in space with a red hole.

To successfully visit Atlas Station, you must fly there and enter it. Once inside, you can work with the station, get warp cores, and choose whether or not to follow Atlas’ path. If you succeed, you get a captured nanodome – the Atlas Seed Plan.

After you visit the anomaly, you can call it up from the game menu. You can also do this by playing a save file that was done for a previous expedition. So don’t worry about finding the anomaly. If you can summon him, you can always go through this quest line.


What are Atlas stations?

Not to give too much away about the plot of the game, the Atlas stations house one of the 11 Atlas interfaces. You must interact with each of them to complete the Atlas quest, the result of which will allow you to travel through the black holes.

There are two main reasons to visit Atlas stations. The first, of course, is to progress and complete the Atlas quest line. The second is in the context of the expedition. For example, in the game No Man’s Sky Expedition Beachhead, the player must go to Atlas Station in one of the stages. Knowing how to visit one quickly will help you on future expeditions with similar stages.No Man’s Sky is a game that offers an infinite number of planets to explore, from desolate gas giants to bustling solar systems full of life. However, there is a limited number of unique planets in that game, and they are spread out throughout the galaxy. This is particularly noticeable when you land on a planet for the first time, since the planet’s name is visible until you leave it.. Read more about no man’s sky atlas accept or refuse and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get to Atlas Station in no man’s sky?

Atlas Station is located in the center of the galaxy.

How do you get to the first atlas interface?

The first atlas interface is located in the center of the map.

What is an atlas station NMS?

An atlas station NMS is a location where the player can find an Atlas Station.

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