How to get Diona for Free in Genshin Impact

You’ve been waiting for days and still, no event has popped up in the Genshin Impact server. All of a sudden, you receive an invitation to the “Energy Amplifier Initiation” event. But how will you find this rare item? What is it even capable of? Today we’re going to cover where to find Diona and the benefits it provides in this guide.

Getting Diona for free is simple, fast, and totally legitimate.

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​To start off, you’ll need to complete the “Energy Amplifier Initiation” event. On the Genshin Impact server, this event is a freeroll that any player can pick up. Just click  “Events” on your client and then “Initiation”. When you reach a certain amount of Energy Amplifier Fragments you will be asked to select an option from a menu. Select “Which item do I want next?”.

​This will bring up a new menu that lets you choose from various items, including the Illusion Ring. Select the Illusion Ring and then press “Get” to receive it. You can choose to get Diona too of course, but keep in mind you don’t need it for free.

​After getting the Illusion Ring, open up your ring inventory and check your materials tab. Click on an empty slot of any material and it will automatically fill with another one of the same kind. Click on a filled slot and transfer that material into your storage box. Repeat this process as many times as you’d like to fill it up with Diona.

​After filling your ring with Diona, log on to the server and head over to the Genshin Impact lobby. Walk up to another player and give them the Illusion Ring. They will give you some Energy Amplifier Fragments back along with a message that includes “You received an item”. This can be any number of things, but everyone who is eligible for the event will receive it.

After receiving this message, scroll down until you see “Genshin – Energy Amplifier Initiation” at the bottom of the page. Select this line and press “Enter”. This will bring you to the project page.

​However, keep in mind that this event selects players randomly. You may not be selected for it even if you try, so just go about your day and repeat the process tomorrow if it doesn’t work out today.

After reaching 500 Energy Amplifier Fragments, you can pick an item from the list displayed above. Select “Which item do I want next?” and scroll down to Diona. Once you receive Diona, just follow the tutorial above to get as much of it as possible.

It is important to note that some of these items are worth a lot more than others. For example, Diona is a very common item. While some have considered it worthless, it’s actually very valuable on the market. If you’re able to collect a large amount of Diona then consider reselling it once you’re done with the event.

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