How to Get More and Better CSGO Skins

Humans possess the stubborn need to always aim for more, be it honing a skill or collecting more items related to a certain passion, interest, or activity. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive can be defined as such, and hence, people have the need to improve their skills and collect more (and better) skins. There are many ways by which gamers can collect valuable skins, but today we are going to focus on only one of these options: getting skins from CSGO gambling sites.

CSGO Gambling Redefined: Gold Mine of Valuable Skins

CSGO gambling sites are the closest things to a gold mine of skins because you can bet a practically “worthless” skin, so to speak, and if you’re lucky, you can multiply its value and obtain something much better in return.

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That is the power of CSGO gambling, especially if you’re interested in creating a huge inventory of valuable skins instead of trading them right away. Another good thing about CSGO gambling sites is that they have practically all the CSGO skins you can think of, along with cases and special items. It means you can win even the most elusive skins, again, provided you’re lucky enough. Isn’t it a bad idea to deposit all of your hopes into gambling? If you bet it all, then for sure, it is. But if you only gamble with a few of your skins, you will find that you’ve taken the right step in the correct direction.

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Crash and Coinflip/Dice: The Ideal Combo

The crash is a very risky game with a huge ROI potential. On the other hand, coin flips or dice are games with favorable odds but a lower payout. Playing both Crash and coinflip or dice is the best way to earn some pretty good skins without risking too much. For crash, only use 20% of your bankroll, and make each bet 0.50% of that dedicated fund. Use the other 80% for a coin flip and/or dice.

For playing Crash, just wait for 6-8 consecutive crashes under 2.00x to start betting. Once the pattern pops up, place a bet and keep at it until you win. If you lose the initial bet, then simply multiply the bet size by 1.20x and place it. If you lose again, then again multiply it by 1.20x until you win. For coin flips and dice, just place a moderate bet and hope for the best. You have a 50-50 chance of winning, so once you win a few rounds, just call it a day and go home because you need to ride luck as long as it’s your friend and ditch it when things go south.


To close this topic the right way, here you have the answers to the most frequently asked questions about CSGO gambling for winning skins.

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Is CSGO gambling free?

No, because you have to deposit CSGO skins, and they are worth real money. If you don’t want to use your skins, you can always deposit via PayPal, debit/credit card, eWallet, or crypto. But if you use a free money promo code, then you can try CSGO gambling without risking a cent.

Can I win skins by playing CSGO gambling games?

Yes, the main reason why they’re so popular is that you get a shot at winning massive prizes of valuable skins. Be it by opening cases, winning bets, or even winning a huge jackpot, these sites bring you all sorts of ways to win awesome skins that you can keep or sell for a generous margin.

Are there bonuses to claim free skins at CSGO gambling sites?

You can claim bonuses that bring you free CSGO skins when you enter a special promo code. You can find them on the very same CSGO gambling sites or on their social media profiles. Sometimes, you can also find them on forums or chat parties.

Can I lose my skins on CSGO gambling sites?

Yes, just like you can lose money at an online casino, you could also lose your skins. That’s why it’s recommended to only bet what you can afford to lose, to relieve yourself from the mental and emotional pressure of betting more than necessary.

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