How to complete the Holy! Moly! challenge in Hitman 3 Dartmoor Garden Show

How to complete the Holy! Moly! challenge in Hitman 3 Dartmoor Garden Show

This time around you have the chance to complete the Holy! Moly! challenge in Hitman 3 Dartmoor Garden Show. Last time, I did not describe some of the locations, this time around I will add more locations to complete the challenge. I would like to thank you for your patience.

The Holy! Moly! Challenge is a series of achievements in Hitman 3: Contracts. The player must complete the challenge in any difficulty level to unlock the hidden blade and crossbow weapons. These weapons can be used to kill the target in the same manner as a silenced weapon that has been used to kill the target in past Hitman games. The first person to complete all of the challenges is awarded with an achievement.

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Hitman 3 Dartmoor Garden Show is a level in Hitman 3. It’s available to play after completing the Prologue. It is the last level of the game and it is played entirely in the garden of an estate in Dartmoor. What makes this level so interesting is that the entire level is completely redesigned. It appears to be a large open area, but in reality, the level is just a large garden, surrounded by a hedge.

Holy! Moly! may be the greatest of all the obstacles that Dartmoor Garden Show adds to Hitman 3. It’s a classicly ridiculous assassination technique from the Hitman franchise’s earlier days. This article will show you how to accomplish the challenge while also getting rid of certain garden pests.

You must murder Cornelia with an explosion concealed in a molehill to accomplish the Holy! Moly! challenge. All of this is so enigmatic that you’ll probably put it off for a long before trying it. Fortunately, we’ve already done all the legwork for you.

Step 1: Put on the disguise of a housekeeper.

You’ll need the housekeeper’s disguise before you can accomplish anything else. Make your way to the portable restrooms to the left of the starting point. A housekeeper will come up to this outlet in the hedge labyrinth and hang about for a bit smoking.


This site is shown on the map below.


Toss a penny into the bushes ahead of the housekeeper to divert his attention away from them and force him to walk into them. Subdue him and remove his clothes as soon as he does. You’re currently in the ideal disguise to get access to whatever portion of the house is still accessible.

Step 2: Put on the disguise of a security guard.

The only disguise that will allow you inside the estate and past the guards is the housekeeping disguise. You must enter the main living area and exit via the doors on either the left or right side. There are passageways on both sides, and which one you pick is irrelevant. However, since you need to distract the security guy inside the living room, try to walk into the one on the same side as him.


To distract the security guard, utilize the gramophones in these corridors or unlock the doors and flip a coin. You must next overpower the security guard, conceal their corpse in the wardrobe, and assume their disguise, regardless of how you accomplish it.

Step 3: Locate the remote explosive device.

The remote explosive has returned to its original position. Return there and search for the space surrounded by several room partitions and monitored by a single security guard. This is the location of the explosive device.


This region is shown on a map below.


You are free to enter this region, but keep an eye out for the one enforcer who can see right through your disguise. To get away from him, toss a coin or anything against the mansion’s wall. This enables you to enter the gazebo at the rear of the area, where the remote explosive is on a table.


Step 4: Deconstruct the moles

To get out of the security zone, toss a coin to re-distract the enforcer. We suggest returning to the housekeeper’s body and changing back into your beginning outfit after you’ve exited. The next location you’re going to has a security guard who can see through the disguise. Run to the top-left garden in the show, the one with the wicker forms weaving through it, after you’ve transformed. In this garden, there’s a molehill just next to the walkway.


This molehill and the garden are marked on the map below.


As you would expect, you must interact with the molehill and conceal the explosive device inside it. The NPCs in your immediate vicinity make this tough. We recommend flipping a coin to divert their attention away from the gadget as you place it. You’ll attract unwelcome attention if you don’t. You can sit back and wait for Cornelia after the gadget is securely placed in the ground.

Wait for her to approach the molehill when she comes. Detonate the bomb as she does. This will kill her and give you the achievement for completing the task.


Playing darts in Hitman 3 is an interesting challenge because of the mechanics involved, and it’s almost certain that the only way to succeed is to complete the Holy! Moly! challenge. This is a very difficult task, requiring you to get three throws in a row and not miss a single dart. Here’s how to complete the challenge:. Read more about hitman 3 dartmoor a matter of loyalty and let us know what you think.

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