How To Make Smooth Stone in Minecraft

Minecraft How to Make Smooth Stone

Smooth stone is a type of block in Minecraft that can be found on the Nether. It’s made by combining two Smooth Sand and one Smoothed Quartz, which is why it has an orange hue. This block looks like a regular sandstone block but with smoother edges.

It can be used for many things, including making stairs and walls. The texture of this block is very similar to that of Obsidian blocks. However, unlike obsidian, you don’t need any special tools or materials to create smooth stone.

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You can make smooth stones from any type of sand, including red sand, yellow sand, white sand, etc. If you want to craft more than one smooth stone at once, you’ll have to combine multiple Smooth Sands and Smoothed Quarts. This guide will teach you how to make smooth stone blocks in Minecraft.

What is Minecraft Smooth Stone used for?

Minecraft smooth stone can be used to make a variety of items and structures. The most common use for this material is as an alternative to sandstone, which is the default block in Minecraft. It has similar properties but is much easier to work with than sandstone.

Smooth stone is also useful for making decorative blocks such as cobblestone or brick. This makes it ideal for building houses and other buildings that require more durability than regular dirt blocks.

How do I get Smooth stone?

The easiest way to obtain smooth stone is to mine it out of the nether. You can find these blocks in all biomes except water. They are usually located near lava flows, so if you’re looking to make smooth stone, look for those areas first.

If you prefer to craft smooth stone instead of mining them, you can buy them from the Marketplace for 10 gold each. Alternatively, you can harvest them from the Nether using a diamond pickaxe.

How do I make smooth stone?

To make smooth stone, you’ll need to combine three types of sand: Smooth Sand, Smoothed Quartz, and Red Sand. These materials are obtained through crafting or by finding them naturally.

Crafting Smooth Stone

First, you’ll need to gather some Smooth Sand, Smoothed Quartz, and Red Sand. Smooth Sand can be crafted using a Smooth Sandstone Pickaxe. Smoothed Quartz can be crafted using a Smoothed Quartz Pickaxe. AndRed Sand can be crafted using a Red Sandstone Pickaxe.

Next, place your Smooth Sand and Smoothed Quartz into a furnace, and then fill it up with Red Sand. When the furnace reaches full capacity, you’ll see the smooth stone appear.

When placing the Smooth Sand and Smoothed Quartz into the furnace, they must both be placed next to each other. If you try to put them together before filling the furnace, nothing will happen.

After the furnace is filled with Red Sand, wait until the furnace cools down before removing the smooth stone.

Note: If you’re having trouble getting the smooth stone to show up in the furnace, try increasing the size of the furnace.

How do I make smooth stone without a furnace?

You can also make smooth stone without using a furnace. Simply place the Smooth Sand and Smoothed Quartz into a bucket, and then pour the Red Sand over top. Wait until the bucket is completely full, and then remove the smooth stone.

This method works well when you only need a few smooth stones, but it’s not recommended for large quantities. For example, you could easily fill up a whole bucket with smooth stone, and then you’d have to carry the bucket around everywhere you go.

It would also take a long time to fill up a bucket with smooth stone.

Making Smooth Stone Using Red Sand

Instead of combining Smooth Sand and Smoothed Quartz, you can simply use Red Sand. Red Sand is found in the nether, where it is often mixed with Smooth Sand.

To create smooth stone, just place one layer of Red Sand on top of another layer of Red Sand. Then, place the resulting structure inside a furnace. After the furnace is filled with Red Sand, wait until it cools down before taking out the smooth stone.

Note: If you don’t want to use a furnace, you can still make smooth stone by pouring Red Sand directly onto Smooth Sand. However, this method isn’t as efficient as making smooth stone using a furnace, since you won’t get as much smooth stone per Red Sand.

Smooth Stone Recipes

There are two recipes that allow you to make smooth stone. The first recipe requires you to craft Smooth Sandstone Pickaxes. The second recipe requires you to craft Red Sandstone Pickaxes.

Recipe 1: Smooth Sandstone Pickaxe


1 Smooth Sandstone Pickaxe

2 Smooth Sand

Step1: Place the Smooth Sandstone Pickaxe into a furnace.

Step 2: Fill the furnace with Smooth Sand.

Step 3: Remove the smooth stone from the furnace after it has cooled down.

Recipe 2: Red Sandstone Pickaxe


1 Red Sandstone Pickaxe

4 Red Sand

Step 1: Place the Red Sandstone Pickaxe into a furnace.

Step 2: Pour Red Sand into the furnace until it fills the entire furnace.

Step 3:Wait until the furnace cools down before removing the smooth stone.

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