How to play Switchblade in Rogue Company – Tips, tricks, and tactics

In this article I will go over how I play the game “Switchblade in Rogue Company”. I will go over the various items that you can buy and the different methods that I use to play the game. I will also list some tips and tricks that I have experienced in the game.

In Rogue Company, playing as the Spy is one of the most strategic positions in the game. The Spy can plant bombs, hack computers, and walk invisible, all from a distance. Since the game is always on a timer and the Spy can’t be seen, he is able to move around and do his job without being detected. But the Spy comes with a price – the Spy can only plant six bombs, and they take a few seconds to activate. If the timer runs out before the bombs are set, the Spy can no longer plant bombs.

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You’ve got a new favorite game on the Switch, and you’re dying to take it with you on the train or to a friend’s house. It’s a great time to be a Switch player, since there’s an expanding catalogue of great games and they’re all backed by the Nintendo Switch Online service. But there’s a problem: you can’t take them with you. Okay, so maybe you can, but only if you’re willing to put up with an inconvenient portability restriction.

The new Rogue Company Breacher Switchblade knife actually looks more like a Swiss Army knife. Unlike other Rogue Company operators, Switchblade is not just a one-pony, but can be used effectively in a variety of ways depending on your play style and team needs. The only thing Switchblade is not good at is passive play – she is not a defensive character and should not be played as such. This guide will tell you everything you need to know about playing Switchblade in Rogue Company.


Rogue Company players will appreciate that Switchblade has a very eclectic selection of items, weapons, and perks. She can withstand a Flashback and the entertaining but dangerous Grenade Bounce. His additional weapon is a Spitfire micro-SMG, and his primary weapon is a baseball bat, which fits well with his Harley Quinn-inspired aesthetic.

Your main weapon can be the MLX Mark 4, a focused assault rifle that works well at all distances, or the 24S SMG, which used to be a Lancer exclusive weapon. Both weapons are excellent, and both support different play styles. If you like getting close to the enemy – which is Switchblade’s role as a breaker – you should take the 24S; it’s a strong weapon at its core, so don’t upgrade it, but spend your money on disposables and perks. The MLX Mark 4 on the other hand will benefit greatly from the upgrade and you will enjoy it more, so don’t hesitate to spend your money on it. However, if you have at least one long-range fighter on your team, it’s best to go for the 24S, as all the other elements of the Switchblade kit already provide mobility and melee.

Switchblade also has a flexible selection of perks, including a number of defensive perks for a more reckless play style.

  • Beserker: You can recharge during a sprint.
  • Reinforcement : You take 30% less damage from melee attacks.
  • Bounce back: Recovery begins much earlier.
  • Determination: They get reduced blast damage.
  • Deprivation of life: Destroying an enemy quickly restores a large amount of health.
  • Supplies: Destroying an enemy reloads weapons and restores ammunition.


The passive Switchblade skill in Rogue Company is Fight and Flight: It increases movement speed when using skills or gadgets. Since she can throw up to three items (not counting the equipment she picks up off the ground), Switchblade should have no problem moving quickly through Rogue Company’s maps.

His active ability is the Chaos Launcher: a disposable weapon that fires an explosive projectile. After detonation, the projectile covers a large area with a burning liquid that remains on the ground for some time and causes about four times as much damage per hit as a conventional incendiary grenade. The burning puddles are in a row, parallel to the direction Switchblade is facing when firing; they extend above and through the cover. This means that when the first projectile hits a cover, the fire will almost certainly begin to burn the players hiding there.

Chaos Launcher is a destructive skill that allows you to knock enemies out of cover and prevent them from breaking through, or allows you to completely destroy them and then kill them in one shot. Note that Scorch is immune to the effect of the Chaos Launcher, which deals damage over time, but not to the initial explosion. No one is entirely safe from Switchblade.

Image by Hi-Rez Studios


At the time of its release, Switchblade is a direct upgrade from Dima, in that it does everything Dima did in Rogue Company, and does it a little better. Chaos Launcher is strictly the best MIRV launcher, and Switchblade’s mobility is more useful than Dima Burned’s passive skill. To add to this imbalance, developer Hi-Rez Studios has replaced Dima’s Agile Hands perk with Tracker, which isn’t the most sensible change. Maybe Dima will catch up in future patches, but whatever happens to him, our first piece of advice to Switchblade players is to not fear degradation and not get attached to any part of their current set. It will obviously be reconfigured upon release and will likely be changed.

With passive fight and flight skills and the Berserk perk (which is cheap and must be acquired in every match), Switchblade is a highly mobile villain who must always be on the lookout for unexpected attack angles. There is rarely a reason to attack an opponent that you can clearly see coming. While the chaos caster works well as a zoning tool, you should always try to hit unsuspecting enemies directly with it to take advantage of its initial damage and lack of blurring. Switchblade has access to speed boosts for a reason, so use it often and overflow it.

Tips and tactics

As strong as the Chaos Launcher is, Switchblade players should be aware that it can be completely neutralized by active defenses. With the growing popularity of Horns like the Mack and the recently improved Trench, active protection systems are becoming more common on Horns. For the projectile from your Chaos Launcher to actually hit the target, you must first identify and destroy all APS units on the field, or simply find a target to shoot at that is not within APS range. Given Switchblade’s high mobility, this shouldn’t be too difficult.

When it comes to gear selection, you can’t go wrong here, as everything Switchblade has access to is useful. She is one of the few operators in Rogue Company who can support Recovery and Life Drain combos. If you prefer 24S and play very aggressively, you should definitely get both of these benefits. Also, buy both throws early so you can use the speed upgrade more often. With a simple bounce grenade and a fully upgraded Flashbang, Switchblade can get up to four combat instances and airspeed buffs per turn, which is more than enough to surround the enemy team.

Finally, we strongly recommend to buy the perk stamina even if the enemy team doesn’t have many rogues with explosives. This is a precaution against your own skills and throwable items, especially the Bouncing Grenade, which can be treacherous.Switchblade is a pretty funky first person shooter, but I’m here to show you how it’s possible to play this game perfectly. Check out my full guide for some tips, tricks, and tactics to ensure you’re the best player on the battlefield.. Read more about rogue company controls and let us know what you think.

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