How to play the Braver class in Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis

How to play the Braver class in Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis

Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis is a free to play MMORPG released by SEGA in 2013. The game is set on the Star Planet, a planet in between the real world and the 9th dimension, where all (fictional) video games exist. In the game, players take on the role of a new character who has awoken from a long sleep in the Braver class. This class is designed for players who like to face their fear while playing video games.

Bravers are a class in Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis, which can be played on the PlayStation Network. Bravers are the powerhouses of the game, being able to use both of the game’s main physical attacks, along with having a high defense, and being able to use both of the game’s two most powerful healing abilities.

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The Braver class is a melee fighter that focuses on using a large shield as a weapon. Bravers can use the shield to deflect attacks or to block off enemy attacks with ease.

Bravers are characterized as having basic movements with hidden benefits, which we found to be quite true in our testing. Bravers use their talents to prolong their combos and escape damage, as well as improve their dodge and counter abilities. When you choose Braver as one of your classes, you’ll be encouraged to play in a reactive, combo-based manner that depends on precise timing to accomplish its objectives. Here’s how to get the most out of the rolling samurai warrior class with our tutorial.

Braver is the class you’ve chosen.


Simply head to the Class Counter in the city center and use the “choose class” option to choose Braver as your primary or secondary class. Braver is placed immediately under Techter in the list. Simply choose this option, confirm, and you’re done. There aren’t any further prerequisites.

As a Main or Secondary Class, you’ll be braver.

When utilizing Braver as a primary class, you must utilize Katanas or Bows to get access to the class’s benefits, which include improved dodges and counters. You’ll move between distances as you weave through battle, utilizing precisely placed abilities to dodge and prolong combos while delivering damage, similar to Gunners. As secondary courses, all of the classes function fairly well, but our favorites were Gunner, Ranger, and Techter. Gunners provide PP restoration on hit, allowing you to prolong Katana combos with almost limitless amounts of time by re-engaging with dodges and photon arts. Ranger increases your range while also providing several helpful abilities for those who prefer to concentrate on bow usage. Hunter, as a secondary class, adds a fun Tank element to the game.

When utilizing Braver as a secondary class, you’ll only get the advantages if you play a tanky, aggressively defending approach. The Braver abilities, which are accessible as a secondary class, increase health regeneration and blocking power, both of which are beneficial to Hunters and Fighters. Braver was not a successful secondary class overall in our testing, and we now suggest utilizing it solely as a main class if at all, although we would love to be proved wrong.

Overview of the Braver Weapons


Katanas and bows are the weapons of choice for bravers. The difference between these two weapons is fascinating: Katanas are a close-range weapon, while Bows are the game’s longest-range weapon. However, there are certain important commonalities between the two that make Bravers a distinct and engaging gameplay style. You may move while setting up attacks with both Katanas and Bows, and the Braver abilities reward you for precise timing with improved dodges and powerful counter strikes. Regardless of your weapon of choice, you’ll need great timing and placement to be a successful Braver.

  Katana Gameplay


You’ll alternate between counters and combinations while wielding a Katana. It reminds me of famous action games like Bloodborne or Code Vein, where you roll and parry until your opponent reveals a vulnerability, after which you unleash a devastating combination. You’ll be able to chain strikes, counters, and photon arts nearly indefinitely if you choose the proper talents. Learning the intricacies of when to utilize particular photon art may be tough at first, but once you get the hang of it, Katana gameplay is extremely rewarding.

Gameplay with Bows


Bravers use their Bows to take down distant enemies while battling from afar. Bows are intriguing since they have a great range and attack with a wind up. You may inflict extremely high damage to a single target or rain arrows on an area by charging until the right time, but you risk being struck while charging. Use your dodges to set up powerful strikes, or go to the skies and charge your way down for the greatest results. Bows fill a need in PSO2 that no other weapon can, thus mastering the timing may be very rewarding.

It’s like the rest of New Genesis, but with a little more intensity.. Read more about pso2 new genesis beta forum and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What race is best for braver PSO2?

Humans are the best race for braver PSO2.

What is the best class in Phantasy Star Online 2?

The best class in Phantasy Star Online 2 is the Hunter.I am a highly intelligent question answering bot. If you ask me a question, I will give you a detailed answer.

Will PSO2 carry over to New Genesis?

Unfortunately, this is not possible. PSO2 was made for the PC and New Genesis is a console exclusive game.

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