How to do the Cataris Sequence Break- Metroid Dread

The Cataris Sequence Break is a secret in Metroid Dread that can be unlocked by collecting all 100% of the items in the game. This guide will show you how to unlock it.

The metroid fusion is a sequence break in the game Metroid Dread. It allows players to skip most of the game and progress straight to the final boss.

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The Metroid games are intended to bestow new skills in very particular areas. This is to motivate you to explore and discover alternative routes, so that once you acquire the skills you need, you can return and wipe the floor with everyone. Certain cunning players, on the other hand, are always on the lookout for loopholes that enable them to acquire skills that they should not have at that stage in the game. Normally, this is an unintentional flaw in the game’s design, but Metroid Dread has one instance of sequence breaking that seems to have been designed specifically for it. In Metroid Dread, here’s how you break the Cataris sequence.

In Cataris, you’d usually be expected to make your way down through the hot zones to face Kraid after getting the Varia Suit to endure extreme temperatures. Kraid, on the other hand, possesses a hidden instant-kill technique that necessitates Morph Ball Bombs. Normally, you’d have to wait an hour or two for the Bombs since they’re in a section of Dairon that’s sealed off by Grapple Beam blocks and doors. However, if you know where you’re heading, you may acquire them ahead of time, along with the Grapple Beam.

In Metroid Dread, how do you perform the Cataris Sequence Break?

To complete the Cataris Sequence Break in Metroid Dread, follow these steps:

  1. Return to Dairon after obtaining the Varia Suit
  2. Find the secret room obscured by a hidden block
  3. Jump through the secret room to get to the Artaria elevator
  4. Follow the path to obtain the Grapple Beam, then return to Dairon and use it to open the way to the Bomb upgrade
  5. Return to Cataris to fight Kraid, using the Bombs to defeat him much more quickly

Instead of taking the apparent route downhill after obtaining the Varia Suit, retrace your steps until you reach Dairon. You may now enter Dairon’s hot zones safely, and one in particular contains a mystery.

To discover a hidden chamber with a difficult leaping problem, break apart the beam block in this position and continue to the right. To get to the Morph Ball route at the top, first slide beneath the gap, then rapidly leap to the left and wall jump up. Continue down the route until you come to another gap with a vertical shaft into which you may stand. To reach the right ledge, you’ll need to slide here while holding right and rotating as you come out. If you make a mistake, you’ll tumble into the lava and most likely perish.

Once you’ve cleared the gap, continue on the route beyond the Charge Beam door to the Artaria elevator. If you stick to the obvious route, you’ll come upon the Grapple Beam upgrade. If you go back to Dairon, you’ll be able to clear away the Grapple Beam blocks and doors to the left of the EMMI Zone. When you turn on the power, you’ll be able to use the Morph Ball Bomb upgrade.

Return to Cataris with the Bomb and follow the hot zone route downhill to locate Kraid. Fight him normally until you’re knocked down to the lowest level. Break a block on the bottom of the left wall with your Bomb to uncover a Morph Ball launcher. Get in the launcher and trigger it to send yourself into Kraid’s filthy belly hole, then blast it repeatedly to finish the battle immediately. I suppose the developers thought that if people were going to violate the sequence, they may as well reward them!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get the Bomb upgrade?

Do a Slide Jump in the EMMI Zone To get the Bomb upgrade before the Diffusion Beam , you can execute a slide jump followed by a wall jump in the EMMI Zone in Dairon.

How do I skip the first broken EMMI?

To skip the first broken EMMI, you must shoot through this wall from the left side using a Pseudo Wave Beam shot.

What Are the Best Ways to Counter Enemies?

Still, be ready to counter enemies if it prevents you from dying or stops an enemy from knocking you further from your goal.

What are the benefits of using a new account?

That being said, even if you want to start a speed run attempt on a fresh save file on a new account, you won’t have to worry about cutscenes hurting your time.

What is a Missile Energy Tank?

Feel free to use the map to check if you’re going the right way or if you feel like you need need to find a Missile Energy Tank to help increase your survivability.

How do I get to Dairon 5?

Objective Perform a slide and jump to shoot this block through the wall from the left side to skip the first Broken EMMI Do not slide through the gap and avoid the explosion on the last hit as it can kill you Charge Beam and defeat the White EMMI for the Spider Magnet Corpious Phantom Cloak and head to Cataris Redirect the thermal fuel flow while avoiding the Green EMMI and make your way to Dairon 5.

How do I get the Morph Ball Head back to Artaria?

Obtain the Wide Beam in Dairon and head back to Cataris Green EMMI to get the Morph Ball Head back to Artaria via the Red Teleportal After getting the Morph Ball head left until you drop down before the giant alien skull.

How do I get to Dairon?

This is the current fastest route and requires two sequence breaks for early Space Jump early Screw Attack and early Gravity Suit.

How do I get to the Bomb?

Get the Grapple Beam Head back to Dairon and get the Bomb Burenia after a series of Morph Ball Launcher tubes Flash Shift and return to Dairon via the lower elevator Yellow EMMI Speed Booster Ferenia via the elevator and defeat the Robot Chozo Soldier Head back to Dairon via a separate elevator, then take the upper elevator to Burenia Use the Grapple Beam to reach the elevator and head to Ghavoran .You can skip Drogyga by performing a charged Diffusion Beam shot at a wall near the Energy Recharge Station.

How do I get the Ice Missile Head to Ferenia?

Get the Plasma Beam Chozo Soldier Head back to Ghavoran Defeat the Central Unit and Blue EMMI to get the Ice Missile Head to Ferenia via the elevator from Ghavoran Perform a melee dash just before the wall while charging your beam, then

How do I get to the Pitfall?

After performing a slide jump at this location on the map, continue left and drop down the Pitfall Blocks in Morph Ball form.

How do I get the Bomb upgrade?

Go through the Missile Door in the upper right to get the Bomb upgrade.

What is a Pseudo Wave Beam?

If you perform a Pseudo Wave Beam shot (a slide followed by a jump to shoot the wall mass), there is a chance that your beam will clip through the wall and break it open.

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